8 Best Ways to Improve Male Sexual Performance!

Performance anxiety is one of the horrible things men can have. Sexual performance as we speak is very important to make a relationship stronger and deeper.

Some lifestyle changes can ruin the body’s ability to stay longer in bed. Men who ejaculate prematurely have a high rate of anxiety that further leads to erectile dysfunction.

We are listing the top 8 ways, actually they are some lifestyle changes that may help you erase the anxiety from your system, improve the erection quality and gets you the best sex of your lifetime.

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8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Adopt These Daily Behaviors to Improve Sexual Performance!

1) Foreplay

Tips To Have Amazing Foreplay

Foreplay is the foundation of any sexual intercourse; you make her mood to have deep penetrating sex. Foreplay includes kissing, touching, grabbing and oral sex which increases the level of joy.

Some men who have minor symptoms of erectile dysfunction found foreplay very effective since it gives them time to attain gradual erections.

According to many research, foreplay is more important to women than men because it gives them the clitoral stimulation, which according to them is the most important thing to do while sex.

Men who fail to stimulate the clitoris are often unable to satisfy their partners.

2) Trying Something New

Sexual performance comes from a neat and clean environment, which boosts passion and excitement.

Upon living with the same person, sex sometimes feels like a routine where there is no passion or new changes are found.

Changes are good when it comes to delivering the sexual impulses, it doesn’t mean only the sexual parts. Sometimes cooking with your partner, taking her to somewhere nice or hiking is a very good start for new exciting things.

This will improve the connection between two people and improve their sexual tendencies.

3) Start Stop Techniques

Like the best medicine for early discharge, the start-stop technique is without any medicines involved.

Men who want to last longer during sex practices start-stop technique, it was done by gradually squeezing the penis tip at the time when you feel like cumming.

This method is used for holding ejaculation after which you can perform more and elongates the passionate times for good.

4) Communicating with Her

Couples That Talk About Sex Have Better Sex

Open communication can improve sexual experience because it is related to stress releasing technique.

If you are mad at your partner over something, then forgetting about performing well in sex, so speak freely and work things out together so you will feel less stressed and guilty.

Guilt is the pressure that is kept being forced upon people in a relationship which dominates over so many of their positive qualities.

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5) Handle the Stress and Anxiety

Erectile dysfunction symptoms mainly include stress and anxiety which distract you from getting sexual pleasure.

Being a man if you are feeling stressed out, then there is a high chance you won’t perform well in bed.

Here is how to manage anxiety and stress:

  • Physical workout
  • Focus on physical pleasure and her
  • Get quality sleep
  • Meditation
  • Seeing a relationship adviser

6) Stop Smoking

Smoking causes millions of deaths annually and it also worsens the health of the heart and your penis.

A medical study published in 2015 stated that smoking reduces sexual performance; quitting smoking can improve sexual performance and diminish the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

It’s not just sexual performance, but your whole body performance would be affected.

7) Do More Exercise

The Best Exercises for Better Sex

Regular exercise can improve cardiovascular health and it is also very important to reduce stress and anxiety.

You can achieve maximum grade stamina for sexual activities if you are doing 30 minutes of physical workout every day.

The type of sexual exercise such as kegel exercise can be tremendously helpful in maintaining stamina while insertion.

Some other exercise tip for the good health of penile muscle is to stop the flow of urine during urination and repeat this technique several times.

This will contract and relaxes the smooth muscles and for 10 seconds each, after which they develop a certain amount of stamina.

This technique is beneficial if executed for more than 2 weeks.

7) Use Herbal Treatments

In the study 0f 2018, it was concluded that herbal medicines for erectile dysfunction are effective and improve the sexual performance in many men.

The herbal ingredients include Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, fenugreek, maca root extract have shown some positive benefits on male sexual health.

It is important to know that these natural supplements improve the production of testosterone male hormone which provides intense sexual performance and high-quality semen volume.

Top Male Enhancement Supplements

Some of the latest and popular male enhancement brands are:

  1. Male Extra
  2. VigRX Plus
  3. ExtenZe

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Always remember, the key to sexual satisfaction is not just the manpower, but the exciting touch on her body that shows her how much love and passion you have.

It is the woman’s desire that ignites the sexual climax and it is you who is going to be subjected. So be ready before you fail!