Best Male Enhancement Pills 2020 – Top 5 Male Erections Pills!


Just as love has no limits, we desire the same in lovemaking too!

Especially if you are a man, you wouldn’t mind investing anything for loving that special one all the time.

And that’s exactly why we have male enhancements in the market!

But we do question the results and safety of the majority of the prevailing erection pills in the market.

After all, it’s a business growing on a significant pace each day and who would mind taking advantage of it?

Evidently, there are an abundance of male enhancements that are simply good for nothing whereas many of these do not really offer a safer way out.

Top 5 Male Ehancement Pills

In spite of that there are 5 erections pills we vouch for.

Erections pills we are hinting towards are not just clinically tested but are also recognized for generating naturally powerful erections you can only hope.

Based on the quality and effectiveness, the top 5 Male Enhancement pills of 2020 are:

  1. VigRX Plus
  2. Max Performer
  3. Extenze
  4. Male Extra
  5. Prosolution Plus

Now our listing is not based on some random research we did about the male enhancements but it stands on the profound research we did on the most selling erection pills coming from some genuine companies in the market.

What does our research says and how convinced are we pertaining to the 5 Erection Pills we have listed above, let us reveal and help you get a better understanding of this market or maybe, a good start!

Top 5 Erection Pills of 2020

Best erection pills for men

Many times, even on a healthy lifestyle, things with your sexual life do not work out the way you plan.

Or simply when you start to grow old, you begin to see a decline in almost everything you perform.

And that’s when you decide to seek solutions that can help you with the guilt and shame you feel within.

In the case of poor sexual performance, resorting to sex pills is becoming a widespread practice these days.

Interestingly, we have never discouraged our followers from male enhancement unless they are certain about quality and natural composition.

In fact, we ourselves have often recommended trustable brands as a measure to cope up with erection problems and problems surrounding sex drive.

If you are looking for a tried and tested pill to get some assistance in your weak and short duration erections, chances are that your search will end up on giving any of the below mentioned male enhancements a shot.

The products we have listed from one to five deserve every bit of recognition for providing the finest level of quality with the assurance to correct almost all the erection, libido, stamina and performance dilemmas that have failed to resolve or even respond to healthy habits.

Best Male Enhancement Pills for Better Erections

These natural male enhancements we can confidently suggest our readers in 2020 are:


Our top most choice is VigRX Plus which is chiefly based on the ingredients clinically tested for supporting penile rigidity, length and the duration of erections.

Vigrx Plus

Coming from Leading Edge Health, the quality of VigRX Plus has never been a question for us.

It is in fact, one such pill you can strongly put your faith on for sorting out problems creating unnecessary rifts between you two.

Benefits of VigRX Plus are:

Choosing VigRX Plus for your sex life is nothing but a smart move as the erection pill will:

  • Harden your erection
  • Deal with Erectile Dysfunction
  • Increase inches to the phallus length during erection
  • Control erections for preventing premature ejaculation
  • Increase the strength and duration of erection
  • Heightens up sex drive, pleasure and orgasmic satisfaction

VigRX Plus is for almost every basic problem keeping you from an exemplary sex life. It’s more like ingesting a pill to man up and be the guy she needs in the bed. 

How does VigRX Plus work?

The ingredients of VigRX Plus create an environment wherein significant level of blood is delivered to corpus cavernosa in the male member as he gets aroused.

This condition leads to all the good you seek in your sex drive, erections and stamina.

How to use VigRX Plus?

The recommended use of the male enhancement is two tablets a day. It is further advised that the daily dose can be preferably taken with meals and should not be increased from 4 tablets.

What are the ingredients of VigRX Plus?

Here is the list of VigRX Plus ingredients:

  1. Korean Red Ginseng: Supports a healthy erectile functioning.
  2. Saw Palmetto: It eases stress and has a great contribution in increasing sex drive.
  3. Hawthorn: It encourages a healthy blood circulation to the organs including reproductive organs.
  4. Ginkgo Biloba: The agent is a great aid for erectileabnormalities and poor sex drive.
  5. Damiana: Damiana is for the health and performance of erectile.
  6. Tribulus terrestris: Tribulus terrestris is aimed to enhance sex drive and desire.
Is VigRX Plus safe?

Frankly speaking, VigRX Plus is the time-tested male enhancement you can get for yourself however since no male enhancement is authorized by FDA, VigRX plus is manufactured in a FDA authorized setting.

Not only that, the supplement meets all the quality standards and has no record of any complains based on any side effect caused by it.

As a matter of fact, VigRX Plus is best supported by users and their responses portraying the positivity they noticed and enjoyed from its use.

Where can I buy VigRX Plus?

For safe and secure purchase, make a move to the official website of VigRX Plus.

The company assures the patented formula of VigRX Plus with maximum Discounts and 67 Days Money Back Guarantee.  

The best deals offered by the official manufacturers of VigRX Plus are:

  • 1 Month supply for $69 (You save $20.99 from the retail price)
  • 2 Months supply for $129 (You save $50.98 from the retail price)
  • 3 Months supply for $179 (You save $90.97 from the retail price)
  • 6 Months supply with Bonus Gifts for $329 (You save $210.94 from the retail price)
  • 12 Months supply with Bonus Gifts for $589 (You save $490.88)

We further advise you to visit the official website of VigRX Plus to learn more about the male enhancement, clinical studies and the current discounts and deals available for the buyers.


Max Performer is all about performance, a performance you seek and a performance she secretly desires.

Max Performer

The sex pills are manufactured by Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd, a company that has a complete know-how of the customers need under the sheet.

Max Performer is no regular male enhancement but a systematic remedy for soft erections and premature ejaculation.

Benefits of Max Performer are:

While at the next best spot, Max Performer has way more to offer than most of the prominent names in the male enhancement market like:

  • Supports erectile health and strength
  • Adds to sexual desire, drive and satisfaction
  • Enhances stamina and all night staying power
  • Hardens and increases the size of phallus
  • Increases the occurrence of erections
  •  Extend erection timings and leading to electrifying orgasms
  • Improve sperm quality and volume
How does Max Performer work?

There are three ways through which Max Performer works:

  • Provides nutrients the body falls short for sexual metabolism
  • Encouraging the making of Testosterone
  • Facilitates Vasodilation- expanding blood vessels to hold rigid and healthy erections
How to use Max Performer?

One month supply of the product brings along 60 capsules in total whereas the users are advised to take 2 capsules every day.

Moreover, it is said that the supplement turns most advantageous when consumed for some 3 months continuously, however it kicks in less than a month or so.

What are the ingredients of Max Performer?

The blend involves the following ingredients:

  1. Horny Goat Weed: A powerful agent for correcting Erectile Dysfunction and poor sex drive.
  2. Maca: Maca is exclusively included for its libido boosting abilities.
  3. Cordyceps: It assists as a treatment for sexual abnormalities.
  4. Korean Red Ginseng: It gives power to weak and brief erections.
  5. Zinc: It is highly favorable for men deficient in testosterone as it heightens up sexual performance and boost libido affected by it.
Is Max Performer safe?

 Max Performer has cleared all the quality tests owing to its natural composition and has been proven to be safe for regular use.

But in case you have any major health problem and are on prescribed drugs for it, there always lies a possibility of interaction that needs to be ruled out by the doctor.

So in this case, it’s good to seek permission regarding the use of Max Performer from your doctor.

Where can I buy Max Performer?

The best opinion for this is the official website of Max Performer for Discounts, authenticity of formula and availing the 100 Days Money Back Guarantee.

The current deals on Max Performer are:

  • 1 Month supply for $69 only
  • 3 Month supply for $138 only
  • 6 Month supply for $200 only

It’s always wise to visit the official website of the respective product and get the needed details of the product, its mechanism and its current packages for a better understanding.

3) Extenze

Extenze is a product by Leading Edge Herbals, a recognized company based in USA that promises to deliver a realistic solution for the problems hurting your masculinity in you.


Seizing the next spot is Extenze, another natural male enhancement for the boost in libido, erections and the general sexual performance.

Essentially, this unique recipe not only zooms in on your performance at that frame of time but it also generates penile lengthening effects you seek to make her moan.

Benefits of Extenze are:

Extenze largely focuses on problems that may be destroying your masculine image in front of her. It helps you by:

  • Making your manhood feel extremely rigid
  • Enabling the erections to last long
  • Supporting regular erections, added stamina and endurance
  • Precluding premature ejaculation
  • Giving additional 20% length to your erect member with regular use
  • Leading to breathtaking orgasms
How does Extenze work?

Aphrodisiacs incorporated in the blend of Extenze encourage the blood to rush to the penis the very moment you begin to feel her.

With blood reaching at the destined place and that too in heavy volumes, you start feeling super hard, super charged and well prepared for some action now.

How to use Extenze?

The product is based on liquid gel capsules and you need to have one capsule every day to reap the benefits of Extenze.

The makers of Extenze suggest that the consumption of daily dosage has to be done in the morning as this is the time when our body tends to be more responsive and active.

Thus, take it with your breakfast for fast and optimum effects.

What are the ingredients of Extenze?

Extenze includes the following ingredients for your erectile performance:

  1. Yohimbe Extract: Highly favorable for the erectile health, the bark extract treat ED and poor libido
  2. Zinc: An imperative nutrient for the development and performance of reproductive organs, Zinc address problems with erections.
  3. Pregnanolone (3β-hydroxypregn-5-en-20-one): The ingredient serves as a energy booster in Extenze
  4. Ginger: Ginger is a great agent for increasing a man’s sex drive
  5. Folate: Folate supports the health and quality of male sperm.
Is Extenze safe?

Extenze is a fusion of ingredients that are accepted and approved by FDA, signifying no danger in the use of this dietary supplement.

Besides, it has no man-made agents or narcotics to cause any harm or addiction. Thereby, you can safely use Extenze for as long as you want.

Where can I buy Extenze?

There is no better option than the official website of Extenze as the manufacturers promise 100% money back guarantee, incomparable discounts and of course, the assurance to get the real Extenze.

The current packages being offered for you are:

  • 1 Month supply for $49.95
  • 2 Months supply for $89.95( You save $10 from the retail price)
  • 3 Months supply for $124.95 (You save $25 from the retail price)
  • 6 Months supply for $249.95 (You save $50 from the retail price)

For more details on the prices and discounts on the male enhancement, visit the official website of Extenze now.


Stepping in next is Male Extra, the incredible erection pills you can get for all the sexual concerns keeping you from her.

Male Extra

A product by Vobue Limited, Male Extra proves to be an absolute quality against all the cheap and inferior male enhancements that are all but safe.

The dietary supplement is generally treated as an aid for weak erections or when the quantity of erections drops.

Benefits of Male Extra are:

The revolutionary formula refreshes your erectile functioning to engender an abundance of benefits you need for that terrific performance.

The key benefits are:

  • Remarkable stamina and sexual power
  • Intense phallus rigidity and satisfying erection timings
  • Growth in penis size by building up tissues
  • Great sexual and orgasmic pleasure
  • Higher endurance
  • Boost in self-assurance
How does Male Extra work?

The methodical way of treating ED or the individual sign of it life soft erection or premature ejaculation is boosting blood delivery to the sexual organs.

Male Extra follows the exact same method for generating the results mentioned above.

How to use Male Extra?

The dietary supplement demands you to take 3 capsules a day. But break the dosage into three and take one with each of the three meals for best results.

It is also advised that during the use of the male enhancement, users must take more water as keeping yourself hydrated is extremely essential at this point in time.

What are the ingredients of Male Extra?

Male Extra is a mix of the following sexual enhancers:

  1. L-Arginine: It plays a role in vasodilation for healthy blood flow in genitals
  2. MSM: The valuable mineral MSM supports the health of tissue cells
  3. L-Methionine: The amino acid stops premature ejaculation
  4. Zinc: The fertility enhancer nutrient improves body’s efficiency to make the sexual hormone, testosterone
  5. Pomegranate: The natural Viagra boost blood supply in the sexual organs
Is Male Extra safe?

Even though, the supplement is completely natural and least capable of causing any harm, you can face complications if:

  1. Any of its ingredients does not suit you
  2. You overdose yourself
  3. You are taking any strong medication besides
Where can I buy Male Extra?

Buy Male Extra from those who possess the copyright of it, that is, its official makers for they will always forward you the authentic recipe and not the counterfeit.

Besides, they will also give you a 60 Days Money Return which you may or may not get through someone having no affiliation with the makers.

And of course, there are special deals and sales you can benefit from like the following:

  • 1 Month supply for $64.95 (You save $27 from the retail price)
  • 4 Months supply + Free Erection Gel for $197.95 (You save $187 from the retail price)
  • 6 Months supply +2 Free Erection Gel for $249.90 (You save $318 from the retail price)

For promotional deals and details on Money Refund Policy, visit the official website of Male Extra now.


If you have zero control on your ejaculations and have tried everything but failed, we bet you give Prosolution Plus a try.

Prosolution Pills

A male enhancement by Leading Edge Health, the supplement speaks high of quality with the promise to take in hand problems like premature ejaculation and erections that provide no hardness to the penile.

Through herbs, minerals and vitamins, the supplement takes your sex life to a height where there are no frustrations and certainly no disappointments whatsoever.

The Benefits of Prosolution Plus are:

The medically tested Prosolution Plus is not about some insignificant changes you can barely notice but about changes that are evidently noticeable by you and her.

These are:

  • Complete control on ejaculation
  • Extra firm erections
  • Added frequency in erections
  • Improved sexual appetite
  • Size growth during arousals
  • Boost in erectile health and quality
  • Extreme pleasure and satisfaction
How does Prosolution Plus work?

Prosultion Plus works by improving blood delivery to the genitals that tends to be the sure-fire way to treat erectile abnormalities.

How to use Prosolution Plus?

Using Prosolution Plus is quick and easy. All that’s advised is taking two pills a day and there you go with a rocking sex live.

But avoid taking both the pills at once. Break the dosage into two by having one pill with a certain meal and one with another. Keep your body hydrated by taking water and juices.

What are the ingredients of Prosolution Plus?

Prosolution Plus is an amalgamation of aphrodisiacs. Few of its ingredients are:

  • Asparagus Adscendens: It can produce testosterone-like effects
  • Asphaltum: An ingredient extremely beneficial for your general health takes good care of your reproductive health too.
  • Asteracantha Longifolia: A stronghold in Ayurvedic drugs, it boosts semen production
  • Curculigo Orchioides: It aims to improve erectile health, quality and functioning
  • Mucuna pruriens: It improves mood and your overall satisfaction
  • Tribulus Terrestris: It enhances sex drive and thereby called a sexual enhancer.
 Is Prosolution Plus safe?

Even though, Prosolution Plus is not FDA tested and approved, it bears no serious danger for you.

The manufacturers have openly listed all that are a part of its composition and there is no such ingredient worth questioning.

However, make sure that similar to any dietary supplement; there are some contraindications you need not to skip to avoid any mishap.

Where can I buy Prosolution Plus?

Buy Prosolution Plus from its official manufacturers for some most attractive deals and packages.

Other than the confidence of legitimacy, you can avail 67 Days Money Return value to minimize the fears you may have pertaining to its usefulness.

Current packages of Prosolution Plus are:

  • 1 Month supply for $69.95 (You save $10.00 from the retail price)
  • 2 Months supply for $119.95 (You save $39.95 from the retail price)
  • 3 Months supply for $164.95 (You save $74.90 from the retail price)
  • 4 Months supply for $209.95 (You save $109.85 from the retail price)
  • 5 Months supply for $254.95 (You save $144.80 from the retail price)
  • 6 Months supply for $299.95  (You save $179.75 from the retail price)
  • 12  Months supply for $429.95 (You save $529.45 from the retail price)

To learn about the refund policy, FREE gifts on bulk purchases and FREE shipping, we suggest you to visit the official website of Prosolution Plus now.

Top Ingredients in Male Enhancement Pills

Ingredients in Male enhanceement supplements


The significance of ingredients in male enhancements is something we can never stress enough. I mean, these tend to be the mainstay of erection pills, the basis on which the quality and effectiveness of a supplement is determined.

The most interesting thing to be noted about these ingredients is that these are completely natural and extensively investigated as aphrodisiacs.

Many have a connection with the ancient drugs that have a history of serving mankind and their problems related to the erectile health.

Now when we get to discuss ingredients that fall under the category of organic, one thing we are quite certain of is the safety revolving their use.

As a matter of fact, these ingredients are far and wide accepted by FDA as they have passed all the organic testing with results suggesting their risk-free use independently and in dietary supplements as well.

Yet in spite of that, there are a plethora of dietary supplements that do not follow this basic restriction of using natural ingredients even while proclaiming to be 100% natural.

Strangely, it isn’t uncommon for most of you to end up using supplements based on narcotics, synthetics and ephedrine proven for possessing health risks.

Reasonably, when you resort to male enhancements, the least thing you will ever want is side effects and problems further contributing to your despair, however, that is likely to happen when you look for a cheaper investment or a product having weak standing in the market.

Bear in mind that the supplements we have highlighted is the assistance you need as these stand high on 100% natural, reliable and FDA approved ingredients that are also time-tested.

Besides, we have listed some extremely powerful ingredients, the presence of which hints towards the quality and efficacy of a certain supplement- provided that the product belongs to a recognized brand.

What are these ingredients and how can they help you live the sex life you want, let us reveal and discuss their worth:


In the list of strong aphrodisiacs, you are certain to find Maca Root in the top spot. Maca is a plant extract known for its fertility boosting effects which is evident through the increase in sperm quality, volume and count.

Maca heightens up the body’s tendency to produce testosterone that favors almost everything connected with the growth of this sexual hormone.

Talking about the sexual ‘department’ in particular, not only you can give that needed boost to your fertility through Maca but can enjoy heightened sexual pleasure and a healthy sex drive through it.


Korean Red Ginseng is one of the well-tested plant extract possessing the true powers of an aphrodisiac. While it takes a 5 year period to cultivate this plant, its effects are truly worth waiting for.

From being effective for infertility to poor sex drive in men and women, Korean Red Ginseng has something or the other to offer everyone.

Investigations on the plant have revealed that it can raise the testosterone levels in men in need of combating sexual and health issues generated by its deficiency.

Besides, it is a great source of ginsenosides that serve as an antioxidant in the body. If you research about ginsenosides and its effects in the body, you will learn that the active compound fights stress through deterring cortisol. This positively impacts your mood and ultimately your sex drive.


Ginkgo Biloba is largely recognized as a nootropic and so you can expect all the good associated with a nootropic like mental alertness and attentiveness.

But its addition in male enhancements is broadly credited to its ability to synthesize nitric oxide. Now nitric oxide is a valuable agent for men facing issues with their erections or for the ones at any stage of Erectile Dysfunction.

The colorless gas vasodilates blood vessels to give a wider access for the blood making its way to the genitals. When blood arrives in healthy amounts and fills up the capacity in corpora cavernosa, erections turns longer, rigid and full of strength.

Besides erections, you also benefit with added pleasure, energy and endurance through the power of vasodilation.

  • ZINC:

The worth of the micro nutrient can never be evaluated and so it’s strange how we have to head to our diet and dietary formulas to compensate for our body’s inability to produce it.

Precisely, we need zinc for the health and healthy functioning of our organs and if you are a man with poor testosterone levels, your body calls for zinc more like a need.

Essentially, the nutrient is treated as an aphrodisiac that assists the growth of testosterone linked with quality erections, increased satisfaction and orgasms we call astounding.

Thus if a supplement boasts Zinc, chances of it being useful are good.


Horny Goat Weed is often incorporated in male enhancements that are specifically designed for men with Erectile Dysfunction. Essentially, the plant extract contains the flavonols icariin that expands blood vessels to allow a heavy flow of blood into the chamber of male organ, penis.

When an activity like this is encouraged, there remain no signs of Erectile Dysfunction and you get to notice significant rigidity in phallus with the ability to tune the duration of your erections like you feel.


FAQs about Male enhancement pills

Q1: What are male enhancements?

Male enhancements generally come in the form of dietary pills meant to be taken through oral means. Essentially, these are designed as an aid for men craving some additional fun behind closed doors or are facing troubles with their sexual performance.

Largely, this category of dietary supplements improves your erectile performance that may have slowed down due to aging or have become impaired due to Erectile Dysfunction.

However, their effects are not restricted to boosting erectile functioning but are versatile enough to cover problems related to low sexual energy, orgasmic pleasure or desire to indulge in physical contact in the first place.

Q2: Are Male Enhancement pills useful?

Male Enhancements are totally useful unless you get your hands on some substandard supplement. Besides, there are some known for delivering results on the stake of health.

Thus, it’s not important to seek a male enhancement good for giving the results you need, qualities like reliable ingredients and safety should also be sought.

Male enhancements we have listed above are a sheer example of quality clasped with efficacy.

Q3: What are the proven results of Male Enhancement pills?

Get ready to experience the following changes in your sexual routine:

  1. Frequent, rigid and long erections
  2. Increased sexual desire
  3. More sexual energy and endurance
  4. Phallus elongation (brief effects)
  5. Leg shaking orgasms lead by intense sexual pleasure

Q4: How do male enhancement pills work?

Normally, these have three basic approaches that are investigated to be useful.

These are:

  1. Vasodilation and boosting blood circulation
  2. Helping the body produce testosterone
  3. Enhancing dopamine sensitivity

Q5: When can I expect results from male enhancements?

In most of the cases, the duration for these tools to kick in is fairly short. In a matter of weeks or a month, you will begin to notice changes you have long yearned.

In rare cases, the positivity will show up after 6 weeks or so, but for best results, there is a need to continue the cycle for the period suggested by the manufacturers that generally lies between 3-6 months.

Q6: Are there any adverse effects of male enhancements?

With quality dietary supplements- NO, but with inferior products, YES!

Quality supplements are a recipe based on FDA approved ingredients that go well with a healthy body.

Even if these generate complications, you will face mild problems like:

  • Headache
  • Bloating
  • Frequent bowel movements

In case of experiencing any, give yourself some time to heal. These will resolve once your system accepts the change and begins to positively respond.

Q7: Do Male Enhancement pills have permanent results?

No male enhancement cause permanent change. The ones that promise undying effects are nothing but a mere source of misguidance.

Expect the good, yes, but do not deem these as an eventual fix. Your body needs constant maintenance and so does the health of your organs.

By leading a healthy lifestyle and following the on and off cycle of a quality supplement, you can lead a ‘sizzling’ sexual life.

Q8: What other options do I have for penis enlargement?

You can always count on penis extenders and penis pumps if your focus is largely towards the enlargement of your member and less towards erections.

Penis pumps deliver immediate but brief gains in the size of the penis whereas extenders produce gradual but permanent effects.


From the 5 best male enhancement pills of 2020 to the 5 essential natural ingredients for your erectile functioning, we discussed virtually everything needed to wipe out the doubts you may have pertaining male enhancements.

As of now, we expect you to move in a right direction, leading to the destination you have planned for yourself- goodluck!