Testogen Review in 2020 – Another Scam Product? Well, Maybe Not!

Testogen Review with all the necessary and relevant details for a buyer who are not willing to waste money. So check it out!

You must know Testogen till now. It is among one of the best and most effective testosterone boosters.

It is the bestselling product available in the market as Testogen booster drops. It is a simple tongue dropper, which ensures the ingredients get into the bloodstream within a few minutes.

Testogen Review

Still, wondering that is this testosterone booster that works? The product review will share about the justifications for its working!

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Testogen is a testosterone booster. So, it will raise your testosterone levels by more than 32.44%. You must know that Testogen has a good dose of Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 (ZMA).

Two scientists, Victor Conte and R.L. Brilla, surveyed with a group of 27 football players. The study of double-blind conducted at Western Washington University.

It aimed to study the impacts of ZMA on strength and testosterone.

  • For 8 weeks, 15 had Placebo, and 12 had ZMA.
  • Unpredictable results highlighted on the following effects:
  • The total levels of testosterone increased by 32.44% on average
  • Levels of free testosterones enhanced by 33.48% on average
  • The Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) raised by 3.57% on average

Results for Placebo were:

  • Total levels of testosterone lowered by 10.52% on average
  • Levels of free testosterones lowered by 10.27% on average
  • Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) reduced by 21.81% on average

To sum up, the players who were taking ZMA, succeeded in enhancing their testosterone levels by 32.44%. In contrast, the players taking Placebo experienced the loss of testosterone by 10.52%. Moreover, their IGF also reduced by 21.81%.

When you do exercise and take no Testosterone boosters with ZMA, you will lose your testosterone levels. [study link]

Testogen is a testosterone booster that has an adequate quantity of ZMA. This daily dosage can easily get into your bloodstreams.

In fact, you can experience more effective and better results. Football players had this ZMA supplement in pill form. We can have this Testogen as a testosterone booster in the form of tongue dropper. Also, Testogen booster drops have many other effective and essential ingredients too.

How Testogen Works?

Further researchers surveyed the players’ Hamstrings and Quads. It aimed at studying the power increase. Football players who had ZMA instead of Placebo showed remarkably and increased strength and power.

Testogen Testosterone Booster

ZMA had an increase of 18.81% in contrast to the Placebo, who had an increase of 12.56%.

The ZMA users who took a little quantity of ZMA experienced more strength by 49.76% in comparison to the placebo users.

Remember that you will miss out great if you want to become stronger and taking no testosterone boosters.

Let us focus on its powerful ingredients to know about its effectiveness and wonders. You will surely know the reason behind why you should select Testogen?

Powerful Ingredients

Testogen comprises of 11 powerful ingredients.

These are natural ingredients, which further make them safe. Your body can easily experience the pulse of testosterones.

1. ZMA

The combination of ZMA contains Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6 can enhance testosterone levels by 32.44%. Moreover, you may enjoy becoming more powerful and strong. ZMA will provide 49.76% more strength and power in contrast to the Placebo.

2. D-Aspartic Acid

According to a study, D-Aspartic Acid can lead to higher sex drives. It can almost double up due to the increase in the rate of production of testosterone. It results in higher production of Luteinizing hormone due to D- Aspartic Acid. Ultimately, your sperm count will also be twice.

This reflects how the participants experienced double sperm count with the intake of DAA. It raised from 8.2 million to 16.5 million spermin every ml.

You now get hold of the reason why your sex drive is so high when you take a testogen!

3. Vitamin D-3

Vitamin D3 may raise testosterone levels by 25.23%. Experts revealed that nearly any man who has low testosterone may have lower levels of vitamin D too. In a study of one year, 65 people divided into two groups.

One team took the Placebo, and the other team had 3300 Vitamin D Ius every day. People experienced changed from 10.7nmol/l to the 13.4 nmol/l.

4. Fenugreek

A university surveyed two groups of people who were weightlifters. One had a Placebo, and the other took the supplement containing fenugreek.

People taking supplements containing fenugreek observed high testosterone levels by  1.32 ng/ml, and the placebo group experienced lower testosterone by 1.69 ng/ml.

Moreover, they noticed that their strength increased. The body fat decreased by 1.77% on average, even they had no calorie restriction through diet.

The fenugreek users notice significant changes in strength, total testosterone, and percentage of body fat in comparison to the Placebo. 

Another study conducted took the participants of age 25-52 years. They took fenugreek or the Placebo on a daily basis for six weeks. People who had fenugreek intake noticed their libido to increase by 81%. Their sexual performance raised by 66%. 82% of them were more energetic. 55% of them noticed improved wellbeing.

This potent ingredient fenugreek is essential in a testosterone booster such as Testogen.

5. Nettle Extract

Did you ever have the experience of stung while running on the fields in your favorite shorts? These stinging nettles are the reason behind and urging to return to your home.

When you consume stinging nettles internally, they are powerful and strong anti-inflammatory. Surely your body will go through great changes when inflammation inside your body drops.

The functions of your body will get better and normal. Thus, this will lower your aches. You will finally notice a great sense of wellbeing.

6. Boron

This essential mineral increases the testosterone levels by 28.3%. You can easily get boron from the diet like broccoli and spinach.

You must know that currently, the levels of boron quantity in the foods is reducing due to the soil’s overfarming.

A study found out that free testosterone levels increased in men by 14.7% due to intake of 10mg of boron within 6 hours.

The free testosterone levels increased by 28.3% on average in the participants. They had an intake of 10mg boron for 7 days.

7. Panax Ginseng

It is called the king of all herbs. This can be effective in driving up your sex drive. It is among one of the highly reliable herbs in Chinese medicines. In Greek, Panax means all healing. It got this name due to its positive impact on the sex drive, brain, cardiovascular system, and immune system.

The Chinese doctors traditionally prescribed it to the couples for improving their sexual relations, particularly when the men faced difficulties while performing sex.

Men who took Ginseng had higher sex drives, harder and more frequent erections.

None of the studies conducted showed its capability of increasing your testosterone hormones. Yet one of the trials has shown betterment in testosterone levels.

8. Bioperine

Bioperine is an essential ingredient in tongue drops testosterone boosters. It can rapidly boost testosterone levels. You will be happy to know Testogen has Bioperine as one of its ingredients. It ensures that the body absorbs these ingredients, which boosts the testosterone hormones. You can observe the life-changing effects.

Thus, Bioperine helps the body at a faster rate of absorption by 2.5 times greater than the ingredients can normally do. Bioperine ensures all the ingredients get into your bloodstream instead of flushing out in the form of urine only.

From where should you buy Testogen?

You must be thinking of where you can get a Testogen?

best natural testosterone supplements

Whether Testogen at Amazon or Testogen at Walmart or Testogen at GNC. No, not any of them! Yes, you have to buy it from its official website.

Do any Testosterone Boosters really Work?

Testosterone boosters make promising claims of increasing your muscle mass, sexual performance, and vitality. Still, the doubt remains intact are they worthy or not?

These so-called natural supplements are not really worth it.

Testosterone boosters do not contain testosterone hormones or other hormones. However, these testosterone boosters have ingredients and herbs which boost the testosterone levels.

Thus, there are really some of the testosterone boosters like Testogen. They contain safe and natural ingredients. They are not like the steroids that affect your body adversely.

The ingredients of these testosterone boosters will help in increasing the testosterone hormones naturally.

It is not less than a minefield to look for the right testosterone booster when so many readily available options as testosterone boosters are available in the markets.

You can count Testogen as one of the most powerful and effective testosterone boosters.

It is merely due to its powerful ingredients and the recommended dosage.

However, still, proceed after consulting your doctor or health physician. They impose a lot of health risks.

Relax! The Testogen has its formula with all the natural ingredients. Thus, it turns out to be a perfectly safe choice for everyone. No case is present or found against the Testogen.

Remember not to consume this supplement if you have high sensitivity or allergy to any of its ingredients.

Immediately discontinue its usage if you find or observe any of the side effects due to its composition. Immediately consult a health care provider.

However, you must not forget that by everyone, we mean males only. It is not recommended for females to use it. Even people below 20 years must not use it.

What Happens When a Man’s Testosterone is Low?

Men tend to lose testosterone hormones as they get older. But nothing to worry about much! There are treatments like low T available.

What are the main causes of low testosterone?

Testosterone replacement therapy is a choice of many. It is effective for them in restoring low levels.

It makes them feel more energetic, attentive, and sexually functional as well as mentally sharp. It sounds to be simple, but it is actually not. The general health of the man may impact testosterone levels.

It can be due to any major underlying reason like:

  • Thyroid use
  • Diabetes
  • Overweight
  • Certain medicines like steroids and glucocorticoids

Thus, you must remember that low testosterone levels simply do not indicate the need for taking additional testosterone.

Doctors tend to diagnose low t hormones via the process of physical examination. Also, they review the symptoms and various blood tests.

When the doctor figures out the low testosterones, before therapy, they must conduct more tests. Your doctor may opt for a bone density test to look for osteoporosis because low T will lead to more bone loss.

Also, prostate cancer can be the other reason behind it. Avoid taking it if you face or suspect the following conditions:

  • Breast or prostate cancer
  • The higher blood level of the specific antigen of prostate
  • Prostrate nodule during the rectal exam.
  • Planning to be a father
  • Higher red blood count
  • Untreated and severe sleep apnea
  • Heart attack or any stroke during the last half-year
  • The tendency of forming blood clots (thrombophilia)
  • Uncontrolled or poor heart failure
  • Severe urinary symptoms in the lower tract

What are the Side effects of Testosterone Therapy?

Doctors may not simply offer therapy. They can opt for finding out the underlying reason and working on them like weight loss.

  • Skin patch: you need to apply the patch in the evening after 24 hours. This releases a small number of hormones on your skin.
  • Gels: you need to apply topical gels on your thighs, shoulders, and upper arms. Wash your hands and cover it to avoid exposure of testosterone to others.
  • Oral therapy: testosterones absorb in your bloodstream when you swallow capsules or attach the tablets to the cheek or your inner gum.
  • Pellets: you have to implant them around buttocks under your skin. They will release testosterone, but you need to replace them after 3-6 months.
  • Injections: different formulations inject after every 7-14 days. Testosterone hormones can rise very high in initial days and come down slowly.

After 4-6 weeks, men observe the changes. Yet, the muscle mass may form up from 3-6 months.

When should you take Testosterone Boosters?

The Testogen formula comprises of natural ingredients.

It is a potent blend. Yet you have to consume four capsules per day. It might sound to be too much for a day. You might even miss out on any dosage or two if you are forgetful or absent-minded.

 Even if you take so many capsules on a daily basis, the product will show its initial effects after taking considerable time.

Ways to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Till now, you must have a clear picture of the importance of testosterone hormone. It is quite common that with age, the testosterone hormones levels start to decline naturally.

However, there are few steps you can take it to slow down, and might be you can reverse it even.

Which foods increase testosterone the most?

Testosterone hormone plays an essential role in the wellbeing and overall health of the person. The person can notice unfavorable composition in the body, due to lower testosterone levels. Due to aging, lower testosterone hormones can cause weight gain too.

Not to forget, lower testosterone levels can also reduce your sex drive, infertility as well as fewer erections. This will adversely affect your sexual relations.

Still, you can practice the list of natural ways to maintain your testosterone levels. Bottom of Form Stay Active

Stay Active:

According to the current study, the testosterone levels of 9054 men aging between 19-39 years old were normal. The testosterone levels were in the range of 264-916 ng/dL (nanograms per deciliters).

Drug companies are continuously promoting supplements and products for enhancing the production of testosterone hormones. They might help out some people but prove to be vice versa for others. It may slow down the production of testosterone hormones naturally.

Moreover, these medications are not without any side effects.

A study done in 2016 showed that the long term safety and benefits of testosterone supplements are unknown.

Thus, the best and the surest way you can do for improving testosterone levels is by modifying your lifestyle habits. This may improve the wellbeing and your overall health.

1. Get proper sleep

Inadequate and improper sleep can affect the chemicals and hormones adversely. Thus, the body cannot function properly, including the testosterones.

A study of the University of Chicago showed that lack of sleep can drop the testosterone levels in men.

10 men of good health aged nearly 24 years old observed the following sleeping pattern:

  • Slept one week for 8 hours every night in homes.
  • They spend the next 11 nights at labs.
  • They slept 10 hours every night for the three nights
  • 8 nights restricted sleep of 5 hours only.
  • Doctors kept on checking their testosterone levels in the blood after every 15 minutes to half an hour in the last night in which they slept in restricted sessions and 10 hours.
  • The restricted sleep sessions led to a 15% drop in the testosterone levels in the daytime. In contrast, testosterone levels decrease by 1-2% annually in the aging process.
  • You can maintain your testosterone levels by prioritizing your sleep patterns. People should sleep at least 7-8 hours properly every night. If the person faces an issue in quality sleep at night, he/ she must consult a doctor.

2. Maintain a well-balanced diet

Further researches proved that yo-yo diets and overeating will disrupt hormone levels. You can notice this effect clearly in the athletes as well as very active people.

Remember that the best diets are the diets that include mainly and majorly the whole foods. It has a well and healthy balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. You should eat a nutritious and healthy diet to maintain and balance the hormone levels of your body. Also, it will promote optimum health benefits in the long term.

3. Lose weight

Researches show that men who tend to have more weight will experience lower testosterone levels. One research study in Clinical Endocrinology showed that few obese males age 14-20 years may have 50% lower testosterone levels in comparison to normal-weight people.

4. Stay active

The research of the European Journal of Applied Physiology showed that testosterone levels highly vary according to the activeness of the people. The more they are active, the more they will have the testosterone hormones.

Further study showed that effective results were obvious in physically active men in terms of increased testosterone hormones. Lower testosterone levels were obvious in men who were trying to lose weight to maintain testosterone levels.

However, you must not overdo it. Too much exercise will lead to low testosterone hormones.

In fact, the study further revealed that low testosterone hormones are present in the runners of long-distance. The researchers gave the reason that this can be a result due to improper nutrition as well as inadequate energy.

5. Reduced Stress

You must know that you can maintain the testosterone levels by managing your stress levels. Chronic stress, as well as for the longer duration, is very dangerous. It can cause a lot of problems in the body.

Stress can raise hormone cortisol. This hormone is responsible for managing numerous processes. Your metabolism and immune response also lie within it.

The elevated cortisol may affect the testosterones negatively. Further, a study in 2016 showed that testosterone levels will change erratically in males due to stressful events.

58 female and male students provided their saliva samples being under exam stress. They filled the questionnaire before two months of their exam.

The study showed that men had higher tester ones in saliva in contrast to females who showed lower testosterone levels under exams.

The male study gave the stress response in terms of rumination, aggression, and emotional inhibition. This was adequate to explain the difference between the two genders.

6. Vitamins and supplements

You can even enjoy the warm sunshine for 15 minutes to get adequate vitamin D. it can lower your deficiency naturally. There are many food sources like salmon, cereal products, fortified milk, and fatty fishes enrich with vitamin D.

The hormone, DHEA, helps in the production of testosterone as well as other hormones that can impact the body composition. With aging, the testosterone levels and DHEA levels drop.

A study showed the same when older people group had DHEA supplements. It showed that supplements led to positive effects significantly in the composition of the body, yet they were small.

The body may use its produced DHEA if they eat healthy fats present in flaxseed and fish.

If the testosterone hormones decrease due to deficiency, it can recover with the help of magnesium supplementation.

Further, the report proved that testosterone levels are higher in people who do exercise in comparison to those who are inactive.

Similar to magnesium, zinc deficiency can lead to reduced testosterone. A study of 2007 shed light on the importance of exercise and its link with the testosterone levels. Men taking zinc supplementation for 4 weeks can prevent the drop in testosterone levels in less active people.

But hold on! It is possible that you can overcome your zinc and magnesium deficiency with your diet. Foods like dark leafy and green vegetables and whole grains are rich in magnesium. Moreover, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, dark greens are rich in zinc.

Creatinin may lead to an increase in testosterone levels, yet it will be small. A study of 2006 showed that testosterone levels increase due to the intake of creatinine supplements in the football players of college for a minimum of 10 weeks.

7. Review medicines

The BMC medicine presented a report in which statins are the cholesterol-lowering medicines. Its working may start with the lowering of testosterone levels.

The person should consult a doctor if he/ she suspect the lower testosterone levels due to the impact of any medication.

8. Avoid alcohol and drugs

Over usage of alcohol and drugs can lead to lower levels of testosterone.

Also, the testosterone levels can decrease because of its impact on the body. It can be in terms of cell damage as well as hormonal reactions.

9. Exercise

You can prevent many of the diseases related to lifestyle with the exercises. Feel happy it can also boost your testosterone levels.

Many of the researches show that people who exercise regularly have high testosterone levels. Exercise can boost the reaction time, fitness, and testosterone levels in elderly people.

Researches further revealed that more physical activity in obese men is more beneficial in increasing the testosterone levels in contrast to the weight loss regime.

Tip for you:

Resistance training like weight lifting can boost the testosterone hormones. It is the most effective and best form for reaping benefits in the short term as well as long term.

Although every kind of exercise should workout to an extent, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is very effective.

Your testosterone levels can boost further due to the intake of creatine monohydrate and caffeine in the form of supplements. Provided you must combine it with the training programs.

10. Eat Protein, Fat, and Carbs

Your eating habits will be highly reflected through the effects on testosterone levels besides other hormone levels.

Thus, you must focus on calorie intake in the long term along with diet strategy. Remember, overeating and constant diets can disrupt testosterone levels. Adequate protein intake can help you in maintaining healthy levels. Also, it can help in your fat loss. This has also linked with testosterone.

Also, Carb intake plays an important role. The researches show carbs may be helpful in optimizing testosterone levels while the resistance training.

However, further researches show that health and testosterone may have a positive impact due to adequate healthy fats.

Your diet must be based on an adequate quantity of fats, proteins as well as carbs. Keep in mind whole foods are the best. It is good for optimizing the hormone levels as well as health in the long term.

11. Take Natural Testosterone Boosters

Scientific studies support only some natural boosters. Ashwagandha is the herb with most researches.

The study of this herb showed its effects on infertile men. The testosterone levels increased by 17%, and sperm count increased by 167% due to the use of this herb.

The testosterone levels increased by 15% in healthy men when they used ashwagandha. A study also revealed that the cortisol lowered due to it by 25%. This also helps testosterones.

Ginger herb is a beneficial and delicious herb. It can boost the testosterone hormones as well as lead to various health benefits.

The majority of the research regarding ginger is based on animal testing. However, a study on the infertile man showed that testosterone levels increased by 17%. Also, other sex hormones increased too.

More popular herbs supported by humans and animal studies are:

  • Mucuna pruriens
  • Horny goat weed,
  • Shilajit
  • TongkatAli.

You must remember that positive researches for testosterone levels done on infertile human beings or mice.

However, it is not clear that a person with healthy functions and normal levels of testosterone will benefit from these natural herbs or not.

To what extent even.