Pomegranate Juice For Erections

Romantic relations require whole deal of efforts to sustain and flourish and being compassionate in the bed is what 50% of these efforts are all about.

We are normally advised to resort to natural foods to make things working for us, but failing to advantage from them is not something uncommon that is generally led by the insufficient information we bear about these foods in general.

Inarguably, nature is meant to benefit us but getting yourself treated from that very right kind of source is all that counts.

That Necessary Push You Have Been Seeking for Erections

Men would never mind in spending a fortune to get those extra minutes under the sheet and would love to go the long way to feel extra harder to her- well, if we put it together, they would give anything it takes to make their erections more of a quality.

But that does not call for a supplement or medication as this is a very trivial concern that can be addressed through something as simple as a glass of Pomegranate.

Pomegranate is a very essential fruit that not only tastes great, but brings along a great range of benefits that are heavily studied these days.

If research is to be believed, the fruit holds the potential to keep several diseases at bay, including some of the very deadliest of ones.

But the most interesting benefit it offers men is a good boost in erection which they generally seek through conventional drugs.

Pomegranate Can Be Your Natural Viagra

Research was never this advanced from the time our grandparents and their grandparents were born. But does that mean that they led their life suffering and accepting how things were actually for them?

No, in fact, they led a life better than us because the use of natural foods was too common then it is now in our time.

Essentially, the fruit Pomegranate has been serving men with erection related concerns from the time ‘it came into being’.

There are some researches and experts who deem it as a natural counterpart one can get it for Viagra which is a very famous tablet for solid erections and those who long extended timings while making love.


Things sound more convincing when we get to learn about their backing from research and in this case, we have clear cut evidences of Pomegranate being effective for erections.

For example, a study took 42 men with erectile dysfunction as a sample (a condition that affects general erections with timings and hardness/ also called as mild impotence).

These men were given pomegranate juice on regular basis to evaluate the effects it generates on their erections.

Interestingly, the end results surprised everyone when it was found to aid erections with better timings and firmness.

It was then investigated as to how pomegranate managed to bring such positive changes in erections which revealed that the fruit boosts blood circulation making its way to the organs and specifically the member that is majorly responsible for good and bad erections.

It was further discovered that Pomegranate supports better functioning and health of heart which too, was also linked to the improvement in erections.

The Recommended Dosage for Pomegranate for Erections

Despite being natural, we sure have a limit to enjoy the positive changes we are up with Pomegranate.

And for healthy and stronger erections, the recommended dosage is six ounces a day- with no gaps and inconsistency in whatsoever matter.

But a very important tip that will help you go a long way with Pomegranate is a 15 days break you need to take after a regular intake of 30 days.

This is important so that your body is able to accept the changes, refresh and avert itself from potential complications that might prompt.