SizeGenix Vs Viril X Review- Best Male Erection Pills on Demand

What is the best pill to stay hard? What is the best male erectile dysfunction pill? These are some of the questions men around the world regularly ask because of their feeble erections and hence sexual lives. 

We are here to tell you about which erectile dysfunction drug is best, facts about over the counter erection pills, and what is the best pills to stay hard online. 

SizeGenix Vs Viril X

Buy SizeGenix

SizeGenix is the male enhancement supplement created for male potency by Incredible Health Decisions LLC. The product isn’t found on the website that is official but instead Amazon deals with it.

Under $39.95, you can purchase 60 capsules of SizeGenix that is around 30 servings for the users. What SizeGenix is good for? Bigger erections, sustainable erections, wider and thick penis with improved sexual performance. 

Viril X is the sexual enhancement supplement (as they call it) which is used to increase sexual desire and performance. Like many over the counter natural pills, Viril X is working for the restoration of normal erection with marked treatment for premature ejaculation.

“They also claim to boost the semen volume but that is just a myth”

Comparison of the Ingredients- SizeGenix Vs Viril X

Only a limited amount of information is available regarding the ingredients of SizeGenix. We could say the capsules contain:

Niacin 45mg, Proprietary Blend contains 1577mg of Butea Superba, Tribulus Terrestris, L-Arginine, Maca Root, Muira Pauma, L-Citrulline, Long Jack, VitisVinifera, and ProtodexxMaterix in combination. 

So far, only a few ingredients in SizeGenix works for improving male libido and do not pose any positive or striking effect on penis size

Viril X Ingredients have been noticed by our experts and how they work is something you want to know. 

  • MuiraPuama

Many cultures call it a potency root that has been used for centuries to elevate male sexual desire and helps with ED. Some people named it Viagra of the Amazon which boosts the sexual response in users. 

  • Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds are a powerful source of Zinc which supports the production of testosterone in men. Once you’ve taken an adequate amount of Zinc, there is a 50% chance you will get your sperm count increased with plenty of sex drive or libido.

Pumpkin seed also prevents the inflammation of the prostate gland that can resolve so any genitourinary tract infections. 

  • Ginger Root

Helps in triggering the harder and stronger erection, Ginger Root simply opens up vivid blood supply to the penis. 

  • Kola Nut is a natural aphrodisiac and helpful in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.
  • TribulusTerrestr is in the common ingredient in SizeGenix and Viril X which increases the natural levels of testosterone in males. Other theories suggest it stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide which again increases the blood flow to the penis for maximum erection strength and duration.

SizeGenix Vs Viril X- Do They Work?

Natural male enhancement supplements at the best medicine for erectile dysfunction without side effects. But not every supplement lives up to the claims. 

The majority of users think SizeGenix is a sham product that appeals to users first with false claims and false advertising. This can also be narrated by the medical websites online according to which the ingredients in SizeGenix are not potent enough to increase penis size.

You can argue with the libido enhancing or aphrodisiac effects but do not buy SizeGenix if you want to have your dick size bigger. 

Buy Viril X

Viril X claims, on the other hand, make sense since there are no claims for increasing penis size. Two mechanisms have been noted by Viril X, the first one is the increased amount of testosterone and the second has the effect of empowering penile muscles for better performance. 

We compared the best erection pills for males with Viril X and found the NO enhancement effect is just a marketing gimmick. There are no users who found Viril X beneficial for improved sexual performance, yes it can improve the libido to some extent, said George. 

Side Effects Comparison- SizeGenix Vs Viril X

No illicit drug comes without side effects, using natural supplements under the right amount is safe. Not in SizeGenix’s case though, many users who tried SizeGenix for 1 month have got the reasons to back out because of the side effects which are:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart Burn
  • Palpitation
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain in the Abdominal region
  • Allergies
  • Inflammation of the airway

The last side effect is the factor enough to worsen the case of asthma, where the user finds it hard to breathe.

Viril X has measured the frequency of the side effects, turns out this erection pill also comes with several side effects. Some users experienced a major amount of acne which is due to the over-secretion of testosterone hormone.

This hormone can also be a reason for injury in some males. 

SizeGenix Vs Viril X Customer Reviews

We have found the following SizeGenix and Viril X review testimonials via customers online:

I really didn’t notice any significant positive changes.

 I tried this product for three months and followed the daily regimen as instructed.

 Another disappointing product, that I had high hopes for.

Well, I thought for sure this product would work after reading so many positive stories. This product didn’t measure up and I would not purchase it again. Doesn’t work !!

SizeGenix Vs Viril X Availability

Sadly, the availability of SizeGenix or Viril X is becoming a controversial subject, since both products have been discontinued from the market.

The remaining supplement you see available in Amazon which they are only trying to get rid of by selling them to any man who wants to have some sexual benefits. 

We usually rely on the official website for the Best Male Erection Pills on Demand, SizeGenix Vs Viril X comparison led us to find there are no dedicated channels from where you can purchase SizeGenix or Viril X with safety. 

SizeGenix Vs Viril X Comparison Result

Let’s put it bluntly, nobody recommend these products since the customer satisfaction ratio is way down. Also, they are not legit and don’t have a clinical background check on the ingredients. 

We are therefore inviting the 3rd product that is reasonably good and comes at the best price. 

Male Extra

Buy Male Extra

Male Extra is the sort of Big Guns you need when other tools have failed you! 

It’s a clinically approved and tested male enhancement supplement and also the best male erection pills on demand these days. Male Extra is specifically designed to overcome sexual issues like Erectile Dysfunction, Loss of Libido, Premature Ejaculation, and Poor Bedroom Performance in males. 

Some people even call Male Extra as the natural alternative to Viagra which is true because it has the vital source of many ingredients. The ingredients in Male Extra are a lot more than just male enhancement ingredients.

The purpose of the male extra formula is to make you sexually satisfying, but this won’t be done by increasing testosterone only. 

Ellagic Acid found in Pomegranate extract is a major ingredient in Male Extra which in studies stated ideal for increasing blood supply to the penis. L-Arginine plays the right source for quick energy and keeping the erections straight and stronger. 

Altogether there is Cordyceps, Methylsulfonylmethane, Niacin, and Zinc with L-Methionine which makes Male Extra “Best Male Erection Pills on Demand”.

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Male Extra Ingredients

What Are Male Extra Benefits?

These benefits are 100% tested, applicable, and obtained from clinical trials on male extra.

  • More frequent erections
  • Long-lasting erections
  • Improved physical stamina for sex
  • More intense orgasm
  • Keeps ED symptoms and Premature ejaculation aside
  • Tested, FDA APPROVED
  • No Side Effects

Where Can You Find Male Extra & How Much Does It Cost?

Male Extra bottles come with discounts for the customers. Purchasing more than 1 bottle of Male Extra is a quick way for savings. Each package available on the official site of Male Extra indicates how much money you save from it. 

1-Month Supply: $64.95

4-Month Supply: $179.95 (1x free bottle of ProErection Gel)

6-Month Supply: $249.95 (2x free bottles of ProErection Gel)

12-Month Supply: $395.95 (4x free bottles of ProErection Gel)

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Buy Male Extra

Final Verdict- SizeGenix Vs Viril X Performance Review

On our way to find the best male erection pills on demand, we deemed Viril X and SizeGenix as ineffective and failed to provide the right results. 

Male Extra is our new choice for outstanding male performance under the sheets.