SemEnhance Review: Results, Side Effects & How It Works! [NEW]

Women who are extremely wild swallow the semen of men, which triggers the most anticipating feeling.

One of the issues which men frequently ask about is the taste of their semen is bad which is told by their partner.

There is something about semen smell and flavor that can turn on or off the sexual intimidation.

Here we are interested in a supplement that is specially made to improve the semen flavor.

You heard it right; the supplement called SemEnhance has the fruit extract which works in such a special way to enhance semen flavor and also the volume.

There are multiple taste range with SemEnhance which we are going to discuss.

What is SemEnhance?

Buy SemEnhance Semen flavor Enhancer

Male semen taste and smell differently, which is somehow poignant to the senses, SemEnhance helps you by improving the aroma of your semen which makes it taste good too, according to women.

The supplement is not just a flavor enhancer but it’s a source of multiple natural ingredients that provide a large dose of antioxidants, these can help you make semen in large volume.

This idea is generated by sexual geeks who study different ways of people performing oral sex. SemEnhance does not work immediately, in fact, no supplement does, you just have to give it sometimes.

Who Should Use SemEnhance?

Not every man will prefer using SemEnhance, it is particularly designed for men who are conscious of their looks and smell during sex.

So if you are looking for a semen taste enhancer, using SemEnhance will not only boost the confidence level but often leave your partner pleasantly confused.

The taste of semen, according to many women is tasteless or bitter, which turns off their naughtiness in a gif.

This is to uplift their mood and brings their mind into the game while enjoying oral sex!

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SemEnhance Mode of Action

It is true that the flavor of your previous food somehow comes in your semen which many people cannot identify perfectly.

It is the topic which many health experts have been searching on and finally came up with a plan.

Some people still think it has nothing to do with the semen health, volume or flavor which has been dubbed wrong a decade ago.

SemEnhance upon taking build a mechanism in the male body for about 14-21 days, after this period you will begin to notice changes in your semen flavor, even if you are along masturbating you can smell fruity scents.

First of all, the nutrients in the supplement go in your immune system and thereby making it more labile to different changes.

SemEnhance works efficiently with its natural sweetening agents which absorb into your gut faster than other sugars.

Upon taking, you will force the smelly and stale semen to flush out of your system and replace it with newly made good-smelling semen with high volume.

This normally works in 2 weeks where she will tell you the difference after swallowing!

SemEnhance Ingredients

The only motto of the SemEnhance manufacturer is to ease the oral sex by improving semen taste and the way it smells.

sweeten the taste of semen

For this purpose, certain new elements were added which are obtained from natural fruits. These are:

1) Pineapple

Pineapple is acidic with a plethora of antioxidant supply; the purpose of this fruit is to mask the unpleasant taste of your semen. Pineapple is a treatment for various health problems which are arthritis, cancer, and loss of libido.

2) Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid is the essential part of the SemEnhance formula which is found in the citrus fruits. These fruits have the most pleasant aroma which even eradicates the feelings of nausea. Her, Vitamin C serves as an immune system modifier which changes the semen flavor and promotes healing.

3) Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly has been subjected to many studies, in one study it was found that it helps in the production of Red Blood Cells; improves glucose tolerance and mental health in men. Furthermore, the ingredients inhibit the sperm cell damage which lets you have a bucket full of orgasm.

4) Kiwi

Kiwi is a rich source of fibers, folate and vitamin C, there is more potassium in this ingredient which builds tolerance in men against cardiovascular conditions. Kiwi act as a natural sweetener in SemEnhance which masks the semen taste by going down in the penile region.

5) Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen has been used for its efficient antimicrobial properties and is an excellent choice for fungus treatment. The study about Bee Pollen identified it as a semen taste enhancer where it is also shown to support certain biochemical processes.

6) Banana

Banana is a rich source of potassium, it’s a natural aphrodisiac which builds excessive libido in men. If you take 2 bananas per day, chances are your sperm cells will adopt the smell from the essence of this fruit.

7) Strawberry

Strawberry is one of those fruits which provides immediate effects, the Lycopene content in strawberries improves the quality of sperm and their motility. There is a chance a person who eats strawberry every day can impregnate a woman in the first attempt.

8) Celery

Celery masks the salty taste of semen, plus it’s an excellent source of essential vitamins and nutrients which supply energy during sexual intercourse.

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SemEnhance Keeps You Away from Sweets

SemEnhance Helps You TASTE Like A Champ

We daily consume a lot of sugar in the shape of coffee, snacks or treats.

With SemEnhance, it is observed by some men that their urge of having sweet items has been reduced substantially.

This could pose positive effects on your health by sustaining the blood sugar level and keep you aromatic from inside.

The dosage of SemEnhance must be taken in moderate form.

SemEnhance Benefits

Overall, users are going to acknowledge these 5 main benefits of SemEnhance in only 2 weeks.

  • Makes your semen taste sweet and smooth
  • Gives you a dose of Vitamin C, an important nutrient for sexual health
  • Improved taste can improve oral sex
  • Natural formula, safe to use
  • SemEnhance gives you loads of antioxidants

Are There Any Side Effects of SemEnhance?

Personally speaking, there are no side effects that you should know of SemEnhance.

Look at the ingredients and judge for yourself if you think there would be any obnoxious results from this supplement.

A lot of men experienced a massive semen volume with or without the sweet taste, according to them it’s not a side effect at all but a supplementary effect.

How to Take SemEnhance?

There is no time limit for SemEnhance, just take 3-4 capsules per day with a glass of water.

Do not exceed 4 capsules and wait for at least 2 weeks, so the mechanism will kick in.

Consuming more than 4 caps of SemEnhance can prevail side effects for the long term.

SemEnhance Pricing and Where to Buy

Like every male enhancement of sex-related supplement, SemEnhance is also available at the official site of the company.

You can choose from so many packages given below.

  • 1 Month’s Starter Pack- $59.95
  • 2 Month’s Everyday Value Pack- $109.95
  • 3 Month’s Most Popular Pack- $145.95
  • 6 Month’s Better Value GOLD PACKAGE- $279.95
  • 12 Month’s Best Value PLATINUM PACKAGE0 $379.95

Checkout for more information!

Now before considering the high price of gold or platinum package, think about the money you are going to save with these packages.


SemEnhance is the living proof the medical science has progressed in the past years very much.

Buy SemEnhance pills online

This is something we never thought would be possible but here it is, making your semen taste better.  This is to spice the things up in a bedroom where you can spread flavorful lust in every dimension.

You will only find 100% natural ingredients in the formula which are backed by science in the sexual ground.

Women are attracted by the fruity smell while they are blowing you which triggers their intense sexual persona.

The fruits like pineapple, banana, and strawberry mask the bitter taste and replace it with the sweet and soft smell.

This is something which every couple should try once in their life, only if she likes to swallow!


Q1: Is there any money-back guarantee with SemEnhance?

A: Yes, they are offering 67 days money-back guarantee, if the product doesn’t work on you like it said it would, you can return it and get your total refund.

Q2: Who Makes SemEnhance?

A: Leading Edge Health is behind the innovative idea of SemEnhance, for a decade the company has been making beauty products that are natural as well as clinically tested.

Q3: What kind of oral sex does SemEnhance support?

A: the one where she swallows your semen and spits it out, this is unquestionably kinky as it sounds, but to some people, it’s not what they want.

Q4: Does SemEnhnace support a sexual fetish?

A: Not sure by supporting, but yes, if you guys have mutual understanding and ready for the oral sex. Chances are you are going to leave a great impression.

Q5: How much SemEnhance Cost?

A: The normal cost for one package is $59, but if you purchase their other packages you can get premium discounts.