Lelo Hugo Review: Male Sex Toy in a Shape of Prostate Massager!

Sex toys are the mainstream device for men and women around the world who are interested in having personal time.

Male Masturbators are the old sex toy that no one’s interested in using any longer.

We admit that with the latest scientific advancement we are now able to turn our dark fantasies into reality.

With the help of vibrators for males, yes that’s right, but this time they are calling it a prostate massager.

What is a Prostate Massager?

Prostate Massage is an entirely different version of male sex toy or male masturbator which not only offers joy but several prostate health benefits.

The proper way to use prostate massager is by inserting it up to the male anus only a few inches so it touches the prostate.

Upon activation, this gives you the pleasurable tickling sensations that take you to other dimensions’ pleasure, it’s mesmerizing.

The point where it touches is commonly referred to as male G-Spot.

What Is Lelo Hugo?

Lelo Hugo is a premium designed Prostate massager designed to provide you the motor sensation in the prostate region.

Buy Hugo Lelo Online

The device is placed a few inches in the anus while its other end sits directly over the perineum (the area between the anus and genitals).

Lelo Hugo male sex toy is made of luxurious materials with long battery power.

Now here is something you don’t know about Lelo Hugo, it is suitable for solo or team play and most of all you can use it with another male masturbator to enhance the pleasure experience.

Based on a fully automated system, Lelo Hugo comes with a remote control so the user can adjust the setting without leaning to the uncomfortable positions.

There are 8 different vibration intensity setting which supplies both motors and SenseTouch, these are two different options which apply different type of vibrations on your Prostate and Perineum.

The arousal experience upon vibration of these motors is completely different than the male masturbators online.

Hugo Lelo is a waterproof prostate massager that can be used during a shower, the device comes with lubrication which maximizes the massaging experience.

It’s not a long or heavyweight device with an old and rugged texture. By looks, it does like an expensive toy addition in your gallery.

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Lelo Hugo Prominent Features

Lelo Hugo prostate massager is made of high-quality silicone which looks like matt finish.

The controls at first are difficult to sort, but as you learn more about it you will note it’s not just a sex toy for one-time use only. You can play with the settings and explore the entire new definition of pleasure.

This prostate massager is about five inches long with two curved prongs.

One prong is for massaging the prostate, which is the main purpose of this sex toy, the other one is for providing the perineum tickling sensations.

Other features of Lelo Hugo are mentioned below which may encourage you to buy it.

1) It Has Gyroscopic Sense

The incredible SenseMotion technology lets the users experience high-frequency vibrations when the remote is turned towards the device.

When you take it away, it goes to low-intensity mode. The SenseMotion tech has been used in a sex toy for the first time and it has some amazing user reviews.

There is more to that, the Lelo Hugo gives users 6 different pre-programmed functions which is controlled by the 3 buttons located at the top of the remote.

The remote control of Lelo Hugo prostate massager lets you 1) pair with a prostate massager for high-end sensations 2) use the remote as vibrator 3) turn the remote off and use the prostate massage by itself.

All these sensations and pleasures come at a reasonable price the same as other sex toys online.

2) Lelo Hugo Vibrations are DIFFERENT!

Unlike the low quality plastic material which results in rough body frictions, Lelo Hugo comes with medical-grade silicone which glides onto your body perfectly.

It’s not rubber, not plastic or latex just pure silicon-based without risks of skin allergy.

The lube which is included is high-quality water-based lubrication fluid which prepares the anal route for minimal pressure applied by the prong.

These are curved prongs that are designed according to the perfect measurement and that fixes as a butt plug without pain.

The prostate is affected by the vibrations, becoming relaxed which offers additional health benefits.

Male orgasm depends on the stimulation of the prostate, the more prostate gets stimulated more will be the semen volume and height of orgasmic pleasure.

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My Personal Lelo Hugo Experience – By Matthew Shore

Below provides is the personal review of one of our users who tried Lelo Hugo remote control prostate massager and agreed to share his personal experience.

Lelo Hugo results and review

It’s not like I never used male sex toys and masturbators, things like fleshlight or Wavy Textured Male Masturbators are my favorite.

Something was repelling about Lelo Hugo at first which was that how come a male can use butt plug, as a matter of fact, we males don’t like our butts to be touched (unless we are gay).

If you gaze closely on the instructions and the mode of action, it says prostate massager so it makes sense that you have to take it in, just like taking a mild but pleasuring enema.

It was the time for me to try something new because honestly, I got bored with the vaginal shaped sex toys. The idea kind of seemed appealing to me which is the prostate simulation has some magical effect. Not gonna lie, but it worked!

Always make sure the massager is properly lubricated, this is for those virgin sweetholes who don’t want to feel shakings. The oil-based lube does great work and makes you week nothing as long as you turn it on.

Upon insertion, I noticed it got perfectly placed around my prostate gland. Not every device fixes this way for the very first time but needs some hugger-mugger of your brain.

The Lelo Hugo controllers provide you 3 basic options which are either to keep you minimally excited, at a relaxed pace or to clatter the things up.

The vibrations are good and it completely elates the mood during the session.

If you are a keen lover of anal sex toys, being a man you must use prostate massager once for its worth it!

Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager Health Benefits

Did you know prostate massage can treat the following health conditions in men and provide symptomatic relief?

  • Painful ejaculation. Massage therapy may ease fluid blockages in your reproductive system
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Improper Urine flow
  • Prostatitis (Inflammation of Prostate)

Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/mens-health/benefits-of-prostate-massage-therapy#risks

In addition, here are some remarkable health benefits of Prostate Massager like Lelo Hugo

  • Improved erection frequency and quality
  • Increased sperm cells count
  • It will Improved fertility in males
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • It will also Improve prostate health
  • Improved cardiovascular functions
Settings for Lelo Hugo Remote Prostate Massager

The two motors are attached at each prong that besides being enjoyable goes into an anal route with complete ease.

The vibration settings are available on the remote control in which you could choose 8 different ones.

All these come with a different intensity which will be felt in the prostate and the area under the penis.

Turning off the vibration at the other base maximize the pleasure and users find it more appealing.

SenseMotion model provides hands-free vibrations that let you lie in bed and enjoy watching doing something or someone.

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How to Clean Lelo Hugo Massager?

It is easier to wash and clean Lelo Hugo, just like cleaning a glass.

The way you can clean it by running it through warm water with soap, upon cleaning makes sure the below surface where silicon and plastic are adjoining doesn’t get blocked by anything.

Where to Purchase Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager Online?

Our users have purchased Lelo Hugo from Lelo official website. The lowest price of Lelo Hugo is being offered by the official with free shipping.

Mathew has got the 15% off by using the Coupon Code you get at the time of checkout.

Buy Lelo Hugo prostate Massager

Lelo website guarantees you a higher quality product, rather than delivering a counterfeit machine that says something in Chinese.

It is always important to buy this kind of gadgets from the official vendors who are available 24/7 at your services.

Visit Official website of Lelo Here: https://www.lelo.com/

Would Doctors Recommend Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager?

Prostate massagers are being used for a long time in the medical world to eradicate the symptoms of prostatitis or prostate cancer.

These days, the same tech comes in handy and used as a male sex toy. But there is a catch, it also gives pleasure along with treating the poor blood circulation around the prostate region, leading to improved overall reproductive functions.

Customers who used Lelo Hugo for the first time have said remarkable things about how unusual and dazzling their experience was.

Lelo Hugo Remote Control Prostate Massager – Review Final Verdict

Sex toys are the alternate for sexual intercourse which has its perks that only men understand.

Like women, men also like to play with several sex toys and its healthy because it makes them have the most joy in the meantime.

Lelo Hugo is one of those sex toys which makes you forget about what other sex toys could do and let you experience a whole new world of sexual pleasure.

Prostate health is significant for male fertility; Lelo Hugo vibrations not only support the joy deliverance but also improves the functions of the prostate gland, which is the key for having long-lasting sex with a woman.

There are many options you can play with while using Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager, every user who purchased this product finds it highly customizable and pleasing.

If you are a bit of introvert or a fond lover of male sex toys, choosing Lelo Hugo will be the finest addition in your sex toys compartment.