Top Trending Penis Stretching Exercises and How Do They Work

Let’s face the reality here, we all want the bigger cock regardless of the spam products that come up in our browser and Smartphones, lurking us towards wasting our money and get nothing as a result.

Penis enlargement pills are the long-gone myths that no one believes in these days.

Penis Stretching Exercises, on the other hand, are the latest trend which phenomenally increases men penis length and curvature, also makes them experience these results on a permanent basis.

You are going to get alarmed after seeing the results of penis stretching exercises as they are for real!

Science Behind Penis Stretching

The proper science of Penis Stretching Exercises can only be well-understood if you take a look at the male penis. [1]

The penis is an organ, not a muscle, although it is made of different types of tissues.

Understanding how an erection works are pretty simple, when the blood is rushed towards the penis it accumulates mostly in the penis parts responsible for inducing erections.

This area is called Corpus Cavernosum, upon agreed blood supply the penile tissues increase in size and they perform better than before.

The motto for many penis stretching exercises is to improve the blood supply by traction method.

A very scientifically sound and effective method for opening up the closed blood vessels inside the penis.

Some Top Searched Penis Stretching Exercises

There are 4 potential exercises for cock stretching, which maximize the internal muscle size of the penis, thereby improving its anatomical and physiological sites.

These are:

  1. Jelqing
  2. Stretching
  3. Kegels
  4. Penis Extenders

Frankly speaking, the last exercise is the most effective method which involves getting the best penis extender on the market.

But first, let’s discuss the top trending penis exercise for making this year full of sexual encounters to you.


Jelqing is similar to milking a cow and this is why it is referred to as Penis Milking which might be a turn on or turn off to some people.

Penis Jelqing Exercise

Anyways, the exercise is a penis massage technique which is done in a similar way as milking but what it does is amazing.

Jelqing penis stretching exercise encourages blood flow to the penis which has been used since the very beginning of the modern era.

If you hear it’s a new age fad, you are wrong my friend!

Jelqing Routine and Time Duration

Those who have understood how Jelqing works do it 5 times a week.

Each session is about 15 minutes long where you have to continually massage your penis like a milking phenomenon. [2]

Overall, its 75 minutes a week and its perpetual execution deliver results within the very first month.

Does Jelqing Works?

Not much of scientific studies have proven that Jelqing is effective as it is purely subjective.

However, some medical source concurs the fact Jelqing affects the blood supply in the penis region, which improves erection quality and overall penis health.

Considering the continuous blood supply helps increase penis length and girth, this is good news for all Jelqing enthusiastic.

In any user’s mind, the purpose of Jelqing is to boost sexual confidence since the users came to think after Jelqing that they have a larger dick than before. So this is good to go sign!


Manual stretching is a simple and quite straight forward penile stretching exercise.

Penis Stretching Exercises

It mainly focuses on the penis length and there isn’t much evidence about girth enhancement.

It is therefore recommended to those males who only wants to attain girth for deeper penetration.

Manual Stretching Routine and Time Duration

Manual Stretching exercise is done by holding the head of your penis upward and stretch it gently for 10 seconds.

Stretching left, then to the right twice a day is very easy and normal to the new users. But the exercise will only provide the desired outcomes if you apply gradual pressure on the base area.

The art of Manual Stretching has gone a little methodological where some guys are hanging weight on the flaccid penis.

This is a step ahead and possibly an effective measure to increase dick size faster, but it also has some drawbacks.

Look after the weight you are about to hand since they shouldn’t be too much for your dick to carry.

Does Manual Stretching Works?

You will be less enthralled to see the results of Manual Stretching varies from person to person, and also are anecdotal.

The lucid representation of the manual stretching exercise can be seen with the African Tribes with Stretched dicks.

They have been doing this technique since they enter puberty and so far this method has paid them quite well, speaking sexually!


Kegels does not come under the actual stretching for penis but it has the most scientific evidence showing that it is possibly an effective measure for Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction.

Penis Kegel Exercises

The whole purpose of Kegels is about strengthening the pelvic muscles while you shoot the cum load.

This is effective against ED as more blood supply is passed as a result of cock muscle contracts and expands.

The huge blood supply not only heals the Erection Dysfunctionality but increase penis size to some extent.

Kegels Routine and Time Duration

Kegels emphasis taking full control over pelvic muscles which users can do in a particular manner as well. [3]

Just hold yourself in the mid-way while having a pee, this intermission of pauses uses the pelvic muscles and it is known for doing other things too.

Isolating these moves and performing Kegels in two different ways can also be a good way.

  • In the first part, you need to clench your butt cheeks or contract the anal opening like you have trapping something inside.
  • The second part demands you to move the penis vertically without moving any other body parts. It will give you a sensation like you are holding yourself while urinating.

In a single day, guys should perform two sessions of Kegels, each session consists of 20-30 contraction and relaxation exercises.

Each of these exercises should last only for 10 seconds.

According to the team of researchers, you will see the proper results from Kegel Exercise within 3-6 months of the time period.

Does Kegel Exercise Works?

Those who have tried both Kegels and Jelqing exercises are claiming it is less harmful than Jelqing.

The users also tell it affects the penis connective tissues, just like jelqing exercise does, but this time it’s from the inside.

The fact that both Jelqing and Kegel exercises improve the blood supply in the penis which makes your cock look bigger than normal with more stamina.

This can be good news for your current bedroom experience which may be a little less intense and fragile.


Penis traction devices are also known as Penis extenders which use the flaccid penis and gently apply force on it.

Penis Extenders

The extenders for penis were first created for overcoming a medical issue in males called Bend Penis Syndrome, in which the shape of your penis is bent either way.

In the old days, doctors noticed while treating patients with a no-straight penis, these devices were capable to increase the penis size which remained in the pages of history.


Some companies took the liberty of designing the modern traction device which is now the top trending penis stretching exercise.

Best Penis Extenders Recommended

  1. Introductory Penis Extender – Quick Extender Pro
  2. Mid-Range Penis Extender – Phallosan Forte
  3. Top of the Line Penis Extender – ProExtender
Penis Extender Routine and Time Duration

Penis extenders are used by wearing it for 4-9 hours per day. In this time period, users have to do nothing but simply stay focused and dedicated.

At first, the local penis extenders were studied by a group of the research team, according to which it would take about a year or so to see the results.

The latest advancement in biomedical science designed some upgraded penis extenders which do the job in 5-6 months’ use, and they work on the same principles.

Are They Safe?

The latest models of the Penis Extenders provide much comfort and discretion to the users, in this way it is easy to wear them at the workplace or home without anyone noticing.

But still, there are always some hidden complexity users don’t want to know. Penis extenders can be weary at times and this needs users to be more patient and dedicated.

Do Penis Extenders Works?

Persistence is the key!

Having said this, out of the best penis stretching exercise options we looked upon. The Penis Extenders are the only way which supports all the penis stretching exercise mentioned before it.

The traction method for penis size has been subjected to various studies where they reported a 100% success rate.

Another fact elucidated that man who wore penis extenders for 6 months consistently gained 32% of extra size.


For greater sex, we can’t deny the bigger dicks wins the race!

And to remember this fact, we must exercise our penises regularly, the best penis stretching exercises all works, but none of them works like Penis Extenders.

Remember that you can only gain a few inches and there is no exception in this. But this gain requires months of time and it’s a work which either delivers permanent benefits or permanent damage.

For every man must remain cautious and apply these exercises with great care.

With the right type of Penis Extender by your side and knowledge about penis anatomy, you can achieve an incredible size, sexual stamina, and better performance.

Last but not least, having a bigger dock doesn’t mean you get aggressive during sex, do not forget to handle it with care and that’s where you will find her pleased!