Promescent Review – The Best Selling Delay Spray for Men in 2020!

Promescent is amongst the top selling delay spray designed for men to especially overcome instant ejaculation.

How to stay longer in bed naturally?

That’s a question being asked by millions of men every day who somehow are struggling with their sexual performance.

It is clearly shown in many places that the majority of men cannot stay longer in bed which makes them mentally frustrated by leaving their partner unsatisfied.

Sex is not just a process of instant ejaculation, but it involves so many intimidating moments that somehow are useful in strengthening a relationship.

Women wish their men to be sexually stronger, which means lasting longer in bed.

Premature ejaculation is the common issue where men ejaculate sooner than expected, even some men reportedly ejaculate during the foreplay, which is extremely embarrassing.

Delayed Sprays are selling in large number these days, but about 80% of them are selling you the scam.

For this, you need something that has a real legitimate figure and which is pharmaceutically approved.

What is Promescent Delay Spray?

Promescent is an FDA approved formula which is designed for men to stay longer during sexual intercourse.

The company who makes Promescent Spray claims that it can completely treat premature ejaculation and allows them to perform as long as they want.

In the United States, the majority of physicians are prescribing Promenscent to their patients who find it hard to stay longer during sex or those who do not have control over erections.

The quick absorbing formula contains lidocaine that delivers instant effects.

Delay sprays can be identified by their ingredients which actually give longer lasting effects; in Promenscent case the amount and quality of ingredients are too good.

 The effects include a stronger and harder erection that stays for a long time!

With also enhancement in sexual mood and most of all it allows you to have fun more than 30 minutes. You will have power over her and your orgasm and it will be euphoric.

Promescent Mechanism – How Does It Work?

Here is a quick science lesson; the active ingredient in Promescent delay spray is Lidocaine which is a local anesthetic.

Now don’t be alarmed with that name as it has nothing to do with the lidocaine available in gaseous form.

The purpose of lidocaine in Promescent delay spray is somehow the same, but the outcomes are different.

Lidocaine strongly blocks the nerve signals in your body, allowing them not to feel any sort of pain or pressure.

There is a very small quantity of lidocaine available in Promescent which works by only blocking the most sensitive nerves in your penis.

After which the nerve that transfers semen to the penis tip will not be stimulated as a result, there will be plenty of time for you to stay longer in bed.

The effects of a delay spray supposed to last for about an hour, which is why it is advised to use Promescent 10 minutes before starting up the heat.

Besides lidocaine, there are other ingredients in Promescent delay spray that helps you overcome the premature ejaculation issue once for all.

The ingredients are rapidly absorbed and give you the most intense pleasure in sex which you may have never experienced.

Promescent Delay Spray Ingredients – Are They Safe?

Every ingredient in Promescent Delay Spray is available in a precise amount that delivers the right kind of effects without damaging the nerves or blood vessels.

The pharmaceutical grade ingredients have a history of side effects when taken orally; using them in spray form is comparatively much safer and less damaging.

Here are the main ingredients used in Promescent Spray.

  • Lidocaine

It is used to lessen the sensitivity of your penis which stops premature ejaculation to occur anytime sooner. Lidocaine in overdose poses so many threats to your body, but in Promescent it is available in a very less amount which should be just enough to numb your penis. Individuals with severe forms of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) must avoid using Promescent.

  • Citric Acid

Citric acid is here to prevent oxidative stress and maintain the normal functions of the urinary system. It also stops the coagulating factor to form and prevent coagulation in the penile region.

  • Farnesol

It’s an alcohol which is responsible for the kinky smell that sprays emanate.

  • Dimethicone

Dimethicone is applied on wounds for healing purposes, it also works as a glidant which improves the spreadability of spray onto the skin.

  • Alkyl Acrylate

In order to keep the formula of the spray stable, the hydrophilic and hydrophobic copolymer has been added to Promescent delay spray.

This is supposed to help the absorption with both oil and water and also maintain the viscosity of the spray.

How to Use Promescent Delay Spray – Guide for First Time Users

Promescent delay spray must be applied on erect penis!

A single bottle of spray is significantly smaller but it has the most powerful formula which you don’t want to spill.

The spray can be used prior to sex or even masturbation, to identify the quality pour some spray on any part of your body skin to see the skin discoloration.

Usually, the fake delay sprays contain heaps of dangerous chemicals which can be identified with this simple trick.

The first time user can apply one time 10 minutes before sex.

The application should be in circular motion around the penis shaft which helps the formula absorption.

After 10 minutes the user can wash off their penis or its fine in either case because the alcohol content gets evaporated quickly.

The old users can apply 2-3 times before having sex depending on their skin sensitivity and demand.

In only 10 minutes you will notice the effects of profound erection which lasts longer.

The formula helps you with the most critical phase during sex which is known as deep penetration, where it allows you to stay harder inside a woman without getting wet.

Do You Need A Prescription to Buy Promescent Delay Cream?

The ingredients in Promescent Delay Cream are free from every type of side effects which you could possibly get from using Oral pills like Viagra.

Unlike those pills, Promescent Delay Cream doesn’t need a doctor’s prescription, any men can get this delay spray and the directions for use are quite simple.

Promescent Vs Other Delay Sprays

It’s a drug of choice for premature ejaculation!

  • There are many male enhancement creams, pills and gels available which works in different directions. Not to mention their target is not specified like Promescent which solely targets to overcome the premature ejaculation.
  • Then come to the formula site, Promescent has FDA approved and clinically tested ingredients which do not exceed the normal requirements. The manufacturer holds the cGMP regulation certificate which is necessary for the premium grade quality product.
  • The effects of Promescent come very quickly, male enhancement creams and pills usually require weeks to deliver the result, but that’s not the case with Promescent delay spray. The quick absorption of the skin provides instantaneous results.
  • Unlike many delay sprays and gels, Promescent does not stick around and gives your penile skin a flaccid like appearance. Within 10 minutes you will not notice a single glossy or sticky sensation.

Customer Reviews About Promescent Delay Spray

Majority of the reviews about Promescent Delay Spray are positive, while some users complained about not getting an erection.

The reason that if you apply Promescent on a flaccid penis, you will find attain an erection which is why it is advised to use it on an erect penis.

Promescent Delay Spray seems to work with men who have been sexually frustrated for a long time and those who couldn’t enjoy sex properly.

The effect of numbness sustains the heat inside while preventing it from ejaculating at the same time is the best effect which users are talking about.

The sensitive areas are not swelled like many users experienced after using delay sprays from unknown companies.

This can be the safest and effective treatment for your penis under the complete safety measures.

The highest you can do with Promescent Delay Spray is 25-30 minutes, according to the reviews at the official site.

Benefits of Promescent Delay Spray

  • Works faster
  • Prevents overstimulation of the penile nerves, allows deep penetration for more time
  • Sustains stronger erection throughout entire foreplay
  • Enhance sexual performance
  • The spray is easier to use
  • Clinically tested formula
  • No side effects
  • Can be used anytime
  • Doesn’t requires a prescription

Where to Purchase Promescent Spray Online?

If you want to purchase the quality version of Promescent delay spray, then you must visit their official website.

There, you can find bundles of offers from which you can buy multiple supplies at a minimum price range. This will also ensure the greatest quality and feasible price.

Promescent Delay spray is also available at Amazon store, Click Here to see pricing!

Promescent Delay Spray Pricing

  • The standard version which can be used up to 60 times is available at $59.95. This means a single use is costing you a Dollar! Not bad.
  • Travel size packet (for 10 times use): 19.95

When purchasing in bundles

  • Standard Spray + Travel Size Packs: $73.95
  • 3 Travel Size Packs: $46.95
  • 3 Standard Sprays (Threesome): $159.95
  • Six Pack includes 6 Standard Sprays and 3 Travel size packs: $189.95

Final Verdict – Should You Buy Promescent Delay Cream?

The right question is why shouldn’t you?

Speaking of the men who have been suffering from this dreadful situation, we think the use of Promescent Delay Cream can bring back the sense of real pleasure in their lives which can enhance the taste in their livings.

Sexual intimacy and joy are demanded by men and women without which a relationship seem tasteless.

As a man, you should always be ready for challenging things like staying longer in bed, otherwise what’s the point living with a woman?

With such a reasonable price, you can get scientifically approved formula which has treated over 500,000 customers worldwide.

The final verdict for Promescent Delay Spray is that every man with sexual weakness must use it.