What is Peyronie’s Disease and How to Treat Penile Curvature?

Peyronie’s disease is a bend penis syndrome in which the penis develops fibrous scar tissue, this will cause painful and curved erections.

The early development of a curved penis is not to be alarmed, but if not treated it can lead to the significant bend making sex almost impossible.

How Do You Get Peyronie’s Disease?

Penile trauma is the main reason for Peyronie’s disease that might have caused an injury in the penis muscles.

Sometimes this damage is caused by aggressive sex in which individuals led to bending their penis during penetration from partner’s pubic one.

This injury can also happen during the sports of many kinds of accidents.

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Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease

Researchers all around the world have invented penis traction therapy through which they can mend the bends penis by doing traction techniques 60-90 minutes per day.

The device has now many forms in which Quick Extender and SizeGenetics stand on the top, the recent studies also support this fact that it can result in straight and improved erection with significant improvements in the penis size and curvature without a single side effect.

To be precise, the exact results popped up after 3 months of continuous traction exercise.

penis traction device

According to the doctor’s findings, some variables showed up in the studies. Some traction methods require more than 8 hours every day, which can be pretty hectic for the subjects.

Mayo Clinic confessed that the study about traction therapy at first shown very minimal and mixed results. This statement is given by the study investigator Landon Trost, MD.

To analyze the safety and efficacy of the penis traction device “RestoreX” they divided the men with bend penis into 4 different groups.

A controlled group, other group tried RestoreX for 30 minutes per day, 3rd group 30 minutes twice a day and the last group was subjected to use RestoreX 30 minutes thrice daily.

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Peyronie’s Disease Results

The results of the PTT device in 120 men with Peyronie’s disease got significant results in terms of gaining perfect penile length and curvature.

  • (+1.4 cm [+9.9%] vs. +0.3 cm [2.1%], p<.01)
  • (–9 degrees [–18.9%] vs. –1.0 degrees [–2.4%], p<.01

Moreover, the subjects experienced the following improvements in the segment of the questionnaire for the treatments.

  • Improved ability for insertion
  • Restored sexual stamina
  • Diminished line of surgery

According to the prime investigator Dr. Trost, never encountered such big success before with other pre-existing PTT devices.

penile curvature treatment

The daily time of 3 hours using these devices was nearly impossible for some users, but somehow the study managed to be conveyed subtly.

“Although we had expected to see modest improvements in length and curve, we were surprised by the percentage of men achieving a successful result; 94% and 77% experienced length and curvature improvements, respectively. The most surprising finding of the study, though, was that it appeared to improve erectile function by a clinically meaningful amount,” Dr. Trost told Urology Times.

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About AUA Study

This study is presented in the AUA annual meeting in Chicago which had 117 men in total. The study was about 3 months long with 85 patients in which 19 were controlled subjects while 66 patients were subjected to PTT for 3 months continuously.

The average age of the patients was 58.4 years and the duration since they had PD was 40-45 months. 45,5 degrees was their mean prime curvature with stretched penile length was 11.5 cm.

In the study, safety was the prime concern second to which there were penis curvature, length, and response to the treatment in the questionnaire.

After the 3 months study, the subjects found out the bend penis symptom reduced to 45% with some reversible side effects like discomfort, sensory changes with the erythema.

 “For this study, we picked a very difficult to treat group, all-comers, including those with prior surgery, hourglass, injections, chronic phase, calcification, etc., and used an intent-to-treat analysis. We also blinded our team performing measurements so that the impact of our biases couldn’t influence the outcomes,” Dr. Trost said.

Pictures were taken to compare the curvature before and after the study, which provided information about how much improvement can a person has from this PTT.

 “We wanted to know if this therapy truly worked or not. We have no tolerance for introducing another ‘snake oil’ into the men’s health arena,” said Dr. Trost.

Vitamin E and Peyronie’s Disease
Vitamin E helps to treat penile curvature

Vitamin E supplement has been known to be used to treat Peyronie’s Disease since 1948.

Two physicians of that time Scott and Scardino reported the benefits of Vitamin E in order to resolve the penis curvature when taken in 200-300 mg/dl dosage.

Furthermore, the Intralesional injection of Verapamil, a calcium channel blocker is also known to treat Peyronie’s Disease.

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Peyronie’s disease symptoms can be mild to severe and usually, a person gets over with the pain, but the curvature remains the same unless the external traction method applied.

The PTT is the legal and the appropriate method to resolve the bend penis syndrome, which only requires a small chunk of time from the daily routine.