Vigrx Delay Wipes – The New Male Enhancement Wipes for Long Lasting! [2020]

Sexual satisfaction is one of the prevailing demand of men and women without which a physical encounter is incomplete.

The idea of generating an herbal formula for high sexual stamina and deep penetrating power entices many audiences, but only the best ones are worth a try.

VigRX Delay Wipes are the first and pioneering brand of male enhancement wipes which have launched this product after the success of their male enhancement pills and delay spray.

These wipes are easy to apply and all they do is increasing topical absorption from the skin surface.

What Are VigRX Delay Wipes?

Buy vigrx Delay Wipes

VigRX Delay Wipes are designed for a male with loss of libido and those who cannot maintain the erection for the ideal time.

These wipes are cautiously formulated with the help of natural ingredients which is slightly different than the VigRX Plus capsules.

VigRX delay wipes help you achieve the first-grade sexual stamina in some most difficult situations where you think it’s impossible to satisfy a woman.

These wipes make your penis ideal numb so you can enjoy the friction while not releasing, unlike with the sprays and pills which can leave your penis numb for the whole time and leave her vagina numb from inside that to go opposite to the sexual satisfaction radius.

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How does VigRX Delay Wipes Work?

There are 2 herbal extracts with no harmful drug available in VigRX Delay wipes which work by desensitizing your penis for long-lasting sexual experience.

This experience will also be available with pleasure which can be felt while she is sucking the penis or taking it inside.

The numbing effect works with the mechanisms of herbal extract which improves your sexual stamina so you can show can satisfy her perpetually.

better sex pleasure

This stamina comes after proper blood supplies to the penile tissues which need oxygen and RBC to function for a longer time.

The more you give them blood, the more vigorous and wild your sexual experience will be.

VigRX Delay Wipes increases the delayed time very efficiency, beating its other competitors in the market.

According to the study, drugs to increase libido in males can be pretty tricky at times.

Because not every man is capable of engulfing and digest different ingredients at once.

This is why some men can feel elated with these male libido supplements while the majority are unable to feel anything.

What if we told you there are all other forms of male enhancement drug delivery system which is natural and available in the most dosage forms.

We are talking about Male Enhancement Wipes which are the future of maintaining sexual health.

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What Makes It So Powerful – VigRX Delay Wipes Ingredients

The ingredients available in VigRX Delay Wipes are the reason why your dick becomes so stiff and unconditionally powerful.

These are:


This oil is extracted from a tree which is cultivated in most regions of the world, going by the name Winged Prickly Ash which people have been using for centuries due to its potent antifungal and anti-aging property.

The reason for adding Zanthoxylum oil in VigRX Delay Wipes is the numbing effect that makes these wipes works like a magic.


Peony is one damn beautiful flower from which you get the extract used for numerous medicinal purposes.

In the old days, it used to be as a PMS reliever and brings soothing effects to the nerves.

Upon locally applied, the peony extract increases the blood circulation in the affected area and deliver the powerful antioxidants which repairs the damaged cells if found any.

Also, the Peony Extract is used for the very first time in VigRX Delay Wipes only.


Ingredients in male enhancement or delay sprays mainly involved local anesthetics like Benzocaine or Lidocaine which are pharmaceutical grade drug and can be very hostile to human health if used regularly. VigRX Delay Wipes has 0 traces of these harsh drugs.

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Personal Reviews about VigRX Delay Wipes

VigRX Delay Wipes review and eloquently positively and showing the victories a large number of men achieved in terms of sexual performance.

Even a delayed spray can work so much for your one-time sexual pleasure, the wipes, on the other hand, are gently applied with no oral intake and yet it is making men around the world stay aroused for longer than usual.

Here are some VigRX Delay Wipes personal experiences shared with the customers.

Vigrx delay wipes are something! In the beginning, I thought it would be a joke because who uses Wipes for sex!! But I was wrong because it worked for me. My delayed time was a maximum 6-7 minute while insertion, but now it’s stretched back to 20-25 minutes which is great. With foreplay, I can stretch this timing to an hour, which is more than you can give to your girl!

Greg Luther

Never been a fan of male enhancement unless I started using vigrx Delay Wipes. As soon as you are finished rubbing it over your penis, you will feel a sense of ignition hat reaches down to your pants very rapidly. I assure you my stamina was quickly escalated as I non-stop did her for half an hour.

You can make up your sexual life stronger if you start consuming healthy foods.


Every then and now, your female partner is looking at you to adopt different ways for sex. And yet, you cannot attain them without sexual stamina and unlimited erection source. I tried VigRX Delay Wipes after trying VigRX Plus which was a wonderful experience for me.

To be honest, the wipes are powerful than the capsules because they readily absorbed through the skin as soon as you apply it.

James Conan

VigRX Delay Wipes Money Back Guarantee

It is not like you have to return the unused bottles, which doesn’t make it money back guarantee at all!

VigRX Delay Wipes giving all its customers 67 full days’ money-back guarantee which can be availed but returning the USED pack of Delay Wipes.

After 67 days, there is no way you can claim this guarantee even though if it didn’t work for you.

Where to Purchase VigRX Delay Wipes Online?

It’s simple, just visit the official website of VigRX Delay Wipes and you will reach to the source of purchasing this sexual enhancement invention.

Beware of the phony and unassured product that tries to get in your way.

VigRX Delay Wipes in a NUTSHELL

  • Improves Sexual Stamina
  • Makes your Penis look Bigger
  • Provide Delayed Timings
  • Improve Energy during Sex
  • Helps Satisfy Women Profoundly
  • Enhance Male Virility


Long-lasting sex is the demand of every man and women but only a few who can reach to the right source can truly achieve it.

Delay Wipes is the easiest, convenient and effective way for ultimate sexual satisfaction because it works faster and it doesn’t go through the stomach to take time.

VigRX Delay Wipes are providing the most quality delay wipes that can help you go deeper than usual, so she can feel what real pleasure feels like.

To men and their virility, Delayed Wipes pose no threat and they are without the harmful drug substance like Lidocaine.


Q1: Are Delay Wipes better than Spray or Liquid?

A: Delay wipes can come into your wallet and they are very smaller than the spray bottles. Also, they provide direct effects upon rubbing which is not the case with other male enhancement liquids or sprays.

Q2: Who should try VigRX Delay Wipes?

A: The ones who ejaculate too fast have very little stamina that they cannot hold from leaking. Also, it is feasibly ideal for those males who want to spend a long time with their partner.

Q3: Are there any side effects by VigRX Delay Wipes?

A: According to the customers, there are 0 side effects stated by them with the use of delay wipes.

Q4: How to use VigRX Delay Wipes?

A: Just remove the wipes from the plastic wrap and rub it on your penis by wrapping it over. You need to rub the glans and the area located on the top for 30 seconds. Back and forth motion rubbing can be useful as it helps to absorb all the active ingredients inside.

Q5: Does VigRX Delay Wipes increases penis size?

A: It also makes your penis looks big because of the time-being numbness which tends to expand the penile tissues. According to several customers, they have achieved only half inch enhancement of penis size, which is due to the daily rubbing of their penis to apply the wipes content.