NeoSize XL Reviews – The Best Penis Enlargement Pills for Men in 2020!

We all know the size of the male penis defines the sexual performance and endurance which lacks in many scenarios.

Having a large penis and enhanced sexual performance are two different things for which male enhancement supplements like NeoSize XL are made.

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This article is an honest review about NeoSize XL and about what it does to the male penis, also some of the very true and harsh facts about the product that you may need to know.

But as every supplement tend to be effective in its own way, we shall see how NeoSize is carrying up with it.

NeoSize XL Overview

NeoSize XL is a penis enlargement supplement which is designed to increase your penis size and sexual endurance.

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The product claims to be the top-ranked male enhancement formula that has plenty number of ingredients all of which is naturally obtained.

NeoSize helps to gain the extra penis size with remarkable growth in its girth as well.

The supplement also supports better sexual stamina, confidence which are the important intimidating factors for any couple.

About the Company

NeoSize XL is designed and manufactured by Vitopharma which has an extensive line of the supplement of a wide range.

The problem is that Vitopharma official page does not show NeoSize XL in the product list which is eerily doubtful.

Vitopharma has no affiliation with NeoSize XL which means it is being made in some sort of company we don’t know much about.

That puts the product’s quality into so many doubts.

How NeoSize XL Works?

Neosize XL

The NeoSize XL mechanism depends upon 2 things.

  1. Increase blood flow in the penile region
  2. Produce testosterone for sexual energy

The natural components available on the formula are responsible for such action which maintain the proper health of your entire reproductive region.

When the blood flow is enhanced in the penile chamber it will fill the tissues with blood and the regular blood supply results in size expansion of these tissues.

Hence your penis size will grow but in a very gradual manner.

Testosterone levels are enhanced which supply an unlimited amount of energy to your sexual intercourse, plus it remarkably improves masculinity in males which mainly includes intense leverage in sexual endurance.

Regular expansion of penile tissues is proven to increase penis size, but this can only be achieved by traction method done by the Penis pumps or penis extenders.

NeoSize XL Ingredients

There are so many ingredients available in NeoSize XL some of which are not approved clinically for safety.

Ingredients in Neosize XL

In combination, they claim to provide magnificent aphrodisiac effects of raising the libido and endurance level of the penis muscles.

These are:

  • Indian Ginseng

Most commonly known as Ashwagandha obtained from Rennet Plant. This herb can ease the stress level and increase stamina and also strengthens your immune system for so many illnesses. Besides being used in male enhancement formula, it has other uses, such as maintaining sugar level, reduce lipid level and improving thyroid functions.

  • Velvet Bean

Velvet bean has vastly diverse medicinal uses such as to treat male impotence, fever diabetes, and muscular pain. Velvet bean also goes by another name called Mucuna Pruriens which is a testosterone booster and support muscle strength and mass generation.

  • Hygrophila

Hygrophila is a not clinically tested, however, it is a powerful diuretic and aphrodisiac which increases the blood flow in the urinary tract. Some experts say it can also protect the liver and brain functions.

  • Lebbeck Tree Extract

Lebbeck tree contains multiple constituents such as saponins, calcium, vitamin C, amino acids, niacin, and iron. We are not sure if it contributes to increasing male potency or penis size but it is beneficial in allergies and inflammation.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is used to increase the testosterone enhancement in males who are at a verge of testosterone deficiency. This plant extract is now having hundreds of supplements forms available which are used by the bodybuilders, athletes and porn stars.

  • Elephant Creeper

This herb increases the urge for sex and maintains intense sexual performance. It has stamina boosting ability which allows men to stay longer in bed.

  • Indian Kudzu

Indian Kudzu is a male potency herb which has several other effects like anti-aging and anti-pyretic. In NeroSize XL formula the sole purpose of Indian kudzu is to act as an aphrodisiac.

  • Indian Spider Plant

This herb is another aphrodisiac with immune system boosting effects. The Indian spider plant is used to treat anxiety, sexual disorders, high blood glucose level, and acid reflux disorder.

  • Tinospora Gulancha

Tinospora helps in the allergic condition where males are allergic to multiple components in the formula. The inclusion of this particular herb seems unnecessary though.

How to Take NeoSize XL? Dosage

The daily dosage of NeoSize XL is 1-2 capsules depending on what you need it for.

For the penis enlargement purpose, user can take 2 capsules while in the ultimate boosting sexual performance a single cap is enough.

Neosize XL Results

No children under 18 should use these supplements, also those individuals who are allergic to the natural or herbal components.

NeoSize XL Customer Reviews

NeoSize is selling almost everywhere, some of the reviews on Amazon are pretty much bad because the customer found it useless.

As it couldn’t affect the penis size, the customers are complaining about experiencing various side effects which further demote the status of this male enhancement pill.

Are There Any Side Effects of NeoSize XL?

The webpage of NeoSize XL doesn’t tell you about the side effects, they are claiming it side effects free for men but this is not what reality is.

The reviews by the customers have raise complaints about some serious side effects caused by NeoSize XL which one must keep in mind.

The side effects appear if anyone uses NeoSize XL for more than 1 month.

  • Tachypnea (Rapid Respiration)
  • Palpitation (Rapid Heart Rate)
  • Confusion
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Allergy

Does NeoSize XL Really Work?

According to the well-known health sources and WHO, the penis enlargement pills contain a special form of vitamins and minerals with performance enhancing ingredients, but they do not increase the size of the male penis.

They can be used for improving sexual energy and endurance but not in the penis size, period.

NeoSize may not be a penis enlargement supplement, but when it comes to the male enhancement part, it is not so good at this part either.


  • Increase sexual motility
  • Increase confidence level
  • Improve blood supply for intense penile functions
  • Boost testosterone
  • Gets you sexually charged


  • Not FDA Approved
  • No Company profile
  • Known to cause side effects
  • Cannot be used in any medical condition
  • Expensive product

NeoSize XL Pricing & Where to Buy

NeoSize XL price list is given below:

  • 1 bottle:   $54.95
  • 2 bottles: $89.95
  • 3 bottles: $129.95
  • 6 bottles: $239.95
  • 9 bottles: $349.95

NeoSize XL cannot be found at Walmart or GNC, in Amazon, it is available with lots of bad reviews.

The product is available in its official site where the packages mentioned above are provided.

Best Male Enhancement Pills for Length and Girth – NeoSize XL Alternative

In the lust for hardcore sex, the male enhancement pills are a perfect choice but this radiates to many directions about which one to buy.

Male enhancement pills that work

In the category of sex, drugs, Male Extra not only wins in the efficacy site, but it also approved by the higher authorities and endorsed by thousands of customers.

Choosing the best male enhancement pills is a bit of a problem, especially if you do not know about them much.

Here we enlisted some of the differences between Male Extra and NeoSize XL which may help make your mind about which one is the best.

Male Extra Vs NeoSize XL

Male Extra pills are mostly known for providing supercharging erections with a sudden boost in the sexual stamina.

With Kegel exercise, the use of Male Extra is proven to increase penis size by 19%.

Neosize XL vs Male Extra

Ingredients in Male Extra include pomegranate extract (ellagic acid) and L-Arginine that supports the growth of body muscles including the penile ones.

The company background of Male Extra is lucid and given everywhere with full information, whereas NeoSize XL has been sold from the closet.

Price for Male Extra is affordable.

Final Verdict

NeoSize XL is a self-proclaimed penis enlargement supplement with mostly negative reviews.

It does not provide scientific evidence either the right amount of ingredients required to do the job.

There is so many negativities about this supplement for which we have enlisted it in the list of counterfeit products.

Comparing the NeoSize XL with the best trending male enhancement pills (Male Extra) we could say choosing Male Extra would be the right decision if you want to save your marriage or sexual life.

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For a woman, men with high energy level and intense sexual stamina are more preferred than males with huge penis size.

It is not the size that matters, but how precisely you use it!