How Effective are Cordyceps for Erectile Dysfunction?

Anything that affects your performance in bed needs to be addressed at the earliest.

Especially if it is Erectile Dysfunction, there is no sense in allowing it to ruin your intimate life and witness it silently.

A condition like Erectile Dysfunction is no less like a termite that eats up the foundation of your romantic relationship and steals the charm from it.

Whatever causes it, one should be doing whatever it takes to treat it right away.


Cordyceps may sound like some plant or herb to many of you, but it is something very different, yet interesting to know.

It is a fungus that tends to thrive on specific caterpillars.

However, these caterpillars are no ordinary insects we can spot anywhere.

These are merely found in the high mountainous regions of China which makes the fungus be of great value and worth.

Natural cordyceps, despite being very rare always be high in demand.

This is because they carry extremely vital nutrients along with bioactive components that generate positive effects on the cellular and physiological processes taking place in our body.

Interestingly, these findings and uses of the fungus are not new to this generation but has a long history of serving people with a plethora of health problems like:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Fertility concerns
  • Inflammation
  • Poor energy
  • Headache

And so goes the list.

Experts have always regarded the fungus as a very powerful phenomenon that can aid in the betterment of virility and vitality on an equal note.

However, the effects of Cordyceps have been widely studied on the reproductive system and health of men which is the reason why it is generally treated as a virility enhancer.

Today, it has been thoroughly proven that Cordyceps can advantage men undergoing problems related to their sexual health and performance on a whole.


Initial studies to testify the assumed powers of Cordyceps were done on animals.

These investigations were based on healthy rats that were otherwise reported normal and healthy.

The results came surprisingly positive which ended up revealing that male rats supplemented with Cordyceps were able to produce remarkable amount of testosterone that ultimately improved their overall sexual behavior.

Not only this, a noticeable increase in their sperm was also observed by the investigators.

After the success, related levels of tests were done on humans, which also ended up with positive and convincing results.


Cordyceps comes across as a very useful treatment for men either facing premature ejaculations or are simply failing to hold hard erections.

Both these are the common signs of Erectile Dysfunction that can be addressed through the use of Cordyceps.

Now the question which arises here is how does cordyceps aids in the betterment of erections or say treats such a distressing concern?

The answer lies in the way it influences the functioning of brain- particularly the functions in charge of stimulating sex drive and many other activities related to the male sexual system.

But that’s how it treats men with poor sexual desire or eagerness to get in touch with his partner physically.

Its mechanism to tackle Erectile Dysfunction is different.

Basically, it goes a long way in activating the sex glands so that a healthy production of essential hormones can be ensured.

When something like this occurs, everything from the erections to orgasms is recuperated to an observable point.


Call it testosterone or a critical sex hormone; testosterone supports healthy functioning and maintenance of the reproductive system.

testosterone and erectile dysfunction

Surprisingly, an added benefit of cordyceps is the boost it can give to the natural production of testosterone in the body.

This further strengthens it virility powers because testosterone is all known for optimizing masculinity.

And lastly- but definitely not the least, the fungus aids in regulating the cholesterol levels, the drop in which affects your overall performance under the sheet.

Hence- you can expect it to help you in all the possible ways it takes to master prowess in an understandably, natural way.


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