Titan Gel Review – The Original Russian Male Enhancement Cream! [2020]

A man becomes 3 times more appealing to a woman who gets to witness his sexual prowess and his absolute ability in satisfying her.

Believe it or not dudes, women fantasize such men more than they fantasize brawny guys and for them, they do not mind going to any lengths to make the relationship work.

However, mastering this art is no easy job!

In fact, it is way more complex than packing on muscles or for some, losing the extra pounds.

Yet, it isn’t something impossible unless the right key is learned and this right key could be a good male sex enhancement for you.


It’s okay to lack stamina in bed or the power to maintain erections.

Titan gel Special gel for men

It’s also fine if your manhood is not long and thick enough.

Remember, we all are humans and humans are perfectly imperfect!

Thus, there is no shame in being imperfect especially when there are proven techniques to make things correct.

Yes, in this case we have male sex enhancements to address these shortcomings and save you from the embarrassment these lead.

However, there are certain limitations when we talk about sex enhancements.

Generally, the market is filled with two kinds.

One is dedicated for males with penis size issues while the other deals with dilemmas associated with erections and stamina.

For beauties, a perfect sex is one that checks everything that causes them pleasure.

And in view of the male enhancements we have, it’s quite rare to find a wide-ranging approach accommodating men with small penis size, soft erections, premature ejaculations, stamina and quality sperm problems- ALL AT ONCE!

But as it is known, there is always room for exceptions and that exception is Titan Gel here!

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Titan Gel is no ordinary cream claiming to be the best sex enhancement you can have.

It is a quality ointment-like material sought for its versatility in aiming all the performance based issues that steal your charm and project you as someone ‘incapable of satisfying’.

Increase Enlargement Sex Time Delay Cream

Titan Gel is more of an aid, a blessing for men who lack confidence rooting from their failure to last long, feel harder or generate pleasure through an ideal penis size.

The porn-star approved ointment gets the job done through natural ingredients that lead to long lasting gains and effects if the usage of Titan Gel remains regular.


Unlike the majority of sex enhancements, it equally targets both the major issues concerning size and erection for you to bounce back from your self-disappointments timely and in a smarter manner.

But in addition to these, it also promises to help you in a number of ways that can further enhance your performance and make her go wild for you.

Titan Gel can help you:

  1. Feel insanely hard for added pleasure
  2. Control your ejaculation to make your erections last
  3. Grow penile size by up to 7cm max
  4. Enjoy all night staying power
  5. Record a 60% increase in penile circumference
  6. Increase sperm vitality and motility
  7. Heighten sexual sensitivity and satisfaction for both
  8. Frequent orgasms having more intensity
  9. Increase confidence through a quality performance every night

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Now raises the actual question pertaining to its mode of operation, that is, how this Russian Titan Gel works to produce such promising effects that serve as an aid for almost every single man going through difficulties in his sexual life.

Now to understand this, it is essential for us to create a better understanding about its ingredients.

Provides comfort during the intercourse, has a positive effect on the quality of sexual life.

Titan Gel contains Epimedium Extractthat is popularly referred as horny goat weed. The herb is far more useful for the reproductive functioning than it is found for the general health.

Precisely, it protects erections and counteracts anything affecting its quality.

Research suggests that the plant extract bears a compound called epimedium that could avert phosphodiesterase from restricting blood distribution at the time of stimulation.

During erections, you need a higher degree of blood in the member so that the penis can gain its firmness and you are able to control ejaculation.

When that does not happen, and an enzyme like phosphodiesterase serves as a barrier, you are likely to feel soft and last for some seconds.

That’s when you face troubles with your erections or say, undergo Erectile Dysfunction in medical term.

However, Horny goat weed can address the matter quite impressively and give Titan Gel the power to correct erections with added ability to increase sex drive and support the growth of penile.

Yes, right when the member is made to function in its full capacity owing to the rise in blood supply, pairing jelqing and penis enlargement exercises will lead to drastic growth in the penile size that will stay for a long term and benefit you for as longer as you could imagine.

In addition to Epimedium Extract, Titan gel also contains Thistle Extract that keeps a healthy balance of the sex hormone testosterone, Peruvian Maca that improves sperm motility and Lichen that also promotes a healthy supply of blood.

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The procedure to use Titan Gel is quite simple and not really time taking.

Gold Original Russian Titan Gel Increase Enlargement Sex Time Delay Cream

All you need to do is:

  1. Clean your hands and penis and let them dry completely.
  2. Now on an erect/semi erect member, apply the gel ensuring complete coverage in a fine layer.
  3. Massage gently until you feel the ointment is fully absorbed.
  4. Now begin to stroke the member using gentle movements in one straight direction.
  5. Practice it for at least 12 minutes so that more and more blood makes its way to the penis.
  6. Once the step is completed, apply another layer of gel so that the ingredients can now penetrate deeper.
  7. Now clean your manhood using luke warm water.

This is the advised way of training your penile for optimum results.

It is in fact, the most efficient approach to pump healthy blood levels needed for the gains.

Users are further advised to practice the method for twice every day. Regularity is understandably, the key to growth.

Make sure you complete the recommended cycle of eight weeks, which can be further stretched depending upon your expectations from the product.


If you are regular with the practice involving the mix of Titan Gel and exercises, expect the results to hit you within one month or so.

Tital Gel Amazon Customer reviews

These results will improve as the time pass and lead to the changes you will evidently notice.

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Yes, Titan Gel is all about the positivity you need in your sex life and nothing more.

It has no side effects and that’s reasonably because of its pure composition.

The Russian manufacturers have clearly mentioned that neither Titan Gel, nor any of the products coming from them includes toxic agents, which is a clear sign testifying its safe use.


Titan Gel is not about improving a particular area of your sex life, but reviving your sex life completely.

While it is mostly sought by older adults, Titan Gel brilliantly caters young men in need to stretch their manhood and make their relationships more action-packed.

So next time she resists sex or begins to lose interest in you, make sure you work on yourself and not let your self-esteem suffer!