Niacin (Vitamin B3) For Erectile Dysfunction

We may never understand the intensity, but sex related problems are far more common than we could assume.

Specifically a problem called Erectile Dysfunction in men.

Sadly, statistics revealed that the problem has affected not some, but a rough figure of 30 million Americans in total.

This depicts its widespread prevalence and to the extent it has affected lives.

If we study about it and the common causes that provoke its symptoms, we will get to learn that it generally develops in aged men.

But this does not rule out the possibility of younger men ever facing it.

As per the findings, out of 10 men having troubles with their erections, around 2-3 are below 40 years of age.

Well, if you are going through any such concern, then this would possibility a cause of relief for you.

After all, this is a human nature- we feel easy and relaxed knowing others are dealing with similar problems like ours too.

But more to your relief, Erectile Dysfunction is not something that can never be treated or addressed.

In fact, it is a very basic problem that merely calls for a right approach before you could resume to your normal sexual life.

But before you move ahead to that right approach, you need to understand what has landed you on a problem like this.

Obviously, detecting the underlying cause behind your ED will help you get to that right treatment plan half way.


Erectile Dysfunction could be instigated by many reasons, but one of the key reasons is when the body falls short of nutrients.

We all know what nutrients do to us and how important they are for our functioning and maintenance.

Especially if we talk about Niacin – the Vitamin B3 majorly supports our reproductive health and addresses any abnormality related to it.

This is the reason why health care providers pay heavy focus on Niacin while diagnosing ED and treating it.


Niacin addresses the signs of erectile dysfunction through two clear-cut ways.

1. Niacin’s role in the escalation of testosterone

Niacin has been found to encourage the production of growth hormones along with a contribution in the production of testosterone.

We all know the weight of testosterone for a man’s sexual health and performance.

Having said that, we can assume Vitamin B3 to favor men with other essential assets they will need in bed.

For example, better sexual stamina, high sex drive and an improved performance overall.

2. Niacin allows more blood in the genitals

The vitamin is proven for increasing blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels.

This very effect makes it a very valuable nutrient for other organs too.

We know that blood carries oxygen and when organs receive a sufficient dose of oxygen, they nourish and perform well.

In the case of reproductive organs, higher supply of blood does other good too.

It helps you hold stronger erections and that too, for a longer period of time.


The effects of Niacin are not restricted to healthy men with Erectile Dysfunction.

In fact, there are studies that corroborate its contribution in supporting a better erectile response in those with high cholesterol.

So what makes it this effective?

Basically, where high cholesterol is otherwise dangerous for us, it is also responsible for accumulating cholesterol in the arteries.

When something like this happens, you understandably face issues with erections that are heavily dependent on a healthy distribution of blood to the genitals.

Niacin, as mentioned earlier, narrows the vessels and allows smooth passing of blood.

This increases blood flow and you are able to enjoy normal erections.


The use of Niacin supplements is quite common these days which is quite a smart approach towards the balancing of this imperative nutrient in the body.

However, make sure you find a quality brand that holds the recommended level of Niacin for you to benefit from.

We generally suggest Male Extra but there are others too which offer equal quality like it.


Niacin is an otherwise safe vitamin which is tolerant to all.

It is least likely to cause side effects unless abnormal doses are consumed back and forth.

The recommended intake of Vitamin B3 is 3000-9000mg a day, which is generally breakup in three doses for patients seeking it for ED.

However, the dose could go a bit higher for some having severe level of Erectile Dysfunction.