Progentra Reviews – The World’s Best Male Performance Supplement! [2020]

Progentra is made by the BioLabs which has also a record of making 10 other male enhancement supplements.

There are plenty of male enhancement pills and every pill almost works the same, except they don’t deliver the utmost desired outcome.

We cannot negate the fact about men’s sexual health that no matter how intense our performance would be in bed it will be always unsatisfactory for women.

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Women demand power, the power that stays alive upon each shot of the penetration.

The size of your penis matters as well since you want to go down deeper and shake her feet.

Sex is a complicated thing yet it is very simple to understand, the key to staying longer in bed lies in the balance of your physical and mental health.

There are more than 10 awards winning male enhancement pills in our list, but today we are going to discuss a newly introduced product that has shaken so many customers above their ground.

It is the Progentra male enhancement pills from BioLabs.

What is Progentra?

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Progentra is a male enhancement as well as penis enlargement supplement which is being tried by many men around the world.

The supplement is designed for those men who cannot satisfy their partner sexually and whose body systems are devoid of proper sex enhancing nutrients.

The formula inside Progentra claims to increase your core confidence level which allows you to pick up women easily and satisfy all of their sexual needs.

With maximum confidence, your penis size will also be maximized which about 90% of women demands of men and men with a smaller penis are always laid behind.

Also, men who can achieve an erection but cannot sustain it for a longer time period can also use Progentra for its erection boosting effects.

About Progentra Manufacturer

The company is currently approved by the FDA, but we are not sure if Progentra is approved the same way.

The makers are legit and they have a toll free number where customer care staff is available.

How Progentra Works?

Progentra best male enhancement pills
Male Enhancement Pills

To know how progentra actually works, we need to learn about its ingredients and their effects on the human body.

About 11 kinds of herbal ingredients are present in the formula of Progentra which mainly increase the blood supply by opening the blood vessels in your penile region.

For maximum penis growth, it is necessary to give it proper blood supply which revives the size and structure of penile tissues.

Upon continuous and vigorous blood supply the size of the penis grows which you can notice at a time of erection. 

Men who very rarely get sexual feelings contain PDE-5 enzyme in their systems.

Progentra provides a dose of ingredients which efficiently blocks this enzyme and promote sexual feelings more than often. PDE-5 inhibitors act as sex enhancing compounds which increase the size and power in each erection.

Next mechanism is to supercharge the penile cells and fill them with neverending stamina. This is important for males who get quick ejaculations upon a short time.

This will end the agonizing short interval sexual encounters and turn them into longer sessions. Your ability to perform foreplay will rise and it will surprise your partner to her cores.

Progentra Ingredients

Progentra is the most advanced researched male enhancement supplement that contain various types of erectogenic and sexual enhancing herbs for a male.

Progentra Ingredients
Ingredients of Progentra Male Enhancement Pills

These are:

1) Horny Goat Weed

A Chinese libido booster which engages men and women in sexual encounters, although they weren’t in a mood before. Its natural aphrodisiac property makes it the most beneficial ingredient in many male enhancement pills.

2) Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali boosts the level of testosterone, which gives you longer and stronger erection during sex. Your sperm generating process will be stimulated which will allow you to perform in bed with more intensity.

3) L-Arginine

L-Arginine is a protein-based ingredient which has over 100 of clinical papers showing that it increases the production of nitric oxide, a compound that increases your penis twice the size and gives you never-ending performance.

4) Tribulus Terrestris

When your testosterone pool is getting leaked or somehow converted into estrogen, the natural mode of Tribulus comes in the way. It is the most powerful herb for testosterone production, which doesn’t allow the testosterone to be converted into estrogens. More testosterone means more sexual feelings and power.

5) Damiana Leaf Extract

Damiana is a cognitive enhancer which turns you into a smarter person. Women always prefer smarter men to be in their bed, any wrong move and you are getting your dick sucked. The mind elating effects of Damiana increases your cognitive abilities to stay sharp, confidence sexually fascinating.

6) Maca

It is known to boost the process of spermatogenesis, especially in those men whose fertility are at the highest risk. Maca boosts your physical stamina and gives your sex drive a new turn which is more zealous and intense.

7) Butea Superba

Cultivated mainly in Thailand, the herb contains some remarkable sex boosting effect which turns men into much wilder. The plant as a whole serves as an aphrodisiac while its essence is used to encourage the growth of penile cells.

8) Muira Puama

Prolong the erection duration during sex, Muira Puama is given to those men whose erection timings are very short. It works by increasing testosterone along with gonadotropins which runs your sexual nature.

9) Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa

When it’s about more mental than physical, Xanthoparmelia is the herb of choice. It signals the brain to feel more sexual which allows the user to experience tantalizing sexual encounters and thereby amplifies the level of joy 5 times than usual.

Progentra Customer Reviews

Below are some reviews generated by real-time users who tried Progentra for the very first time.

Deep down I knew my days of having sex joy are over, but then I tried Progentra. Not to mention I’ve started dating 40 years old women who love to have so many sexual encounters.

I haven’t noticed the effects like an enlarged penis but my sex drive is like a 25-year-old boy. Man o Man! This is outrageously mysterious and pleasure at the same time. My mental health is improved which is maybe because of having sex after so many years. For this, I sincerely thank Progentra.

Christopher Kater

This male enhancement drug is one in million! The size of my dick has increased from 4 to 6 inches in a 3-month course and that’s INCREDIBLE.

Each moment now I spend with my wife in bed becomes more intense which she loves by the way.

To all the stalkers of counterfeit male enhancement pills, I must say stop wasting your time and join the league of the big boys!

David Walken

My girl always preferred less boring sex which is basically playing different role plays. For a guy whose erection duration is very less it is really hard to improvise and role play because you are very much likely to lose it. Trying progentra was my girl’s decision and I adore her for this.

I ain’t-a boring person in bed as I used to be, the devilishly sexual skills are in me now with an enlarged penis girth, can you believe it?

I admit the effects would take some time at very first but do not lose the patience.


Charles Reese

Progentra Dosage

The daily recommended dose for Progentra is 2 capsules daily. You can either take it before having sexual intercourse or take 2 pills in the morning.

The time duration for Progentra course is 3-6 months, after which you will see the desired outcomes which are

  • Enlarged penis
  • Improved libido
  • Mental agility
  • Heightened confidence
  • Remarkable sexual intimacy

The maximum dose you can go with is 3 capsules per day, but that is only advised when you are not getting outcomes with 2 capsules after running a 2-week course.

Where to Buy Progentra Online?

Do not trust every source which is claiming to contain Progentra in their online stores, the official and genuine quality product can only be purchased from the official site of Progentra which you can visit by clicking here.

Buy Progentra Online
Buy Progentra

The online site of Progentra has some discount offers available which you can avail before ordering.

Final Verdict – Does Progentra Really Works?

The formula, ingredients and most importantly, customer reviews of Progentra tell us the same thing.

That it is by far the best male enhancement pills and the best Christmas gift you can get for your girl.

However, they do not promise the immediate penis enlarging effects, but you will get most of it.

Speaking about an unlimited supply of stamina during sexual intercourse, more semen volume and deep penetrating skills, Progentra can do it all with a course of minimum 2 weeks time period.

Men’s with low libido cannot satisfy their partners to which the early precautionary measures must be taken BEFORE someone else does it.