Tongkat Ali: Health Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage!

Tongkat Ali is a natural plant mostly cultivated in Southeast Asian countries.

The plant according to the native people possesses incredible power to boost male libido and it’s a relief from different ailments.

You are not going to believe what other benefits this herbal supplement has to offer.

Let’s discuss what health benefits it can offer alongside with side effects and dosage.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali

In the traditions of many countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam, Tongkat Ali is used to treating male infertility, erectile dysfunction, infections, high-grade fever, and many other health issues.

The herbal extract comes from the roots of a green shrub tree; the stem, however, also emits small number compounds that are beneficial for health.

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What Tongkat Ali Contain?

Tongkat Ali plant contains various amounts of alkaloids, flavonoids, and antioxidants, which prevents the severe cellular damage caused by the formation of free radicals.

These radicals are formed frequently in our body and get devastated by the body source of Vitamin C Ascorbic acid.

Tongkat Ali has such antioxidants, which fight against these free radicals and improve cellular structure.

Available in drinks and supplement form, Tongkat Ali is being typically used by sexually disoriented men and those who are in a struggle with building muscle mass at the gym.

Health Benefits of Tongkat Ali

health benefits of Tongkat Ali

A large number of benefits by Tongkat Ali are not suspected and studied very well.

However, some definitions and clear health benefits this supplement can provide you are given below.

1) Enhancement of Male Fertility and Testosterone

Men who have been exposed to radiations, cancer therapy or the use of anabolic steroids often have low testosterone levels.

Tongkat Ali is potentially beneficial in improving the t-cells level in the body which is documented and seen in the trials.

low testosterone and male fertility

Low testosterone can knock many health issues, one of which is sexual inactiveness which comes as libido loss, erection failure, and infertility.

Compounds in the Tongkat Ali supplement readily improve testosterone, which covers these issues you are experiencing.

Tongkat Ali works on elderly patients with low testosterone count.

According to a study, a daily intake of 200 mg Tongkat Ali extract to 76 years old patients increased, the T-level in 90% of participants.

Another survey claimed that it can boost confidence and focus which is either you are at the office or in bed.

Sexual stamina is correlated with the amount of confidence you have and it’s just the right thing to have by your side.

2) Reduce Stress

Tongkat Ali reduces stress by reducing the hormone called Cortisol.

reduce stress level

In 1999, studies in mice showed that the extract of Tongkat Ali is found to improve the symptoms of anxiety and thereby mitigating its effects.

The same effect was then observed in humans, but we find very limited sources that confirm this.

A one month study was conducted with 63 patients with severe depression, upon 200 mg daily dosage the subject’s cortisol level in saliva reduced by 16% with a marked reduction in anxiety.

Subjects who took Tongkat extract were found less stressed and angry.

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3) Encourage Body Mass Production

The formation of lean muscle mass is acquired by the professional bodybuilders with the desire of cutting shaped physique.

help gain mass for bodybuilders

For this purpose, many bodybuilders use supplements with Tongkat Ali to improve body composition.

Quassinoids in Tongkat Ali are responsible for energy conversion which helps with athletic performance.

Its precursors are eurycoma side, euryco lactone, and eurycomanone which prevent muscle fatigue during workout execution.

Tongkat Ali Side Effects and Dosage

Every study about Tongkat Ali summed up that it doesn’t cause any side effects in the human body.

Taking 300 mg of Tongkat Ali is similar to taking a placebo, a study revealed.

tongkat ali extracts powder

The adult dosage for Tongkat Ali is 1.2 grams daily which should be used for gaining long term effects.

There is one factor where you could get mercury poisoning with this plant if you overdose it will unleash some mood swings, depressed thoughts and a spike in motor skills.

This is because the Tongkat Ali plant contains traces of mercury, which shouldn’t be available in more than 26%.

Higher the availability of mercury, higher the chances of mercury poisoning side effects.

Also, lactating females who are feeding their milk to the child must not use the Tongkat Ali supplement.

The evidence is not available in this regard, but it’s better to take a precaution.

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Should You Try Tongkat Ali Supplements?

uses and effects of tongkat ali supplements

If you are looking for a treatment for low testosterone, then Tongkat Ali supplements can be a thing for you!

It helps in regaining the manhood back by bringing back up the stronger and bigger erection with a plethora of sexual energy.

Taking Tongkat Ali extract in 400 mg quantity per day is considered safe and effective.

The long term intake requires you to perform daily physical workout which helps this compound to not stay in the body and give adverse effects.

Do not take this supplement with any kind of other mercury-containing supplements since the chance of mercury poisoning will be enhanced.

Final Verdict

Longjack, Tongkat Ali is a natural supplement to remove the male misery effectively.

This is done by enhancement of testosterone, male libido, and mental confidence with significant improvements in body composition.

To purchase the Tongkat Ali supplement, please find a reliable source.