ED Pills Review – Top 5 Erectile Dysfunction Pills Over the Counter! [2020]

ed pills

The real benefits of any ED pills lie under its ingredients.

Erectile Dysfunction pills are one of the most demanded dietary supplements by men who are struggling with their sexual lives.

There are various sexual disorders which are turning the lives of men around the world into hell.

The reason is they cannot satisfy their partner sexually, women demand more attention not only emotionally but their sexual demands are way much higher than you my friend.

Although they don’t show it, according to one statistical analysis.

“About 97% of unsatisfied women never spoke to their spouse about it”.

This then leads into much worse scenarios at times, like breaking up a relation or year’s marriage.

Male Extra ED pills
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Thousands of men are suffering from sexual depression where they cannot attain an erection and their libido is way less than an average healthy man. 

ED Pills are supposed to multiply your masculine power especially the sexual one which involves in more sexual performance with enhanced spermatogenesis.

What Makes Any ED Pills Effective?

Everyone has a different way of judging a product, but we are not dealing with a Smartphone or penis extender here.

The ED pills are dietary supplements which go into your body system and act according to the ingredients present inside.

Non Prescription ED Pills for Men
Over the Counter Erectile Dysfunction Pills

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So it’s definitely the ingredients that matters which in ideal combination can provide the most satisfying results.

The top 5 male Erectile Dysfunction pills which our experts shortlisted are categorized according to the nature of the ingredients exist in their formula.

What Are The Best ED Pills Non Prescription?

Here are the top-ranked over the counter ed pills which contain the purest quality ingredients in a very precise dosage.

We are getting after the ingredients so much because they are the reason why male ed pills deliver such powerful effects.

The ingredients in the top 5 erectile dysfunction pills over the counter are completely natural and all of them are clinically proven to upgrade your masculine potentials.

Below we have given complete information about the best ed pill online with their mode of action and value pricing in the current market.

Here goes the list

1) Male Extra

Male Extra is currently the leading male enhancement brand throughout the internet which has created over 150,000 satisfied customers.

The formula of Male Extra is so precise that it changes your sexual health within a month entirely.

Which means you will have the most satisfying sex life that will help you enjoy the real pleasure during sex.

Not only being sexually active is the motto of Male Extra but it also helps in increasing the size of the male penis.

Here are some potential benefits you can achieve from Male Extra

  • It suppresses the sexual agony by enhancing your stamina
  • Delivers stronger, harder and bigger erections
  • Increased orgasm time
  • The intensified orgasm which she can feel for longer
  • More pump of blood for extra endurance level

How Actually Male Extra Works?

Ingredients in Male Extra are proven to increase the blood supply in the penile region, which tends to boost testosterone level and the size of tissues.

Bigger penis with extra load is the result after enhancement of Nitric Oxide which occurs right after the blood supply is enhanced.

Male Extra Ingredients

Male Extra contains the majority of natural ingredients, but the inclusion of Pomegranate Extract is something that has never been done by any other ed supplements online.

Here are the ingredients found in Male Extra

  • Ellagic Acid (Pomegranate Extract 40%): Double the supply of blood specifically in the penile region, promotes regeneration of penile tissues by expanding their growth.
  • Cordyceps: Natural herb which works as an aphrodisiac and increases libido in male and females.
  • L-Arginine: An essential amino acid, which plays an important role in boosting sexual performance, it also improves your physical looks.
  • Zinc: Essential trace mineral for testosterone production in men, which improves sex drive to a major extent.
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane: This ingredient has undergone many FDA evaluations, it is approved to improve the health of penile cells by allowing them to absorb a maximum number of nutrients.
  • Niacin: Improve the health of blood vessels which progress maximum supply of blood to the penis.

How Much Male Extra Cost?

Purchasing multiple bottles of Male Extra is relatively affordable than buying a single bottle.

Here is the package they are offering on their official website.

  • 1 bottle (1-Month Supply): $64.95 –  SAVINGS: $27.00
  • 3 bottles (3-Month Supply) + FREE Pro Erection Gel: $197.95 – SAVINGS: $187.00
  • 4 bottles (4-Month Supply) + 2 x FREE Pro Erection Gel: $249.90 –  SAVINGS: $318.00

Where to Buy Male Extra?

Male Extra is available only at the official website which you can find easily.

2) VigRX Plus

Next to the line is VigRX Plus, the public endorsed sexual health promoting male enhancement supplement which has got 100% customer’s ranking.

It is currently being sold at a very handsome price but the supplement itself holds 17 years old reputation in the men’s health market.

Men who cannot feel sexual is because their sex organs are not working fine from inside.

The boost in blood supply will make them feel the joy in sex once again and it also increases the amount of pleasure you deliver in bed.

VigRX Plus delivers the following potential benefits

  • Allows deep penetration without making you cum already
  • Enhances the erection quality and duration
  • Increase sperm count
  • Boot sex drive and elevate performance in bed

How Does VigRX Plus Work?

VigRX Plus is rumored to deliver effects like enhanced libido as a result of intense blood supply.

With more free testosterone floating in your body not only you will feel sexual but you will also perform like a hard rock star.

What Are VigRX Plus Ingredients?

Experts suggest that every ingredient in VigRX Plus is botanically extracted and exerts 0 side effects to the users.

  • Horny Goat Weed: It simultaneously enhances testosterone and Nitric Oxide which is good for sexual boost. It is known by the name Epimedium leaf extract which is enormously beneficial for sex.
  • Red Ginseng: A sex boosting herb which also increases the level of satisfaction by enhancing sperm cell count.
  • Damiana Leaf Extract: Increase oxygen and blood supply to the penile cell which expands their growth and multiplies in number. Supercharge your sexual ability by combining the power of multiple penile tissues in one shot.
  • Hawthorn Berry: Increase the permeability of blood vessels which promotes blood supply to the penis.
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract: Work as a natural libido enhancer which allows the user to involve in sexual encounters with more zeal.

VigRX Plus Pricing and Where to Find?

VigRX Plus is strictly advised by the manufacturer to be purchased from the official web only.

There are deviating source which forces you to purchase fake VigRX Plus pills.

The pricing deals are quite impressive with VigRX Plus which are listed below.

  • 1 Month Supply: $76.99 contain 1 box
  • 2 Months Supply: $143.99 contain 2 boxes
  • 3 Months Supply: %205.99 contain 3 Boxes
  • 4 Months Supply:$267.99 contain 4 boxes with additional gifts

Visit the official site of VigRX Plus and explore more deals.

3) ProSolution Plus

ProSolution Plus is the herbal treatment for men who involve in sexual failures and those who have a very little amount of libido left.

Sexual fragile men who are the target of Premature Ejaculation have found themselves a cure.

Some men are psychologically disabled who are worse cases than those who have physical abnormalities.

Such men can be treated with the brand new formula of ProSolution which contain brain stimulating formulas which boost your mental ability to prefer sex over sleep.

Men who cannot get turned on easily won’t stop doing it all night.

What Benefits Does ProSolution Plus Provides?

  • Permanently treats Premature Ejaculation
  • Boosts your sexual performance
  • Allows the partner to use you as a sex object and get satisfied
  • Long-lasting erection quality
  • Heightens your partner level of satisfaction

How ProSolution Works?

According to the study, ProSolution increases the number of lignin cells in the testicles, which reduce the oxidative stress in the male reproductive system.

This will further improve the blood supply, testosterone level which makes you feel sexual.

The formula increases the sexual satisfaction rate about 78% which is noted by the subjects in the clinical trials.

The supplement has numerous other benefits which we will cover while talking about its ingredients.

What ProSolution Plus Ingredients Are?

Let’s see what’s inside it.

  • Tribulus Terrestris: The most powerful herb for maximum testosterone production, Tribulus Terrestris is included in many bodybuilding supplements which particularly aims to the testosterone secretion in the male body. It is known to arouse male sexual features instantly and stimulate vigorous pumping skills.
  • Shilajit: Cialis is the main ingredients which prevent the chances of premature ejaculation. The reason why men cums so quickly is that they cannot take it much longer which is directly linked with your sensory receptors. The extract of Shilajit helps those receptors to be more tolerable when any sexual feelings are getting exceeded, hence more control to your ejaculation.
  • Withania Somnifera: Improve blood flow to the testicles which promotes T-Cell production.
  • Mucuna Pruriens: Produce more sperm cells and increase the level of pleasure during ejaculation.
  • Curculigo Orchioides: Stimulates high-grade erection with bigger loads.

ProSolution Plus Pricing and Where To Buy

ProSolution Plus has its own marketing and distribution channel which you can find by visiting their official website.

It can be found at the following prices.

  • 1 Month Supply: $69.95 Contain 1 Box
  • 2 Months Supply: $119.95 Contain 2 Boxes
  • 3 Months Supply: $164.95 Contain 3 Boxes with free gifts
  • 4 Months Supply: $209.95 Contain 4 Boxes with free gifts

Other pricing details can be found on their web.

4) Max Performer

Max Performer is offering similar ingredients like most male enhancement supplements, but there is a slight modification inside.

The inclusion of Bioperine is somehow new to many people who consider it as a vital ingredient.

We are not sure about this, but Max Performer tremendously helps you regain the confidence level in a bedroom and allows you to confront your partner with the exceeding amount of sexual impulses.

This will make your session more pleasurable and entirely satisfying.

What Benefits Does Max Performer Promises?

  • Increased libido
  • Bigger and Better Erection
  • Massive stamina
  • Bigger loads which increase the level of pleasure in sex
  • Allows you to be more confident

How Does It Work?

Max Performer works by reducing the stressful elements in your penile glands which provide sufficient blood supply to the entire penis region.

In normal doses, you will feel a breeze of sexual aura which then affects your overall sexual performance.

It increases Testosterone in your body which supercharges the sex.

Max Performer Ingredients

Bioperine enhances the absorption of other ingredients in the formula which creates hyper effects.

How Much Max Performer Cost and Where To Purchase It?

Max Performer can be purchased through the official website where you can find it at following rates.

  • 1 Month Supply: $69.00 Contain 1 Box
  • 3 Months Supply: $138.00 Contain 3 Boxes
  • 6 Months Supply: $200.00 Contain 6 Boxes
  • The last package can save you 50% of the amount.

5) Extenze

The manufacturer of Extenze claims their product to be a far better choice than penile surgery or the effective penis pumps.

It is referred to as over the counter sex pill which most people can get easily from the pharmacy stores.

The risk-free formula is claimed to provide the following benefits.

  • Increase sensitivity towards sex
  • Enhance sexual experience for both man and his partner
  • Everlasting endurance level
  • Increase orgasm duration

How Extenze Works?

Regular blood supply is known to increase penis size, which also contributes to enhancing your sexual performance.

When you generate more desire for sex you will ultimately produce more sperm cells and it improves overall sexual ability.

Extenze Ingredients

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Zinc
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Korean Ginseng
  • Yohimbe Bark- Improves cognitive functions and stimulates the arousing impulses which generate intense sexual power.

Extenze Price

  • 1 Month Supply: $59.95
  • 2 Months Supply: $109.95
  • 3 Months Supply: $159.95
  • 6 Months Supply: $309.95

You can purchase the original quality of Extenze from the official website of the company which is available 24/7.

Who Can Use These Pills?

Men who are suffering from conditions like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation or even Depression can take endless benefits from this miraculous combination of different sex enhancing herbs.

You should be above 18 to use these pills.

How to Get More Of ED Pills Online?

There are some simple tactics following which you can achieve faster results and also improve your physical and mental health big time.

  • Weight Loss

Weight gain exacerbates the hormonal disturbance in men, which further deviate them from the sexual aspect of life. Losing weight is the most important and beneficial thing you can do if you are looking for a sparkling sexual life.

  • Start the Gym

For men, doing work out regularly is a very healthy habit which not only brings positive changes in your body but also boosts your mental and sexual features. Do you ever wonder why girls love more guys with 6 packs? Because they are sexually better as well.

  • Stay Away From Unhealthy Fats

Unhealthy fats not only make you fat, but they also limit your libido and sexual performance. A fat person can never be sexually agile or he would never lift his girl up. Slim and lean physique, on the other hand, is considered ideal for sexual purposes.

Good fat consumption is also best for your heart and other body functions.


The best 5 erectile dysfunction pills online are mentioned above which can sit on every men’s physiology.

Male Extra and VigRX Plus are available with their clinical evidence and a vast number of experts approved these sex pills.

Vigrx Plus Male sexual enhancement pills
Order Vigrx Plus Online

It is important to note that taking these pills regularly can increase your sexual power, but you gotta slow down if you think you have achieved the peak level.

There are no side effects include which is a lot sweeter because not only sex-enhancing drug is free from the side effects.

Viasil and Promescent are two another new edition in ED pills for men that comes with all natural ingredients by Swiss Research Labs.


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Penis Pumps – Expert Reveals 5 Best Penis Pump for 2020!

Penis Pump

There are more than 100 penis pumps available in the internet market, but not every product is the most effective tool for penis enlargement.

You can run a Google search and will find about 1.4 million web pages appearing, all of which deal with the best penis pumps in the market.

The first time users are naïve than older users for which they should understand the basis of penis pumps.

The search engine gives them the different result, everything which somehow alters their way of justifying a good product and they sometimes lose the best one right away.

To purchase an effective and best penis pump, there are tools which can help you get the best one.

The one ranks superior in every aspect which makes it user-friendly as well as a potential penis enlargement device.

BathMate HydroMax Pump
Order BathMate HydroMax

All penis pump checkers will track multiple products and Web Pages across various search engines. But the perfect one should be purchased after analyzing the following factors.

  • Company Data
  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Material
  • Clinical Safety or FDA Approval
  • Comfortability
  • Price
  • Nature of the Results (Whether Temporary or Permanent)
  • Money Back Guarantee

These factors are extracted from the 5 top experts who have been reviewing different penis pumps from last decade.

Their 10 year’s experience has benefited many people to improve their sexual life by gaining larger size which they never expected.

To provide an unbiased review of the best penis pumps we have explained the features of the best of the best penis enlargement pumps as clients.

According to our priority concerns we have nominated 5 the best penis pumps which are 100% safe, secure and effective when it comes to enlarging the size of your penis.

Let’s cut to the chase and explain the favorite tools for tracking the best penis pump.

Penis Pumps Clinical Safety

The admirable companies like Bathmate test their penis pump on real-life people before launching it in the market.

The preclinical safety must be witnessed in a form of literature which every penis pump manufacturers are showing on their official website.

Never buy a penis pump which is devoid of clinical and safety data.

Final Leaderboards

Here is the list of the 5 best penis pumps; the list was formed after voting from penis pump experts and sex experts who only talk with facts and pure science.

  1. Bathmate
  2. Penomet
  3. SizeGenetics
  4. Proextender
  5. Jes Extender

Expert Reveals 5 Best Penis Pump for 2020!

1) Bathmate Hydro Pump

Bathmate is the top-ranked penis pump brand which has got multiple options.

Their first-time invention is the “Hydromax” Penis Pump which you can use it while showering.

Bathmate hydro max is designed to enlarge the penis size and is a perfect treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The product is manufactured in the US territory under cGMP approved facility and the company also holds a vivid reputation.

This is the first water pump which is clinically approved after being tested on many subjects.

Their official website can bring you all the clinical evidence on just a click. 

The material used in Bathmate penis pumps are 100% medical grade and claimed as non toxic to human health.

Bathmate results speak for it, men who used Bathmate Hydromax increased 25% of their penis size, which also potentiates their sexual performance and made them a man they always wanted to be.

There various types of Bathmate penis pumps, it depends on your needs, whether you want the pump which works in the shower or others.

Bathmate Customer Reviews are 100% positive.

2) Penomet

Penomet was designed earlier to prevent the condition called Peyronie’s disease where the male penis is bent has a missing curvature.

It is the number 2nd penis pump in our list which claims it to be scientifically proven.

Men who consider themselves sexually inferior can add 3 inches to their penis length within 5-6 months of use.

It is a water pump which uses the water to develop the traction force and help the penis tissues naturally getting enlarged.

The gaiters are available in 5 different forms, each of which exerts a different amount of pressure.

The daily usage of the Penomet water pump should be for 15 minutes, which seems to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Out of 5, Penomet has achieved 5 stars where its customer reviews are totally touching the sky with 99% being positive.

3) SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is the first of its kind which for the first time offered 4 different packages to the users.

Each package is for a special purpose which cumulatively increases penis size and deals with other sexual disorders.

The 4 editions of SizeGenetics are:

  1. Value Edition
  2. Comfort Edition
  3. Ultimate System
  4. Curvature and Peyronie Edition

According to our research, SizeGenetics is the first penis pump which was introduced over a decade ago after which it has added many forms of improvement which allured the customers.

The customer feedbacks about SizeGenetics are overall satisfactory, it works fine, it is comfortable but it’s a bit expensive because it comes with too many gadgets.

3) ProExtender

ProExtender is designed to be used on the flaccid penis which mainly targets increasing the length.

This is the kind of penis pump which user can use before starting sexual intercourse where it boosts stamina and the overall performance.

The clinical studies regarding Proextender were conducted by a doctor named Jorn Ege Siana, according to him the use of ProExtender increase the penis length of 1.1 inches in 1100 hours of time.

This makes it 1.9 mm gain every week.

The ProExtender user reviews show us a major problem which is not exactly about the product, some men who wore it wrong had to deal with the penile injury which got recovered in a week time period.

The traction device improves the girth like the top 3 penis pumps with 88% customer’s satisfaction rate.

4) Jes Extender

Approved and endorsed by the European CE, Jes Extender is the oldest penis extender which first got introduced in 1994.

The penis pump was first launched for men who had an issue of premature ejaculation, turns out the traction method seemed to increase penile length 28% after which it was heavily sold as a penis enlargement pump.

Jes Extender is made by Dana Medics which claims it to be the most effective penis pump in the market.

The claims tell you enthralling details about this pump, like you, will get the first result in the very first week.

This could make Jes Extender as the most fast-acting penis extender available online.

About 250,000 men have used Jes Extender and the success rate is 95%.

Penis Pump Customer Reviews & Results!

Nothing can beat the experience of an individual who has already used the penis pump.

If you are willing to buy any penis pump to enhance your sexual life then you better stick with the customer’s comment first because they are the one who can give you the actual insight about the product.

how to use penis pumps

Not the salesman, the web or the blog, but genuine and real-life customers.

It will help you to identify the pros and cons present in the penis pump which will further maximize your experience.

After gathering data from thousands of customers who have used Bathmate, Penomet, ProExtender, Jes and Sizegenetics penis extender, we concluded the following benefits or you can say outcomes from using Penis Pump for over 2 months.

  • Penis Enlargement (2-4.1 inches)
  • Bigger and Stronger Erections
  • Control over Erections
  • Improved Sexual Stamina
  • Users Got Rid of Premature Ejaculation Issue
  • Enhanced Libido
  • There are no ingredients to be taken inside
  • No Side Effects
  • Money Back Guarantee

How to Use Penis Pumps?

Below is the full guide on using penis pump, see the details on all types of penis pump you want to use!

1) How to Use Bathmate?

First, you have to latch onto the central position which is the ideal state, and then insert the pad of your comfort into a vessel.

The selection of pad should be totally comfortable and must not be tight. Rotate the gator in any direction which you think is comfortable.

Now warm you up for 5 minutes, chilled body temperature is not recommended while using Penis Pumps.

Fill the device with water and insert your penis into it, now comes the main part which is pumping.

Pump to increase the pressure and stop at the point where you feel the penis muscles getting stretched.

Re-pump to decrease the pressure and do the same procedure for 15 minutes.

Checkout this Youtube Channel to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnXrMgFS_1KUiLf5x4F4L5A/videos

2) How to Use Penomet?

First, warm yourself up by taking a warm shower. The vacuum is to be filled with water after which place the flaccid penis inside it.

Start pumping slowly so the water content will be gone from the floating valve after which the proper suction will be achieved.

Repeat the pumping after 2-5 minutes, the pressure releasing pin will help you reduce the exceeding amount of pressure.

After the use, the device must be washed and then sprayed with sanitizing liquid.

You can either use a soft gaiter with less pressure or with stronger FORCE depending on your skills to adapt the pressure.

3) How to Use SizeGenetics?

Using SizeGenetics is relatively easier than any penis pump.

Prepare yourself by warming up and insert your penis through the white colored ring.

Place your dick in a correct position and also position the device correctly by pushing it towards your pubic bone.

Strap it around your hip in such a way that your glans will come underneath the device. Starts pumping by the spring’s method which will make you feel a tugging force on your penis. 

For a normal user it is advised to use SizeGenetics for 12 weeks, each week there will be 2 days resting phase.

4) How to Use Jes Extender?

Place your penis through the extender rods and fix it firmly.

The silicone band is where you’re going to place your penis head and then fasten it tightly.

The extender bars are to be twisted to apply pressure which will utilize a tremendous amount of traction force.

An hour use per day is recommended for 8 weeks, after which, if you developed the tolerance can use Jes Extender for up to 12 hours.

5) How to Use ProExtender?

ProExtender is comprised of

  • Ring
  • 2 Extensions Bars
  • Silicone Based Band

You have to place your penis in such a way that it gets fixed on the ring, then fix the extension bars to make sure it doesn’t slip out.

The first few weeks, you have to keep it strapped for 5 hours, after which you can use it as long as you want to.

Never use penis pumps while you are sleeping.

Final Thoughts – What Tools Are You Using to Track Best Penis Pumps in 2020?

When you search penis pump, the Google search engine will automatically show the pumps which are being searched mostly.

Bathmate will be always on the top because of its intense demand generating pattern with the easiest mode of use.

Male enhancement pills have saturated the health market so bad that the real penis enlargement tools like penis pumps have become less effective in the user’s eye.

As a matter of fact, Traction Method is the most powerful way to enlarge a penis size, which is the fact approved by every scientific community.

Bathmate Hydromax is our top choice because it provides the fastest effects with user safety guaranteed.

With ease and safety, if you are getting your penis enlarged with maximum sex potentials, we don’t think you will need any male enhancement supplements which are known to create hazardous side effects in males.


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