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PhenQ: Effects, Results & Reviews Inside [2019 NEW]

There are so many interesting facts you don’t know about PhenQ diet supplement.

There are hundreds of diet pills available claiming themselves to be the miracle pill but none of them are actually a miracle pills if you don’t apply other changes with it, not even PhenQ.

Is there any diet product that actually works?

Let me tell you PhenQ is the oldest amongst every diet pill and it is not the same as before.

There have been some alterations in the chemical formula of PhenQ that provides significant weight loss effects with minimal efforts.

I have been watching PhenQ for a long time and I must say, I am impressed with what it can do.

There are scam products too in the health market, but what makes PhenQ different from the rest are the following reasons listed below.

Advertisements don’t always show you the darker sides of the product that you have been taking. But they rather focus on the benefits which I am going to decipher in the later part of this article about PhenQ.

PhenQ is my diet pills of choice due to the following reasons.

  • It is a known brand with real-time users
  • Clinically tested results
  • High standard ingredients
  • Excellent customer services
  • Reduce the fat percentage remarkably
  • Available at a great price

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is the dedicated latest generation fat burner that has combined some incredible use of herbal ingredients.


The main characteristic of PhenQ is the trusted customer opinions about the product, over 190,000 satisfied customers were recorded in 2018 who used PhenQ and lose weight with a 100% success rate.

PhenQ works with an advanced and yet simple method which provides a holistic advantage in terms of losing weight and staying healthy.

The fat burner is mainly an appetite suppressant that prevents you from eating an excessive amount of carbs.

What about the Effectiveness?

Does PhenQ really work? This is the question everybody is asking about social media and health blogs.

Many users find PhenQ effective, but the results require 4-6 weeks of use with a moderate amount of exercise.

Most PhenQ users experienced 2-5 pounds of weight loss within the 2nd week.

Unlike the illegal chemicals, PhenQ does not pose any dangerous effects on your health and with full functions, it increases your energy level that help you go through the day with no signs of hunger pangs.

Not something to believe solidly eh?

There are rumors about PhenQ mechanism take place in 5 different ways which are by:

  • Eradication of Stored Fats
  • Inhibition in Fat Production
  • Suppress Appetite and Raise Metabolic Activity
  • Increase Energy Level
  • Enhance Mood and Decrease Irritability

The responsible entities for these effects are the natural ingredients which we are to discuss below.


The primary ingredient found in PhenQ formula is a-LACYS RESET® which provides fat detoxification effects to every tissue.

It is a combination of two different chains that increase the amount of muscle mass in the human body which automatically detects the fat cells and immediately removes it from the core.

Phenq review

a-LACYS RESET® prevents the formation of free radicals and improves the mitochondrial energy generation which increases the fat burning ability of each cell.

Capsimax Powder is a thermogenic ingredient which has a very unique way to weight loss. Capsimax provides a solid dose of piperine, niacin, caffeine and vitamin B3, which have impressive fat burning chains of action. Capsimax powder prevents muscle fatigue and physical exhaustion which is the case occurs mostly with females.

Nopal is one of the best weight loss ingredients that you see in a very limited number of slimming diet pills. The purpose of Nopal is known to a very limited number of people who takes it as a fiber supplement. Nopal actually controls the hunger pangs by increasing the feeling of satiety. Soluble fibers like Nopal has a feature of giving amino acids to your system, maintain fluid retention and makes you feel healthier from inside.

When your gut is clean, the cleaner will be your mind!

PhenQ also contains Chromium Picolinate that can be found in so many plant sources that we normally take. Chromium has strange but unique fighting skills against sugar and carbs craving, now according to the scientific explanations, this is achieved by signaling the brain area where the cravings for sugar and carbs are generated.

Chromium also maintains the blood sugar level that helps you lose weight faster. One of the greatest enemies of staying slim is carbohydrate, if you get control over it, losing weight will look so easy.

Caffeine is the essential ingredient in many weight loss supplements which makes you feel alert, focused and moreover, it burns the extracellular fats within the cells. The main focus of caffeine in PhenQ is the ultimate increment in energy amount that helps you function physically with more agility.

Scientific studies about caffeine state that it can potentially control appetite levels as well as induce thermogenesis.

L-Carnitine by name sounds like an amino acid that is found mainly in red meat, vegetables and nuts. The main purpose of amino acids in diet pills is to encourage the energy generation that accelerates the weight loss process.

Losing weight makes you sluggish and lethargic, carnitine makes sure none of this would happen.

Results and Side Effects

The idea of catching of observing the side effects came from the beginning of drug use.

Every drug that has a common effect on the human body somehow prevails the side effects.

PhenQ by name and formulation is the natural supplement that has no reports of side effects.

The amazing power of body transformation comes from the natural ingredients which have a specific mode of action.

Some users reportedly experienced nausea and mild epigastric pain with PhenQ use which subsides quickly.

The Cost

PhenQ is way more affordable than so-called premium diet pills.

There are 60 capsules available in a single bottle which is to be precise one-month supply.

Now, the packages are available in 3 different forms which are given below.

  1. 1 Bottle of PhenQ is about $79.95 but after 10% discount you can get it at $69.95
  2. Another offer where buy 2 and get 1 free will cost you $ 139.90 on which you are getting 100$ off.
  3. The largest and most affordable package contains 3 PhenQ bottles with 2 bottles available for free, with an extra advance, cleanse bottle contain green tea extract. Altogether, there are 6 products involved that will cost you $185.95. The original price for this package is $399.75.

Why Should You Buy PhenQ?

When you think about a certain best weight loss supplement, there are some features that come up in your mind.

Fortunately, PhenQ shares the same features but in addition, it offers you 60-days money back guarantee as well.

Here are the reasons why you should buy PhenQ for losing weight.

  • The product has got 5 stars in ever health blog/page
  • Easy to Use
  • Does not cause drug-drug or drug-food interactions
  • Helps you lose weight through 5 mechanisms (see above)
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Satisfied customers data available
  • Provides financial support by cutting the cost

Where to Purchase?

PhenQ is available through different channels, but these channels cannot be trusted as the diet pills market has been largely saturated.

Buy Phenq Package

Stay on the safe side and buy PhenQ from the official retailers, in this case, PhenQ manufacturer has its own marketing and purchasing online webpage that is the hub for purchasing this brilliant weight loss pill.

The discounts that you were told about can only be obtained from the official website.

Tricky but honest!

How do I know PhenQ is Right For You?

As far as my case concerned, I looked upon the customer feedback first.

Not every one of them seemed legit to me so I picked a few males and females and followed them through Facebook or Instagram.

After having a conversation with these people I finally knew what it is in actual and how to use it properly.

Everything that you need to know about PhenQ has been written down in this article.


PhenQ is designed and manufactured by an FDA approved company which has other varieties of products in their pipeline.

It is stated by many users that PhenQ is 100% natural and effective form of weight loss therapy that males and females with an abundant fat reservoir can easily take.

For an ideal fat burner, PhenQ is a remarkable thermogenic, appetite suppressant and metabolism booster which in addition looks after your mental health.

Only a few supplements I know about doing the same, but not every one of them has 100% positive customer remarks.

If you wish to buy PhenQ, do it from the official website as it may lead you to various discounts and savings.