SizeGenetics Reviews – The Safest Penis Enlargement Extender of 2020

Penis extenders are the safest and proven ways to increase the size of the penis where SizeGenetics is on the top.

Male Enhancement Pills are outdated!

Men have been struggling to increase the size of their shaft for decades.

Male enhancement pills do not give you the permanent results and this is why a large chunk of the male population has given a shot to the penis extenders.

Here are we talking about FDA approved and perfectly safe penis extenders which provide immense quality, comfort and most importantly outstanding results.

SizeGenetics Reviews

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SizeGenetics is one of the top-ranked penis extenders in the market of 2018 which has been in the market for 17 years.

It is the most effective way to enhance one’s penis size and modifying its curvature.

The bend penis syndrome a.k.a Peyronie’s disease is characterized by a bent penis which in some ways considered bad for sexual encounters.

  • The main function of the SizeGenetics is
  • To enhance penis size significantly

Straightening up the curved penis, SizeGenetics is claimed to be a type 1 medical device which is endorsed by the doctors all around the world.

After its use, many men claimed to have vigor in their sexual encounters which leads to long-lasting stamina and stronger erections which they never experienced before.

You can say SizeGenetics is a penis enlargement device which improves your sexual features along with mending loopholes in your personality.

How SizeGenetics Work?

The mechanical device works by the traction method which is actually like a workout for your penile muscles.

Upon continuous and longer traction period the penis cells will expand in size and contain more amount of blood.

When these cells grow in size eventually the blood supply to the penile region will increase significantly, and when it happens, you will get

  • Strong Erection
  • Enhanced sex drive
  • Empowering stamina
  • Ultra sexual performance

Men with erectile dysfunction or micro-penis do not get sufficient blood supply because their penile valves are chocked, the traction method is considered beneficial in unblocking those valves.

Clinical Studies on SizeGenetics

There are piles of studies on the mechanical device used to increase penis size.

In a period of 6 months where men were taught to wear penis extenders for 4 hours a day, after which the device was proven to increase penis length and girth remarkably.

The study concluded on a point that it is somehow associated with the enhancement of penis glans.


You can further search for various studies conducted on the effects of penis extender in the male enhancement domain.

SizeGenetics Results

Regular use of SizeGenetics for at least 45 minutes a day is proven to add 2-3 inches to the penis size, not including the girth.

The result varies according to men’s physiology and health which sometimes is an important factor in improving sexual health as well.

Men with small penis lack confidence because in bed their penis size really discourages their confidence, as a result of which they do not really get laid.

Bigger penis, on the other hand, brings up a hell of confidence in you because with a large penis comes the immense Testosterone level, which shapes your personality and increases confidence no matter how the conditions are.

A large group of the men commented about their sexual lives which have been transformed quite positively in recent days.

SizeGenetics Editions 2020

Every package of SizeGenetics provides the same result, but the cost varies in terms of comfortability and the time period it should be used.

Sizegenetics penis enlargement extender

There are 4 editions of SizeGenetic which are:

1) SizeGenetics Value Edition

The package is advised for financially restricted individuals who want to keep in checking their penis size.

The package will support the growth of their penis and sexual health at an affordable price of $199.95. The value edition only contains the extenders along with a DVD instruction guide.

2) Comfort Edition by SizeGenetics

The comfort edition as the name indicates provides comfort while using the penis extender.

With only extra few bucks, the package comes with 58-way comfort, technology, and 3m Advanced comfort plasters that keep you place the extender on your body for hours without noticing. The price for comfort edition is $249.95.

3) SizeGenetics Ultimate System

This package says “Maximum results with Maximum comfort”.

The ultimate system has some unique features in comparison with other packages which are:

  • 3M Advanced Comfort Plasters
  • MDA multi-directional angling headpiece
  • Traction Plus Power
  • Cream moisturizer by Revita
  • Device cleaning wipes
  • Travel case
  • PenisHealth™ DVD
  • Seduction and fitness e-books

You can say it teaches you ways to approach a woman and win her in bed in a price range $279.95.

4) SizeGenetics Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition

Strictly recommended for men who have bend penis syndrome and curved penis.

This package comes with a money back guarantee and remarkable features similar to the ultimate system, since it treats men with a bent penis so it cost relatively cheaper than most of the penile surgeries happening in the state.

SizeGenetics Customer Reviews

I never experienced this amount of force and energy during sex, clearly, it happened after I started using the SizeGenetics ultimate edition and it allowed me to know so much about sex and more parts of it.

Although I didn’t purchase it for the penis enlargement to elate my sexual stamina and it’s a kind of fair exercise for your penis.

So, now I have an unlimited supply of loads with greater stamina for sex which my wife is really really happy with.

George, Washington DC, USA

We see many male enhancement products and none of them worked shit on me!!

I am in my early 30’s and I ordered SizeGenetics first edition, after using it consecutively for 6 months I finally achieved 3 inches more to my penis length and my girth size has been increased dramatically.

No anal for me though, but it really feels good to be back in the same line of the game.

Richard Pickard, Seattle, USA

I purchased SizeGenetics for my husband because had this penis which is always bent. He was really shy to visit the doctor for which I gave him this SizeGenetics curvature edition.

I am not fond of exaggerating stuff but this device is really effective in treating bend penis syndromes.

I didn’t care about the size, but it surprisingly enlarged his penis to a maximum extent, my God now every time we have sex I remember the aloofness he used to feel because it has been totally changed for both of us.

Victoria, USA

SizeGenetics Pros

  • It is a recommended device by the doctors, surgeons, and urologist to increase penis size and improving sexual health
  • It exerts about 2,800 grams of tension which totally increase the expansion of penis cells
  • It is comfortable, invisible to others and allows you to perform your daily tasks without impediment
  • The company, which makes SizeGenetics is 20 years old and they have acquired FDA approval for being completely safe
  • It is the most review generating medical device which has 99% of positive customer reviews
  • It deals with the expansion of penile tissues NATURALLY


  • It takes time, which means you should be patience in using it. Some men demand immediate results for which they apply extreme tension which again is dangerous for your penis health
  • To some, it is highly expensive when it comes to purchasing the Curvature edition

How to Get Best Results from SizeGenetics – Additional Tips

  • Before fixing the device to your body, always remember to warm yourself up. The best way is the jelqing technique which supports the growth of penis cell and improves their health upon erection
  • Every edition or package of SizeGenetics comes with a DVD showing instructions about how to use a penis extender, always follow those instructions
  • Always be patient, sometimes the results take time but that doesn’t mean you are going to get nothing out of it
  • You can take extra help from the natural male enhancement supplement, especially those which has components like L-Arginine, Ginseng Extract and Pomegranate


If you want a bigger size penis but don’t want to lay your hands on male enhancement supplements, SizeGenetics is the penis enlargement tool of choice.

Buy SizeGenetics online
Buy SizeGenetics Penis Extender

This is the only penis enhancement device in the market which has no side effects or negative outcomes unless you apply too much of pressure and end up with penis fracture.

The device is used indoors and is perfectly comfortable in every way.

A bigger penis means pleasing sex which strengthens the bonds between two individuals.

Wasting your money on the penis enlargement pills have become outdated, it’s the era for mechanical enhancement, which is more precise, safer, effective and feasible for men.


Q1: Is it okay to wear the SizeGenetics while you sleep?

A: Unless you are too busy or outdoors all the time, you can wear SizeGenetics while you are sleeping. But again, it depends on how you sleep.

If you are a straight sleeper and don’t move, then it’s easier as compare to switching positions very often.

Q2: Would SizeGenetics work on an uncircumcised penis?

A: SizeGenetics works on every type of penis a man can possess.

Q3: Does SizeGenetics increases girth?

A: The hydro-pumps which run on water are actually called as Girth Enhancers. But this doesn’t mean SizeGenetics lacks with such effects. SizeGenetics increase penis length more pronounced as it increases girth.

Q4: How many inches can I add with SizeGenetics?

A: Conceived by the customer reviews, if you use it for 6 months, then you can add 1-2 inches on your penis. For more results, you must make 9-12 months.

Q5: Are the results permanent?

A: If you use a SizeGenetics penis extender no matter what edition you are using for a straight 6 months. Then its 100% guaranteed the results will be permanent.

Q6: Does it improve erection quality?

A: The main effect of SizeGenetics is to increase blood supply to every corner of the penis. When this happens, you will get an instant erection which will last you longer than expected.

Q7: Is there any cheaper option available than SizeGenetics?

A: Cheaper penis extenders pose different threats to your sexual health because their pressure is not well-maintained.

Extenders which are clinically tested and made with premium quality like SizeGenetics takes money of their 20 years existence in the penis enlargement market which they surely deserve.