Top 5 Penis Exercises for Increase Penile Length and Girth Easily!

Penis exercises are the simplest ways by which you maintain the endurance of your penis muscles while they are performing.

We are talking about weak erections here, pills for better erection may or may not be effective, but what we are going to tell you is real.

It is important to know that bigger penis without the stamina is good for nothing.

It’s true that having a large penis makes the sex enjoyable and let two people stay satisfied for a healthier relationship.

This is not the case of every time where most men are unable to perform in spite of having a bigger dick.

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Does Exercise Work to Increase Penis Size?

When your penis muscles are getting an equal amount of blood supply as a result of unchecked vessels, you seem to perform with aggression and passion.

Penis size does matter and there are 5 different types of exercise which allow you to gain a few inches, but the most important part is the achievement of 1st-grade stamina which defines you sexually stronger or weakened.

Top 5 Penis Exercises to Increase Penile Length and Girth

These exercises should be performed in 5-6 weeks, just for the maximum results.


penis jelqing exercise

Frequent jelqing exercise is popular amongst men because of its reliability.

This technique works on your penis as a whole and tends to increase the thickness and length; the duration of the repetition is of 2-3 seconds only, for more thickness you can last it for 5 seconds.

Jelqing exercise was first introduced for men with Erectile Dysfunction and those with a micropenis.

Here is how you do it:

  • Warm up the penis with warm clothing making it erect
  • Perform the movement from the top like stretching which will last for 3-5 seconds
  • Do it gently, there are no discomforts included with jelqing exercise


penis kegel exercise

Kegel exercise is often advised with the penis extenders because of its ability to contract the muscles.

It is one of the best set of exercises for men to solve their sexual problems.

This can be beneficial for men who ejaculate prematurely at the time of sex.

Kegel exercise mainly thrives on the blood supply to the penis glands, which allows the tissues to stretch, making the whole penis body thicker and longer.

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This type of exercise can be done anywhere since you only have to press and contract the muscles which offer better circulation for a firmer and stronger erection.

Kegel exercise:

  • Increase the orgasm time and allows the penis to transport semen slowly
  • Boost the sexual stamina; kegel exercise contracts the pelvic muscles so much that it becomes resistant to the pull
  • Repetitive practicing can deliver faster results

3) Stretching Exercises for Penis

penis stretching exercise

Penis stretching exercises can be done in 4 different ways.

It has a set of various techniques that deliver the faster penis enlargement effects, it is done for a short time and the way is milking movement which you can picture in your head.

Hand position exercise is done with the forefinger and thumb, unlike masturbation, this stretching begins from the head and stays on it.

The path is the milking movement which starts from the base and goes till the starting of the glans. The stretching is done in one direction only and your penis should be semi-erect.

The procedure is a 20-minute exercise which acquires constant movements from the root to the base of the glans.

Every move is last for 2-3 seconds and should be repeated 10 times. You need to leave the penis for relaxation and then continue.

4) Massaged Based Exercises

Penis massage exercise

This type of penis exercise is very much effective if only you provide is a constant routine.

This exercise contains penis lubrication before massaging it constantly, you may ask your partner for that, but knows it is strictly for penis enlargement purposes.

With every day’s massage, you will achieve ultra grade stamina and the girth of the penis will be incredibly increased.

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The porn stars from different countries perform this and the jelqing technique for staying late.

5) Weight Exercises

penis weight exercise

This technique allows the user to place a small device on the penis tip and allow some weight to drop.

This wills perform constant penis elongation which you can do from home anytime.

The exercise requires concentration and it can be discomforting at times because you have weight-hanging.

If your penis muscles can bear the existing weight, you can increase it depending on your condition.

Additional TIps – How to Use a Penis Pump?

Penis pumps are traction device which performs penis enlargement by putting a penis into the vacuum containing device.

penis pump for bigger penile size

This is proven and by far the most effective way to enlarge the penis size for better sex.

The time duration, however, is longer than many penis exercises since the results are guaranteed.

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These penis pumps are devices which come in affordable price which should be used for 45 minutes per day.

Their size is manageable which can be fixed in your pants, there are hundreds of penis pump we think Penomet is on the top of the time currently.