Tenga Egg Sex Toy for Males – Review with 17 Types Explained!

Tenga Egg review given below is narrated how to use this product and how it works, along with the sex-related benefits you can get.

Before the pornographic fetish that has been displayed to us, men used to masturbate with their hands and it was the only option. Later on, torch pussies came up with this creative idea for men that made billions of dollars.

The year is 2019 and now we have more than just a flashlight, male Masturbators are the future of masturbation, which delivers the most realistic sensation for men which is the key for a high intense orgasm.

Today we are introducing one of the kinks inducing masturbators which doesn’t look like one, this is one of Japanese greatest sex toys in history that can bring you a life-changing orgasm.

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Tenga Egg Introduction

The Tenga Egg male masturbator

Tenga egg is an egg-shaped male masturbator made from the thermoplastic elastomer which stretches for men of every shape and size.

By looks, it’s just another gewgaw laying around the house of the plastic shaped toy. But in actuality, it is a mixture of rubber, plastic skin and playdough.

Comes in different forms, Tenga Egg work as a male stroker or much of a tiny squishy pussy you put your dick in.

It will amaze you that the kind of vigorous sensation it provides is truly up to its claims.

Every time you need to peel the shell off the egg and inside you will find the lube and an inner egg section, this is the part which resembles a female vagina but only is much softer and without the uneven bumps of texture.

Let’s discuss more how to use it for inducing such a good cock-tingling arousing sensation.

How to Use Tenga Egg?

For the utmost satisfaction, Tenga Egg is first unwrapped from its tray like a box, after which each egg is popped open just like the Easter eggs.

But this time, there is no money or candy inside the egg, but something to quench your undying lust.

There is the tango lubricant in the center, which is water-based so there is no harm done to the skin.

This lube is applied on the surface of the little squishy hole in the middle so that the user can slide the penis easily, this will ensure proper coating after which you need to slide it over the penis just like a condom but only thicker.

Here are 3 words steps that are easy to remember while using Tenga Egg.

  1. Remove
  2. Lubricate
  3. Insert

This will be normal in the first attempt, but as you use work it out, the sensation gets increased and so does the pleasure.

Tenga Egg Japanese sex toy can be used alone or with the partner, but that won’t be much different since this cannot be used internally.

What Tenga Egg is Made of?

Every Tenga Egg is made of Thermoplastic Elastomer which is a flexible and comfortable material for the human body.

The thing about this material is it can stretch to the maximum size which is more than the size of an Afro American man!

The material makes is user-friendly in terms of having allergic reactions and skin rashes.

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Types of Different Tenga Sex Eggs

Every Tenga Sex Egg caters your masturbation experience differently, there are altogether 17 types of Tenga Eggs that are named like the result they provide.

Man Sex Products,Tenga Egg Masturbation Egg

We narrowed down all those 17 so you get the picture.

1) Tenga Egg- Cool

This tenga egg is available with menthol infused lube which arouses the kink with cool sensations to your penis.

2) Cloudy

This is the thickest of all Tenga egg, the purpose of this sex toy is to create a feeling which tighter vaginal walls do. The robust experience changes the mood for good.

3) Clicker

Clicker has got multiple cruxes placed on each wall that aroused the super-intense stimulation in the deck from every side of the toy.

4) Dance

Dance is one of those Tenga Egg which provides the normal lube and tighter user experience, the only difference about this is the graffiti art made outside the eggshell like a dancing man. It’s a funk to arouse your sensations with style.

5) Crater

Crater is designed in a way which has crown-like details inside, the dimples like gouges are present on the walls, which attaches to your penis shaft to provide continuous and gentle pull. This will make you feel like a king!

6) Party

Did we tell you the Dance Tenga Sex Egg is designed to give Keith Haring a tribute, just like that Party uses the overlying molds which are shaped like men partying. This makes it uniquely designed and appealing to the eyes.

7) Misty

Featuring different nubs on the wall that creates the vibratory sensations.

8) Lovers Heart

This is for the couple that contains a lube which produces a warming sensation to enhance the foreplay and intercourse pleasure.

9) Silky

Silky is inspired by the elite masturbating technique, the egg is surrounded by the circular ribbon which is twisted from top to bottom. This can enhance your masturbating experience like really, really good!

10) Shiny

On this, sex egg users will find a sun made on the top which pours shiny rays down the inside wall to give an appearance of gleaming smile. This can lead your face to smile like the same way after orgasm.

11) Spider

You are in a grid of complex web-like features cascading the penis all over.

12) Street

Another art-inspired Tenga sex egg, which has molds like skateboarding that can feel nice if you have ever skated.

13) Stepper

Stepper gives you dick an appearance like a xylophone with the same lube and normal sensations. The look gimmick is what differentiates it from others.

14) Surfer

Surfer makes your dick is in a whirlpool, with these cautiously designed ribbons and nubs you can feel the warmth before time.

15) Twister

Twister is designed for the pros, the best in the game as it provides a set of twisted ribbons that goes on the top of the opening. The wrist movement can add more motions which can be dangerous for the newbies.

16) Thunder

Thunder allows users to experience something new with its vertical, sharp and strong design.

17) Wavy

Inserting in the Wavy Tenga Sex Egg almost feels like a female vagina because it has the same natural lines. This can be your favorite Tenga egg masturbator.

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Where to Buy Tenga Egg?

Buy Tenga Egg Now from Amazon Store

The safest way to buy Tenga Egg without getting cyber-mugged is to visit the official website and get your hard-on.

The websites can deliver you the Tenga Sex Eggs in a complete discreet package and save your money with multiple discounts.

If you are buying it from the local retailer, make sure it has the company tag.

You can also find Tenga official online store in Amazon with discount deals and latest offers for 2019.

Tenga Egg User Reviews

Tenga Egg male sex toy has generated some positive customer reviews and now it’s time to show some of the affirmative remarks about the product.

Great piece of pleasure! I must say this has got some real skin chilling mechanism going inside of it. Although it’s not reusable, that’s fine because if you are getting 6 tenga eggs in $35 that’s a fair price for cumming 6 times with style!

Rob Neo

For the first time, I have tried a sex toy that offers vaginal pleasure as well as deep throat blow job pleasure at the same time. For me, the Twister feels like a whirlpool of pleasure with only marked twisting effect as a drawback. Rest of the types are fine.

Diego Jordan

I purchased these for my husband as they claim to be used by couples. I wanted something extraordinary on our first wedding anniversary and believe me Tenga egg helped me in a way you can’t imagine.

Jessa Angel


Tenga Egg comes in your hand easily, it’s accessible to arouse the uninterrupted pleasure senses that may look like fun to play device.

There are no electronics attached and the users can get their f**k on and throw it away since they are disposable.

Tenga Egg is created by the Japanese company who believes the era of fleshlight has become too old fashioned for them.

The users are kept commenting good stuff about Tenga Egg as it is now the biggest selling male masturbator in 2019.