Prostate Massage – Prostate Milking Types, Method and Health Benefits to Men

For men, the health of the prostate gland is the most important part of their sexual life.

The occurrence of prostate cancer can be found in many areas of the world where men with a different race or ethnic groups are being targeted.

Prostate cancer is named the 4th most common cancer in the world, right after skin cancer.

The only thing you should care about is if this walnut-sized gland is performing well or not.

For that you need to know the exact location of the prostate gland and also know that it can bring an uplifting scenario in your sex life.

For this purpose, Prostate Massage or Prostate Milking is the most common technique to improve prostate health.

What is the Prostate Gland?

The prostate gland is found in men only and its activation can induce an extreme orgasm where nada females are involved.

The exact location of this small gland is between the penis and urinary bladder, 3 inches deep embossed inside the anal cavity.

The functions of the prostate gland in males are to regular the urine discharge, look after male fertility and provide sexual satisfaction which is unlike the feelings of ejaculation alone.

Why Would You Need to Milk the Prostate?

Prostate Gland is known for secreting the prostatic fluid which involves sexual intercourse.

The most definite fluids are the pre-cum that you discharge before shooting the load; this fluid means you are being sexually active and aroused.

The fluid from the prostate is also a major part of the semen, which provides basic nutrition to the sperm cells.

Men with prostate issues are somehow unable to fertilize the egg after shooting it inside the female’s body.

When ejaculation occurs, the walls of the prostate gland contracts and instantly passes the fluid to your penile nerves, that’s why males cannot pee and shoot the cum at the same time- a mystery resolved!

Super-O is the term referred to when you have achieved orgasm by Prostate Milking.

Here are the Top Reasons to perform Prostate Milking

  • It completely reduces chances of Erectile Dysfunction
  • Helps to overcome Premature Ejaculation
  • Improves Erection Quality and Size
  • Reduce inflammation of prostate gland (Prostatitis)
  • Considered as G-Spot in men’s body, completely aroused the sexual kinks
  • Improve urine flow and mends fluid blockage
  • Create more sperm cells
  • The Prostate massage or prostate masturbation improves sexual health, overall
  • Prostate milking brings the strongest and impressive orgasms

Prostate Milking = Enhanced Sexual Pleasure

How to Milk Prostate

The secret about prostate milking is the great orgasm men achieve from it, like the G-Spot in females the Prostate gland is sometimes referred to as the P-Spot which can either be activated by Prostate Massage or simply full-on sex.

You have no idea about how Prostate Massage orgasm works do you?

Well, it’s absolutely a bone-chilling experience that may let you wanna try it one more time, and then again…

If you compare the level of pleasure, of an ordinary masturbating orgasm and prostate milking discharge, you will find the orgasms came from the Prostate Massage are 400 times more intense and pleasurable.

Those men with Erection Failure (Erectile Dysfunction) may try this technique since it doesn’t involve a harder penis but only massage to the right location and get your fire off.

Commonly, the Prostate Milking is a bit longer time consuming than a normal masturbation gesture.

There could also be a delay if you are prone to Premature Ejaculation, the only sense Prostate Milking provides you are to stay late in bed and make the lovemaking scenarios much prolonged.

According to the experts and men who tried this technique told it would take about 30 minutes to finally reach the climax.

How to Perform Prostate Milking with Prostate Massager? Guide for Newbies

The very first thing you need to consider is maintaining proper hygiene. Before starting you must cautiously clean the anal route, maybe the leftover remaining from the last use of the toilet.

You can also try using an enema or gels that may provide sanitary surrounds.

For those who want to try it with their partner, let’s move to the part first where you master this technique alone.

How to Milk Prostate

The first thing you will get is the best Prostate Massager on the market.

Performing prostate massage with the massager can be an easy way to knock about the extreme orgasm, here let us put this to you in simple steps!

  1. The first step is to locate the prostate by inserting the fingers in your anal route. For this, you got to use a quality lube, according to our source the silicone lube is best for the body as it doesn’t stick around much and is easy for having sex as well.
  2. Adding the Prostate Massager, the ones with vibrations is the unique way to get off your load. It is more efficient, easy and sanitary than the fingers and the material used is completely body-friendly. The Best Prostate Massagers are made or Silicone and Glassy material which should just be fine.
  3. Once you have located the prostate, you will look for a comfortable position. Laying down either on your side or back is okay but if you have done it already then you may know which positions are good for this. Gently, insert the finger or Prostate Massager about an inch deep, the very important thing in this is you stay relaxed and calm. This may feel a little bit weird at first, but every sexual thing is like this way.
  4. Slowly move your fingers in a massaging way and inset about two inches. This is the phase where you need to be relaxed and do not rush for masturbation as you might lose the focus for achieving the real thing!
  5. Go deeper until you feel a rough little lump after 3 inches of your anal depth. Now go up a little bit to the base of your penis, now start massaging and it will be ecstatic.
  6. Whatever you do, never apply too much pressure on the prostate, your fingers or the message should move in a circulatory motion very gently until you reach to ejaculate.
  7. Some guys lose their horns and start cumming right away, but if you hold back the feelings will get extreme, although you may go flaccid still have so much energy to continue it more.
  8. After using a Prostate Massager, it is important to wash them instantly with the anti-bacterial cleanser which we all have in our household.

External Prostate Massage – How It’s Done?

how to massage prostate

The majority of us do not feel comfortable by putting a finger or a toy up in our ass. For such men, the external prostate massage seems to deliver the same level of joy.

For some people its called a Perineum Massage which might be less intense than the internal prostate stimulation, but it will be good to see some glance of it.

The very great and best External Prostate Massager came out the previous year is Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager.

How to Massage Prostate

The best external prostate massager being offered in the market stimulates the Perineum without the insertion.

So you need to locate the Perineum which is right between the testicles and your butt in a form or skin layer which some people referred to as GOOCH!

Simply you can apply lube on your fingers or Aneros Prostate Massager (If you have got any), now rub in a circular motion like stroking the very sight of the skin.

You can start as a lite massage which can be determined later whether you like the soft touch or vigorous one.

Multiple Health Benefits of Prostate Milking

Prostate Massage is a technique that offers men a wide array of health benefits. Some of these benefits are listed in the details below.

1) For Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation

Prostate massage increases the blood supply to the Pelvic Region which can be beneficial for the penis muscles with ED symptoms.

Men who do not have ED can still get improvements in their erection quality as Prostate Massage brings a powerful erection every time you do it.

There was a time Prostate Massage was considered important for treating ED, now people are using this technique to blow a full load and shoot like a porn star while they ejaculate.

2) Prostate Milking Can Reduce Risk of Prostatitis and Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

One is the inflammation of the Prostate Gland while the other conditions define a benign natured cancer spreading as a result of cellular multiplication.

The symptoms of these two conditions can be problems in urine passing, painful ejaculation, and backache.

These conditions can demands you to pee, regardless of any time or anywhere, overall they can devastate your sexual life.

The latter condition can affect males above, but young people can also get to taste them as a result of infection or unsafe sex.

Along with the medication, the patients are also advised to perform a slight prostate massage to keep the gland well-functioning.

There is a big need to take care of BHP as it may convert to the malignant type of cancer that is untreatable.

3) Prostate Massage Work against Cancer

Achieving an ultra grade orgasm by Prostate Milking is fun, but did you know it cleanses out the Prostatic Fluid?

Whatever fluid out body discharges always have some types of contaminants, the purpose of achieving Super-O is to oxygenate the prostatic fluid and thereby abolishing every kind of fungal, viral or biological contaminants.

This mechanism is important for improving prostate health and it also increases the production of Lymphocytes (the type of White Blood Cells).

 Prostate Milking Risks and Precautions

Some risks associated with the Prostate Massage are the damage of the rectal lining and internal bleeding that can exacerbate hemorrhoids.

benefits of prostate milking

This is why we asked you to take it gently and slowly, which will eliminate these risks.

It is also noted that the internal Prostate Massage can lead to Acute Prostatitis and BHB which gets extreme after blood poisoning.

This is why external prostate milking techniques are many sounds and safe.

The prostate massage does not talk about conditions like Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) HIV or AIDS.

This is only possible if you are doing an internal prostate massage, with a partner who has wound or any kind of blood abrasion, and also he must have any form of STD to affect you with the same.

You must also keep yourself hygienic and clean if you are fond of Prostate Milking, this could eliminate the risk of STD and other major diseases.

The Best Prostate Massager Online

Aneros is the safest, fancy and most suitable brand for all men who are looking to find the real orgasmic pleasure in Prostate Stimulations.

You can find dozens of different Aneros Sex Toys for men, which are safe and effective in delivering the right amount of pleasure followed by external prostate massage.

Final Verdict

It’s not like Prostate Milking is a play that everyone can play!

There are many tricks, know-how, and cautions involved following which you can attain the real meaning of what Prostate Massage is all about.

Both internal and external Prostate Massage techniques are stated, the one with the internal thing can be pretty messed up as well as joyful if you do it right.

In our suggestion, the use of Aneros External Prostate Massage Sex Toys can bring a whole new level of joy to your sexual life.

And it’s the best way to get started with your partner!