Penomet Review – The Lab’s Proven Penis Pump for Increase Penile Size!

Penomet is a scientifically proven device which provides a traction technique to overcome erection problems.

Unlike many penis pumps, Penomet offers hand stroke phenomenon that generates a vacuum in the penis to supply more blood.

Lack of blood supply is the common reason for Erectile Dysfunction which maker of Penomet understood quite well.

This may increase the penis size as we speak because the traction technique is about stretching the penile muscles.

Any part of your body upon continuous traction will increase in size and that’s the same case happens to the male penis.

Using penomet penis pump for such duration can increase penis size up to 2 inches which is more than enough for the majority of the users.

What is Penomet?

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Penomet is a product of Arctic Sea Limited which is located in Iceland. In the category of best penis pumps in the market, Penomet is becoming top listed as it cured more than 100,000 men with ED or micropenis.

But here, we are not talking about average penis size but above average.

The larger your penis is, the more confident you are during sex.

Having a boost in confidence in the bedroom is very beneficial if it comes to keeping your woman happy!

Men who have Erectile Dysfunction finds it too much hard to enjoy sex with peace because they have been afflicted with multiple factors such as stress, environmental ambiance, food and drugs consumption, etc.

Does Size Matter?

“In the Journal of Urology study, researchers found the following among the group of 80 men: An average penis size of 8.8 cm (3.5 inches) when flaccid.

Average penis size of 12.9 cm (5.1 inches) when erect”.

Pills and supplements to treat ED are becoming old fashioned as well as less effective which is why penis pumps are delivering a lot of benefits.

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One of the efficient penis pumps is called Penomet which has recently generated the most valued customers feedback.

How Does Penomet Work?

Penomet works according to the law of physics which creates a vacuum and force the blood to enter into the penile muscles.

penomet reviews

Normally, there can be problems with the penis nerve endings, problems in brain stimulation, a hormonal imbalance which yields failure in an erection.

Penomet generates enough vacuum so your penis will become hard and enjoys sex like a normal person.

The chamber of the device is filled with water which is enormously safer than vacuum created with the help of air.

The cylinder is attached with gaiter which is available in multiple SIZES.

These gaiters are responsible for generating airtight seal which after stroking action ejects water volume out of the cylinder.

The process is 10-15 minutes long after which you will be able to have an erect penis.

This pressure rushed massive blood supply to every penis muscles and blood vessels which brings out the erection without loosening up the chamber.

What Results Can You Expect from Penomet?

Men who are struggling to increase the length and girth of the penis are using Penomet.

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The device is formulated for treating ED though but it also gives you enough size to compete during sexual intercourse with greater size and confidence.

Rock hard erection is useful when a female is around for a good time and it leads to great success in bed.

Whether you are having physiological problems or psychological that are causing ED, the device ensures a safer and effective approach.

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Using penomet penis pump continuously as a penile exercise also diminish the chances of premature ejaculation, a condition where men ejaculate too soon before insertion.

There is also a condition by the name Peyronie’s Disease in which males develops bend penis. Penomet is a treatment for Peyronie’s disease like other best penis pumps available.

Are Penomet Results Permanent?

Penomet penis pump provides permanent results unlike penis enlargement or male enhancement pills.

Penomet Results

Upon bodybuilding or exercise, you get enhanced muscle mass with the huge bulky physique that remains the same, well this is the same case with building your penis muscles.

That doesn’t mean users should quit using Penomet after having their penis erect. To sustain these results using Penomet for a minimum of 10 weeks is recommended.

The gaiters come with the product defines your penis length and girth depending on the one you choose.

Also, the complaints about ED, PE, Bend Penis Syndrome and lack of stamina were gone after 2 weeks of use.

Are Penis Pumps Like Penomet Safe? 

Initially, when penis pumps were made, they were not deemed 100% safer as some of them cause penile fractures because users trapped too much air inside.

This is not the case with today’s best penis pumps as they use water for the source of vacuum.

Doctors around the world, especially in the US, are encouraging their male patients to use penis pump as a part of an exercise to get rid of Erectile Dysfunction.

Looking penomet device from safety measures, it ensures comfy fit around your penis area that will never raise pressure more than it needs.

This is why this device has won several awards in the best product sector and has been featured in many websites and health magazines.

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There hasn’t been a single complaint about penomet which shows any form of drawbacks.

Penomet Benefits

The details you will find on the device are super fancy and highly engineered. Penomet was subjected to many studies where it shows 100% safety guaranteed with the marked enhancement of penis size.

It offers the following features which we think is noble for any man with smaller or bend penis.

  •  Penomet increases penis length and girth
  • Induce erection after 15 minutes of use
  • No need for lubricants as it uses water
  • Helps to get over premature ejaculation
  • Can be used with or without water
  • Continuous use can improve men’s sexual stamina
  • Treats Peyronie’s disease, according to the number of studies
  • User can use it easily in the bathroom or while taking a shower
  • Comfortable penile fittings
  • It’s not plastic but purely polycarbonate
  • Penomet has got CE Marking and SGS certifications (Check here)

Customer Reviews about Penomet

Penomet promises the best results to its customers which can be seen by reviewing the customer feedbacks.

Almost every person who tried Penomet got satisfactory results regarding their sexual health and performance.

For the new users, I must say using Penomet with lowest possible pressure could be best. Your penis is not habitual of taking an immense pressure so you might take it slowly at first! I don’t remember the last time I stayed more than 5 minutes during sex but now it’s more than 20 minutes.

My sexual stamina has reached the maximum level where I can’t stop making her scream!!!

Barney Johansson

To me, it worked. I had 4.5 inches’ penis but after 7 months of using penomet I’m standing at 6.5 inches. The promises are real and so do the talks about enhanced sexual power.

Jim Barry

You cannot just neglect that a device is curing the problem of your “not hard” penis. I have been using Hydromax for about a year and that device was super good too, but there is something about Penomet that I must recommend it to the other users. It is cheaper than most penis pumps and hell, it won many awards so it’s the best.

Jason Luckberg

Penomet Money Back Guarantee?

The claims are real, Penomet is offering 60 days’ money-back guarantee which means you can use it for 8 weeks and claim your refund if you find it not useful.

When it comes to the hardware of the device, the company offers 3 years’ warranty during which you can replace and get a new device.

Final Verdict

Statistical reports show that Penomet has won Venus Award for the best product in 2013-2014 along with sign magazine award for best male enhancement device of 2013.

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Out there, penis pumps of different varieties available but the Penomet stays on the top for the following reasons.

It has 5 gaiter system which delivers a different degree of force. This product has satisfied more men sex-wise than the top male enhancement pills available.

You can achieve permanent results once you have used Penomet for more than 4 weeks, and this result is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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Penomet is a sexual conflict resolving device that may change the way you have sex with your partner.