How to Increase Penis Size – 7 Best Ways to Increase Penis Size Naturally!

About 45% of male considers their penis size is small to perform sex which is why they lack stamina and pleasure during sex.

The average penis length of most men is below 5 inches, which is at the time when it’s erect. The average flaccid penis size is around 2.5-3.5 inches which are now enough to give you the power of aggressive sexual intercourse.

How to make penis thicker and longer naturally, this is the question men have been asking and they expect a natural solution.

Male penis can grow if you perform the right type of techniques and uses perfect remedies designed for the same purpose.

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7 Best Ways to Increase Penis Size Naturally! [Follow Now]

After rolling 167 pages on Google, we gathered the results from different websites.

Each of them is talking about different sorts of trick to make the dick size bigger. Altogether, there are 7 ways to increase male penis size listed below.

1) Using Penis Pump for Penis Length

The penis pumps provide the stretching technique to your dick to make it grow in length.

Traction method is found out to be the most effective type of technique which delivered impressive results to men around the world.

Penis pumps run with a quick and effective mechanism which is to generate micro-tear in the penis tissues. The continuous amount of traction force affects tissue size and cause expansion after a few days.

Penis pumps are devices comes in a handy form which the user can wear anywhere at home.

They are used to treat sexual disorders in men such as Erectile dysfunction, bend penis, premature ejaculation.

The popular penis pumps/extenders available in the market right now are Penomet and SizeGenetics.

2) Jelqing Technique

If anybody asks, how to make your penis bigger fast with your hands, advise them the jelqing technique.

It is nothing but a massaging technique which you do regularly.

The technique was originated from the Arabs or Africans, which many experts still are unsure about.

It is applying pressure on the penis by holding the penis shaft after applying the lube, then reduce the pressure repeatedly like the process of milking.

Many men’ health magazines endorse the jelqing technique as a part of a penis enlargement system which affects both penis length and girth.

Jelqing if you read about it more not only stimulate the size expansion of the penis, but it also boosts the stamina during sex and gives you a lot of time for delaying this process.

You can rectify the penis curvature and treat ED minor symptoms if you do it for a regular 2 weeks.

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3) Losing Weight

It says that gaining 30 pounds can decrease an inch of your penis size.

Weight gain makes your dick looks smaller, plus it ruins the sexual performance which leaves you and her unsatisfied.

Their many problems arise with the excess weight gain which is low self-esteem, lessened stamina, decreased blood circulation to the penile site and loss of libido is one of the major things.

Your erect penis will also look softer and the power it would almost be negligible.

Weight loss is a great technique to increase penis size and sexual satisfaction.

4) Medications for Penis Enlargement

Every man once in their lifestyle experiences the ED symptom somewhere unless he has been taking perfect diet and staying healthy.

Medicines for treating erectile dysfunction are Viagra along with Cialis but they propose many side effects.

There are no such medications for penis size enhancement, however, if you are looking for the never-ending stamina and long erection, taking BlueChew will help.

BlueChew is like Viagra but in smaller doses and good price, there is monthly subscription available for that which can be delivered to your doorsteps.

5) Natural Preparations

There are various natural remedies available in the market which are used to elevate the sexual power and penis size.

In some natural male enhancement supplements, you can find these elements as a part of the testosterone boosting phase or muscle relaxants in the penile regions.

Some of these natural components are:

  • Ginseng- Panax Ginseng is an aphrodisiac which has been proven by studies to improve the blood flow around the penis which results in better erections.
  • DHEA- DHEA is subjected to many clinical studies where it is shown improvements maintaining the erections. The regular dose of DHEA can treat erectile dysfunction permanently.
  • Rhodiola Rosea- the intake of this natural herb supplement can improve sexual timings, reduce muscle fatigue during sex and moreover it is known to improve the penis curvature.
  • Acupuncture- You can try reducing the pressure points that are not allowing more blood to pass to the penis with this simple technique.

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6) Find Your Health Issues

Many health conditions are known to increase the nature of ED and somehow affect the penis size.

If you can manage to treat any of the following health conditions, you may have a chance to stay late during sex.

  • High blood cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Weight Gain
  • Heart Condition
  • Sleep Disorder

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7) Penis Enlargement Surgery

In the US, penis enlargement surgery is the most desired cosmetic procedure after fat reduction.

It comprises injecting fats, implants and plastic surgery in the penis area to make it look bigger for females.

These implants give you sizes of about 1.5-2.5 inches which is the same case that happens in the breast enhancement surgery.

This is by far the least liked method according to the experts, which will cost you around $13,000 excluding the medications afterward.

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Conclusion – What Else?

The Above following 7 tips and ways are the most convenient and successful ways to enlarge penis length and girth without any side effects.

Still, If you are looking for some other ways like exercises and herbs that enhance penis size naturally, then you should follow our blog to stay updated with the latest techniques!