Lovense Max 2 Review: Results, Side Effects & How It Works! [NEW]

Sex toys are the best companion for men and women who are tired of intercourse. Lovense Max 2 is an automatic masturbator which allows you to experience a whole new level of masturbation.

It is admittedly true that sexual fantasies are not only limited to living people but it’s about losing real control from yourself.

Sex toys provide the kind of friction and rigor of your vibes which ultimately lets you achieve the sleaziest orgasm of your lifetime.

Gone are the days where there were only a limited number of sex toys available.

In 2019, today we are going to talk about something very much unique and immense, something that will let you achieve the desired fantasies of your lifetime.

Introducing Lovense Max 2 – Automatic Male Masturbator

After the huge success of Lovense Max, the Lovense manufactured a sex toy that is unlike anything you have ever seen. Lovense Max 2 is a solution for long-distance relationships where the need for physical contact is very extreme.

The Best Male Masturbator

This high tech device vibrates and produces the most intense sensation in your penis making it aroused intensely.

Men can use Lovense Max 2 alone, but it can also be synced with the Lovense Nora which is a female vibrator controlled by Bluetooth.

This is the future of virtual sex where a couple can perform sexual intercourse sitting far away from each other.

This level of creativity has never been seen in the sexual health realm before.

What’s Lovense Max 2 Like?

It is the 6th generation device of the original Max series, manufactured by Lovense Company this male masturbator was introduced in early 2019.

Since then, they have worked a lot on the exterior of the device where 360-degree penis contractions and a redesigned vibrator are used.

Also with USB magnetic charging with a battery life up to 3 hours, from the penile curvature point of view the company has increased the orifice diameter to 3.33 inches with longer depth up to 9 inches.

How Lovense Max 2 Works?

Like a flashlight or torch pussy, Lovense Max 2 works on the same principle which is to stroke the male penis.

The long chamber is where you insert your penis, this is the TPE sleeve we are talking about which mimics the interior of a vagina.

After applying water-based lube, you can pump your cock right into the orifice until you ejaculate.

BUT THIS TIME! Lovense Max 2 is armed with multiple features, like the electronic-based experience which creates a vibration felt on the skin of your penis all over.

The vibration is accompanied by contractions that give you a feeling like inserting in some 18 years old tight puss puss.

A lot of reviews came up and they are calling it a Flashlight on Steroids!!!

Furthermore, there are many exciting patterns provided by Lovense Max 2, for example, in the vibration settings you have 7 different options which are:

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High
  4. Pulse
  5. Wave
  6. Fireworks
  7. Earthquake

Similarly, the contraction settings give you 3 options as well

  1. Subtle
  2. Mild
  3. Deep

Isn’t it amazing?

How to Use Lovense Remote/ Mobile App?

There is a reason why Lovense Max 2 is called a long-distance sex toy app; you can simply download their app by the name Lovense Remote App from iTunes or Play Store respectively.

Just download the app and turn on the Bluetooth, it will take a second to pair up and you are ready to get blown!

Lovense Max Wireless mobile app Masturbator
Lovense Max App for Android & IOS

This is like connecting Bluetooth speakers, only no one can hear what you are doing.

Long-distance relationships, couples can spice things a little bit by inviting each other to your Max 2 using Wi-Fi. You save a person’s profile just like Facebook and it will be damn sexual!

Lovense Max 2 also allows you to create your vibration and contraction pattern which then you can deliver to your partner while she’s using the device.

The patterns are created by inserting your fingers in the orifice and sliding them up and down, slow or fast that’s up to you.

This is one of the unique features about Lovense Max 2 that you can sync the device up to the beat of your favorite music which you are playing.

Lovense Remote App can create your mood according to the song you want to play.

It is interesting to know that many people who are using this device are sharing their custom contraction and vibration pattern that you can browse and download in your app.

These have funny tag lines like, wait for its coming! Or you are going to cum like a fountain! XD

What Lovense Max 2 Feels Like In Real?

So many users have posted their feedback about how Lovense Max 2 is the best male masturbator of all time!

According to them, it’s a hands free cumming machine that users never experienced before. The features, satisfaction level, orgasmic intensity are all above the charts than masturbating alone in the bathroom with dry tissues and a bottle of lotion!

It’s like a freaking intense cock massage, as soon as you insert the cock into the hole you are going to feel so many things, banging the shit out is one of them! Unlike masturbating with hands, I would always prefer this device over my hands.

Jim Smear

Did you know Lovense Max Series 2 somehow supports the penis size?

It’s been a month I am using this app and device regularly and after this time I noticed my dick size has gained an inch. This is peculiar, but who the f**k cares my cock is bigger than ever now!

Apart from this, the device rocks!!

Jansen Wilson

How to Clean and Charge Lovense Max 2?

There are no complex cleaning or charging procedures included, the device requires a simple cleaning technique.

Using polish or bruising is not the thing you should do with this, rather try to simply wash it in warm water with cleanser or soap.

The charging port of Lovense Max 2 is magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about the exposed electrical ports upon washing.

JUST MAKE SURE THE AIR PUMP VENT IS CLOSED WHILE YOU ARE WASHING THE TOY. Remove the sleeves inside of the case and watch both of them in water, leave it to fry for 24 hours.

Lovense Max 2 USB CHARGING

Max 2 has a magnetic port charging system which upon full battery lasts for 3 hours.

We are talking about continuous use, which some of our’s dick requires too much time to cum. This Teledildonic can also be charged with your laptop, PC, consoles with anything that has a USB port.

Final Ver-DICK!

buy Lovense Max 2

Using a masturbator is very much common these days, girls are more into this than guys.  

With modern technologies, now you can sync your Lovense Max 2 masturbator with the Lovense Nora Vibrator which your girl is holding thousands of miles away.

You can get interacted with other people in the communities who are using Lovense Remote App.

This could not only change the way you masturbate, but it will change the entire sex toy industry!

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