Penis Pumps Vs Penis Extenders- Which One is Effective?

Penis enhancement gadgets like penis pumps and extenders are known to help with Erectile Dysfunction and Micro-penis in men. For having a bigger load of orgasm and undying sexual respect, it is important to have a bigger sized dick with more than 3 inches of girth.

Some problems can never be fixed but when it comes to the small penis, well there are two feasible options to make this happen. 

The desire of men led them to many dangerous kinds of stuff like surgical operations for penis size. Nowadays it is merely done with a mechanical device you call penis pumps or penis extenders, you can use them both individually or together that’s not an issue. 

Some people are confused about whether should they buy Penis Pumps or Penis Extenders. This thing needs to be clarified before some users end up getting an uncomfortable situation. 

What are Penis Pumps?

Penis pumps are rumored to provide immediate but temporary results, well that’s not true. Ideally, any penis pump or size extender upon long users could elongate the size permanently which also affects overall sexual performance. 

Ergonomically correct and safe, penis pumps are available in a shape of a hollow cylinder that you wear on the penis. Some penis pumps operate with air or water such as Bathmate Hydromax which operates on both applies a certain amount of pressure to the penis. This pressure generation leads to the increment in size by 40-50% which is permanent if you manage to keep it consistent. 

Best Penis Pumps in 2020

Bathmate Hydromax

Bathmate Hydromax is one of a kind penis pump that is registered under DX Products. Over the years, the device has been upgraded many times and the final result is here, HydroMax! 

Needless to say, Bathmate Hydromax is the world’s first penis pump which uses water to develop pressure on the penis. This will lead to enhanced penile stamina to hold onto against maximum pressure. The actual science is the rushing of blood supply to the penis as a result of contraction. 

There are more than 1 million users of Bathmate Hydromax and still being loved by so many people.

Why Do People Use Bathmate?

Bathmate is the new generation penis pump which helps increase the size of micro or average-sized penis. More people are using it for harder and stronger erection with better sexual stamina.

The maximum use of the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump can be only for 5 minutes max whereas some extenders are hanging down your shin for hours.

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Penomet (Penis Pump)

Penis pump is another ambitious and eager to sell a penis pump that provides maximum benefits to an open end. We have followed over 1,000 customer reviews about Penomet and how it affects the penis enlargement differently.

Penomet penis pump comes with some important components which include an interchangeable gaiter system, this gaiter system allows users to change the pressure on the pens. 

When you look at it, Penomet is only a two-part penis pump that provides customers change in pressure as per their will. The design is superior to many penis pumps you see in the market.

Penis pumps like Penomet recommend users wear it for around 15 minutes max for the visible results that evert men deserve. About the addition of 3 more inches with a 30% increase in girth. 

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Penis Pumps Pros and Cons
  • Penis Pumps affects the human body like Viagra, thereby treating the ED symptoms completely. Also, these results are going to be permanent. 
  • It allows users to boost their physical performance as a result of regular penile exercises. 
  • Individuals with cardiovascular conditions or sickle cell anemia or diabetes are not allowed to use penis pumps. Which Penis Pump is the Best?

Considering the amount of time, you should use the penis pump each day with easy to use in mind. Bathmate Hydromax is the most effective penis pump to this day which people acquire from online stores to experience a whole new level of sexual satisfaction. 

What are the Penis Extenders?

Penis extenders are designed to rectify the bend penis syndrome which nowadays is called Peyronie’s Disease. Extenders improve penis size and girth but they require a little bit more time than penis pumps.

The traction method is what almost every Penis Extender follows which means the penile tissues will be significantly stretched to which the penis size responds within a few months. 

Traction method is the oldest way in the field of orthopedic science where the broken bones are generally aligned or healed. The traction method on the penis causes the breakdown of penis tissues and as a result, cellular expansion takes place which in other words is called Cellular Multiplication.

You might be feeling a few uncomfortable feelings which are another way muscles react sometimes. The continuous application of this pressure could yield the enlarged and improved results within weeks. 

Best Penis Extenders in 2020


SizeGenetics is the premium grade penis extender made of plastic and metal. You will find a rod that is stainless steel and contains spring inside which allows the size adjustment to the users and provide the best traction force.

You also wear Penis Extenders on the penis, for this purpose the support ring for the head of the penis is provided just at the end of the dilator. 

SizeGenetics penis extender base provides special support that rectifies the anatomical position of the penis. There is an elastic strap you can use around your waist with reliable fixation. 

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ProExtender is a penis enlargement device which is created by a group of a surgeon in Denmark. Different approaches have been put to find the real alternative that provides the gentle type of traction aiming to permanent size and girth enhancement.

Providing gradual and gentle traction to make the penis thicker and longer is the oldest trick in the books. ProExtender makes it even more effective but you have to spend a great time with it, around 4 hours in the first couple of times which can go to 12 hours’ maximum. 

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Penis Extenders Pros and Cons

  • Penis extenders are here for permanent results like Penis Pumps, but regular use of 6- 8 hours a day is required. 
  • They affect penis size but users have to commit for over a year because some men react to penis extenders differently than others. 
  • The overall size you are going to get is 1-3 inches with 1.5 girth enhancements. 
  • The rods cannot be worn at the night in bed because of the risk of penis fracture.
  • Penis extenders are a highly expensive piece of gadget that will cost you $300-$500. 

Which One is Better? Penis Pump or Penis Extenders?

There are many reasons to choose Penis Pumps over Penis Extenders. Some are given below:

Penis pumps are a much safer choice than penis extenders, we have seen the reports of penis damage or fracture by using penis extenders. 

Penis pumps operate with air or more especially Water which is the safest source of pressure generation. One of the best penis pumps i.e. Bathmate Hydromax could be worn even in the shower. 

Penis pumps are cheaper than Penis Extenders which can go up to $600. 

You don’t have to take serious precautions when you are using Penis Pump, but with Penis Extenders? You have to make sure the steel rod doesn’t move. 

Penis pump customers are happier by the results than Penis Extender users. In a study, Penis pumps that operate water to provide traction force are the safest and most effective ones.

Summary- Penis Pumps Vs Penis Extenders

Some people say you can combine using Penis Extenders with Penis Pumps. While we don’t agree with this as more pressure generation is extremely risky to the penile cells. Some penis cells after expansion do not multiply but they rather become dead and this is what the combination of penis pumps with penis extender could result in. 

Better size, better sexual performance, and endurance are guaranteed by both but when you are more aware of safety concerns, Penis Pumps should be your choice along with some best kegel exercise for penis and foods to enhance penis size. 

Remember, the reproductive organ could only stretch to some extent in size which sometimes requires more than 3-4 months. 

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