Zyrexin vs Noxitril Comparison- Which One is Best Male Enhancement for ED?

The truth about male enhancement supplements in 2020 has been disclosed by many articles. Natural male enhancement supplements as we speak are a potent tool to prevent ED symptoms and aid sexual performance.

Men’s sexual desires are often elevated when they’re with their partner, but performing well between those sheets is another dilemma. Situations like Erectile Dysfunction and lack of sex drive are the common enemies of a healthy relationship.

Both Zyrexin vs Noxitril rumors to boost the sexual urge and male potency, but are they really powerful enough to unlock the true male sex potentials?

About Zyrexin


Zyrexin manufacturer claims the supplement is a powerful male enhancement tool which results in elevated self-confidence. Zyrexin has been known as the best-selling sex medicine for men in America for over three years which is why it got this much hype.

Zyrexin is taken 45 minutes before sex because the results last up to 8 hours as the company claims. The manufacturer of Zyrexin resides in the US known by the name Superbalife International. It’s a nutraceutical company that specialized in the natural health supplement line.

How Zyrexin Works?

The proper blood supply to the penis region is what the Zyrexin formula does in the first place. When your penis is getting adequate blood supply, eventually it will be filled with enough blood to retain the erection longer.

Zyrexin is taken for stronger and harder erection but does it has a role in boosting performance?

The company provides no valid evidence about how it could affect sexual performance, for now, we can call Zyrexin works like Viagra only with no side effects.

Zyrexin Ingredients

Zyrexin ingredients are known to suppress the PDE-5 enzyme with the help of Butea Superba, one of the active ingredients in Zyrexin. There are other powerful plant sources in Zyrexin which in combination works for bigger and stronger erections.

  • Butea Superba

Butea Superba is the ingredient in Zyrexin that takes most credit because of how it works as a PDE-5 inhibitor. The clinical findings are still unknown about this effect but the company claims seem so promising.

Butea Superba is a plant cultivated in most Asian countries of the world, contains flavonoids and sterol compounds. Under the right dosage, Butea Superba extract improves male sexual power.

Some early investigation about the ingredient shows it has positive effects on Erectile Dysfunction. However, the latter studies failed to prove the same results. To this day, male enhancement supplements add Butea Superba and market it as a PDE-5 Inhibitor.

  • XanthoparmeliaScabrosa Extract

The complex name is used widely in many ED pills, commonly used to avoid ED symptoms.

  • Horny Goat Weed

The chemical compound in Horny Goat Weed is named Icariin that works as an aphrodisiac and helps in reducing ED symptoms. When administered daily, horny goat weed might be dangerous because of creating breathing problems in some individuals.

  • L-Arginine

Only a small dose of L-Arginine is found in Zyrexin which works to permitting Nitric Oxide into the blood vessels. This will contribute to BIGGER erection while treating ED symptoms to some minor extent.

  • Velvet Bean Extract

Velvet Bean Extract is commonly known as MucunaPruriens which helps to prevent male infertility and lack of sperm count. Under the right conditions, it helps to elevate L-Dopa which then converts into Dopamine.

Is Zyrexin Worth Buying?

To us and many Zyrexin users, the daily recommended dose seems much lower than you can find in male enhancement supplements these days. Some bad reviews can be observed by the people who started taking it for months and are still not satisfied.

This leads us to our 2nd male enhancement pills called Noxitril.

What is Noxitril?


Noxitril does best what Zyrexin formula works too less for. This means improving sexual performance and increasing testosterone levels. The company has a tagline about Noxitril that says “The pills will easily unlock your potential when compared to invasive alternatives”.

Noxitril is over-the-counter ED pills which is given to men who are sexually disoriented and want to re-introduce their feisty nature to their partners. As specially designed, the formula of Noxitril contains some remarkable ingredient which works in better sync.

Noxitril claims to enhance your sex drive and libido, it has a marked effect on testosterone levels as the company claims. Some basic reviews about Noxitril say it helps them increase the sperm count which ultimately enhances the orgasm.

Additionally, Noxitril improves erection duration and frequency. And all these claims are made by the company.

How Noxitril Works?

The proper mechanism of action of Noxitril isn’t provided and only the claims about how it makes your sexual life better are available on the official site.

Noxitril enhances and maintains the energy levels in every cell of the body during sexual gestures. Overall metabolism is also maintained and the absorption of each ingredient is guaranteed.

Noxitril ingredients are majorly testosterone boosters which follow the natural route of creating newer testosterone cells. But the mechanism is still unknown considering there are no clinical findings of any ingredient given by the company.

Noxitril Ingredients

Noxitril claims to use FDA approved ingredients which are completely natural and competitive in many cases. There are some facts you need to know about noxitril ingredients and how they work.

  • Ginseng

Ginseng is a male enhancement compound which is popular amongst Chinese medication. Ginseng is useful for sperm count and quality of sexual pleasure.

  • L-Arginine

Many studies confirmed the fact about L-Arginine that it boosts Nitric Oxide at a significant rate. L-Arginine makes the blood flow more pushing for healthy and stronger erections.

  • Maca Root

Maca is an aphrodisiac for males which enhances fertility level. Maca Root is a great cure for prostate cancer where it helps in avoiding the prostate related inflammations and boost the semen quality.

  • Tongkat Ali

Popular aphrodisiac which elevates the natural blood circulation around the crouches.

  • Nettle Leaf

Scientifically, Nettle Leaf Extract works as a diuretic but in many health systems, the compound in Nettle Leaf prevents conditions like prostatic hyperplasia and urinal tract infections. Nettle Leaf has a positive action on improving prostate health and libido.

  • TribulusTerrestris

Tribulus plant is found in much male enhancement supplement which provides testosterone boost effect. There are other compounds found in TribulusTerrestris which Saponins for increasing sexual desires, level of satisfaction, and performance.

  • Oat Straw

Oat Straw is for mild sexual vigor and possesses some skills to lower down the cholesterol levels in men. Some males are troubled by poor bedroom performance which is due to the high blood lipid levels.

Where to Buy Noxitril?

Noxitril can be purchased at Amazon and some other websites which might be trustworthy if you are asking for an honest opinion. The customer reviews for Noxitril do not qualified to be convincing to purchase the supplement.

Zyrexin Vs Noxitril- Which One Should I Buy?

To be honest, both Zyrexin and Noxitril seem decent but one is unavailable online or banned maybe, the other has poor customer choice reviews which lead us to involve the third supplement in the line.

We gathered some names in the list of best male enhancement supplements and so far only 1 supplement could have passed the test considering every aspect related to the best ED pills and supplements to improve bedroom performance.

About Male Extra

male extra

Male Extra is the reason to believe male enhancement supplements really work. Ideally speaking, no supplement has done what Male Extra did formula wise.

Pomegranate Extract a.k.a Ellagic Acid is the main part of Male Extra along with 8 other notable ingredients that are clinically tested and approved by the FDA.

Male Extra is a versatile male enhancement supplement which unlike Zyrexin or Noxitril fulfills every demand of sexually perplexed man.

Final Verdict

If you want to choose the best PE Pill, Best Sex Pills, or best pills to increase the cum load, Zyrexin or Noxitril won’t be the favorite candidates.

Zyrexin mainly emphasis on boosting the urge to have sex while leaving the bedroom performance ignored.

Noxitril somehow managed with the sexual performance but due to the poor customer remarks, we are letting it go.

Male Extra is notably the most favorite and best-selling ED Pills in these times where free online shopping is barely safe. Under the Official Site Of Male Extra, it is really easy to order the best male enhancement pills right from your mobile phone or computer.