How to Use Penis Pump – The Basic Guide to Use Any Penis Pumps Easily!

How to Use Penis Pump – A Guide to Buy Best Penis Pump with Incredible Sexual Benefits. Learn few basic things before buying any penis stretching device!


Penis pumps are size extender which is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Penis pumps are the safer and affordable alternative for penile surgery, which men are getting to rectify and increase the penis size.

Vacuum pump or any penis enlargement pumps are medical devices which have a tube that fits on your body, a ring or seal to cover the baseline of the penis.

Then comes the battery-powered vacuum generator that reduces the level of air in the chamber which leads to erection and applying traction force on the penis.

Penis pumps can be used to treat a mild-severe form of ED, so if you have a very narrow blood supply in your penis, getting a penis pump can open the pressure for considerable erection.

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How to Use a Penis Pump? A Guide for Beginners

Some men find it awkward at the very first time to use a penis pump, but it gets handy and easy once you use it for two-three times.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Use a Penis Pump

Let’s follow these steps so that you could use the penis pump with ease.

  1. Apply a little lubrication on the penis and place it inside the tube
  2. First, start to reduce the air pressure by pumping air out of the tube. You can do it manually or by batter powered way, this will start to open the blood vessels and within some minutes you will notice your penis got hard
  3. After using it for the instructed period, you are ready to be launched into her!

Should You Wear a Penis Ring?

Not every, but most penis pumps come with a penis ring which sort of jammed the base of the penis.

This is to maintain the air level and erection as a result of perpetual blood flow.

After taking out the penis from the tube, some users prefer to wear a penis ring as long as 30 minutes to perform better during sex.

Note: This shouldn’t be worn more than 30 minutes or it can be damaging to the penis vessels.

What Are The Potential Benefits of a Penis Pump?

Penis pumps simply induce an erection by applying a vacuum force, this is used by the men who find it hard to attain an erection.

Best Penis Pump

Before engaging in sexual intercourse, using a penis pump can keep the erection for more than an hour with an unlimited amount of stamina.

Comparing it with medications for ED, penis implants and surgical procedures, you will notice penis pumps are relatively safer.

Penis pumps like Penomet are not just used for penis enlargement purposes, some men after having prostate surgery can also keep their reproductive system healthy by using penis pumps.

It encourages the natural tendency of erectile tissues to be intact for a longer time. You can also use it alongside with other male enhancement supplements for better sex.

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Penis Pump Side Effects – Are There Any?

Penis pumps are generally the safest form of penis enlargements, but not when you are using it more than 2 hours a day.

This can be damaging to the penis tissues where some muscles are found ruptured temporarily.

Increased blood pressure for a long time can be damaging to any part of the body, some users who have skin allergies found patches and red spots on the penis after using penis pumps.

In the case of blood coagulation due to the excessive use of the penis pumps, certain blood-thinning agents are given, such as Warfarin to reduce the chance of complications.

Normal use of a penis pump has never impacted any person as mentioned above.

How to Get Best Penis Pump?

Normally, it requires a doctor’s prescription for you to get a penis pump.

Urologists recommend it to the patients who are in dire need of an erection to save up their relationship.

FDA approved penis pumps are available on prescription but if you want to increase the penis size only, there are other valued penis pumps on the market.

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Penis Pump Without Prescription

Some best penis pumps in the market are available without prescription since they are 100% legal and safe in every case.

In the majority of cases, men who need penis pump are having somehow sexual problems for which they need one.

What to See Before Buying a Penis Pump?

Always make sure the penis pump you are getting has a vacuum switcher.

This will allow you to adjust the vacuum pressure, which can keep your penis away from being damaged.

Bathmate Penis Pump
Buy Bathmate Pump

Penis rings with different sizes can also be one of the positive points for a penis pump to have, this will give you different experienced.

Also, watch out if there is any medical-related study conducted on the penis pump that you are buying.

Clinically approved penis pumps are more in demands and effective, Bathmate is one of them from the top list in 2019!

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How Much Penis Pumps Cost?

If you choose a penis pump from some fancy retail store or GNC or Walmart market, they can cost up to $500.

Whereas, best penis pumps online like Penomet will cost you around $100-$150 with additional gifts.


About 40% of men who are above 30 experience ED once in their lifetime.

This is the major drawback for many relations and a singular cause of depression in men’s life.

You can get male enhancement supplements for sexual intimacy and taking chances, but using penis pump has a direct relation with the penis size.

Penis pump users claimed they gained about 3 inches additional size after using penis pumps for 6 months.

This may look like it needs some dedication, but the results are certain.