Fleshjack Review – Top 5 Fleshjack Gay Sex Toys in 2020!

FleshJack is the newly hyped sex toys dealer which has made some realistic and delicious Gay sex toy, designed only for the man to another man!

In the world of homosexuality, you just simply cannot resist the urge for anal no matter it is black, white, brown or whatever.

Popular gay toys are available in dozens of varieties which we could see are hideous when it comes to the appearance, texture, and feel.

Fleshjack has recently gone outselling their products because it is now the favorite gadget for some gay porn stars.

All the packages you received from Fleshjack are covered with the clean labeling which doesn’t give any hint to anybody except you.

Now, the fun part about Fleshjack is its multiple selections of a sex toy, more than a hundred sex toys are being made by Fleshjack but in this article, we include the best ones.

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You will be amazed to see what sort of material they use and what level of satisfaction it delivers. Prepare to meet the most exciting gizmos to all our fellow men.

About Fleshjack History

Fleshjack or Flashlight was founded by the man known as Steve Shubin in 1995.

He and his wife are still managing the company, back then they designed the patent of male masturbator which was then approved in 1998. Ever since they have been continuously developing new ideas to make their products more quenching.

So many of their products have reached to the mainstream line which was used by porn stars and other celebrities.

The flashlight was one of their greatest inventions which is now expanded into other adult features such as VR products and Cam Girls.

Top 5 Fleshjack Gay Sex Toys

1) Brent Corrigan Bliss by FleshJack – Best Picked One!

Some of Fleshjack sex toys models are very difficult to choose from, after putting some serious amount of time we reached to the point where Fleshjack Bliss is one of the successful models of all.

Fleshjack Brent Corrigan Butt Bliss | Realistic Male Anal Sex Toy

It has the most distinct texture which provides users a different kind of stimulation.

This can lead to a powerful ORGASM which is less messy than many sex toys.

Brent Corrigan is one of the finest American actors and gay porn star which has been in the fantasy of many gay men.

To be honest, even I am a big fan of his work and this Bliss by fleshjack brings us closer to that fine piece that just knocks the doors of temptations.


Brent Corrigan Bliss appears to have the anal appearance of the porn star which entrance chamber has a diameter of about 4-18 mm.

Now if you go inside this chamber you will find 5 cross rib texture which works as a massager to provide immense sensation in the penis head.

The Bliss gay sex toy is covered with bumps of 45 degrees, the 2nd chamber now grips your penis by stretching the walls of the orifice that deliver instant and uncontrollable ejaculation.

There are no words that could describe the feeling of inserting a huge cock into tight bump lips.

2) Jack’s Banana Cream Soda by FleshJack – Best Realistic One

According to the reviews from different men, Jack’s Banana Cream Soda Sleeve is one of the realistic sex toys for homosexual men.

Fleshlight Jack's Banana Cream Soda Male Masturbator

There are no bumps like entrances or fangs attached with this sleeve, but instead, they used light rolls and pressure points with a tighter selection that provides you the very natural and realistic impulses.

At the start of this sex toy, you will find a natural mouth canal which is tight and gets little wider as you enter your penis.

Right after a few inches, the 6 bump rings located that gives some serious form of simulations which is then followed by the same rib texture that massages your whole penis body from every angle.

The 2nd chamber is where your penis head goes next, it has 6 wide flat bump stroking which is like stroking a penis with the tongue.

Then comes the last chamber which is like an ultimate deep throat experience! You will feel tightening effect on your penis just like a charming man is sucking off your Johnson!

None of the sex toys ever provided this kind of realistic feature that gives pleasure like oral sex.

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Some men believe Jack Banana Cream Soda sleeve is one of the finest gay men sex toys which can change your perspective about having a blowjob.

3) Classic Jack Ass by FleshJack – Best One for Beginners

New users can use the vigorous sensational sleeves by the Fleshjack but we recommend to take it slow and start it from the Classic one.

Fleshlight Fleshjack Male Masturbator, Classic Jack Ass

Classic Jack Ass is of lesser intensity and is ranked top Fleshjack masturbator, this will build up your stamina for too much stimulation delivered by other versions.

Fleshjack Classic Jack Ass is wide-ranging and is not depending on the size of your penis.

You can enjoy a real-time sensation with the smooth textures it offers.

For the first time in the history, Classic Jack Ass delivers the feelings of real man’s ass, and the smooth walls will keep on bringing the stimulation just in the right amount that you will have orgasm after enjoying it for enough time.


The interior diameter of Classic Jack Ass is about 20 mm, this also provides enough room for the vacuum pressure which provides suction like effects.

You can change the pressure simply by adjusting the small-cap present on the rear end.

Classic Jack Ass is the best-selling gay men sex toy by FleshJack with a peachy bump shape at the entrance.

Fleshjack at the starting put a tremendous amount of efforts to make it ideal sex toy for the beginners.

This is for men who do not prefer the overly produced texture offered by other sleeves.

You can move on to the next generation Fleshjack sex toys once you got enough of Classic Jack Ass.

4) Endurance Jack by FleshJack – Best Sex Toy for Practice

Fleshjack introduced Endurance jack for the users who are looking for improving their sexual performance and stamina.

Fleshlight Fleshjack Male Masturbator, Endurance Jack Ass

Endurance jack is one of the best-selling sex toys amongst the popular porn stars who like it for longer.

This sex toy has the most intense texture than any other versions of Fleshjack, including the forceful and tight way through.

Once you insert the penis, the walls will keep massaging the entire head and shaft that makes it easier for you to stay longer in the game.

Gay men who have endurance issue must use an endurance jack for long-lasting anal sex.


Endurance Jack has a diameter about 12-15 mm and is attached to 360-degree extra-large size bump to the entire length.

The bump produces intense 360-degree penis massage that after combining with the tightness and suction effects almost feels like euphoria.

This product can nullify the effects of premature ejaculation and helps you gain ultra-grade sexual energy.

5) Flight Pilot by FleshJack – Most Intense

Nothing can beat the extreme and stimulation textures of Flight Pilot and is the first choice for many proactive gay men.

Fleshlight | Flight Pilot Texture | Compact Discreet Case

Flight Pilot is the sleeve by Fleshjack with the most tightening effects that makes it most intense orgasm inducer, due to the small size you can take it anywhere with you as a companion.

After insertion, the sleeve has a soft bump appearance which will create instant massaging impulse at the tip of your penis.

This will happen from every direction possible and right at the start, the tightening effects are prominent.


It’s like taking a virgin man’s arse for the very first time!

After the first two chambers, the final chamber is less intense which is designed in this way purposely.

This will make you push backward for the intense stimulation available in the previous chambers and this will make you go wild instantly.

To be honest, we don’t recommend Fleshjack Flight Pilot to those men who are timid or faint-hearted. This sex toy is created to deliver the most intense type of friction force that may not be suitable for the beginners.

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For the beginners, taking the first experience from the Classic Jack Ass is recommended.

Moving On to Fleshjack – What Is It?

Fleshjack is the manufacturer of Sex Toy solely made for gay men who like to use different types of fantasies.

fleshjack sex toys for men and gays

Each sleeve is offering best possible orgasmic experiences which men can’t resist at all. The more you learn about Fleshjack, the more you will like to buy them.

Let’s discuss the material which is used to build this immense sex toys for the ultra-gay experience.

FleshJack Casing

The outer casing of Fleshjack is similar to the flashlight or torch pussy that is easy to place anywhere.

The casing makes it easy to blend with other household items, upon delivering there is no noticing this product as an obscene device.

There was a time when gay men sex toys were considered a taboo, the time has changed but some men still prefer the discreet shipping methods.

The outer casing is made of plastic with a robust frame in which the penis goes. Some models are made from the softest and squeezable plastics to create or release pressure

Fleshjack reviews said the cap gets sealed as soon as you insert the penis, this will only allow little air pressure to pass out while preserving the tighter feelings.

Fleshjack Opening

One of the main things to look at is the opening, hole, cavity or the orifice which pours the visual charm to the product.

Men choose the design normally they find most appealing which should be the top priority in the midst of choosing sex toys.

Fleshjack has designed all of its products after the real-life anatomical parts of some famous gay porn stars like Brent Corrigan.

Mainly, there are two main orifices, Ass and Mouth in which the Ass orifice is most popular amongst men, the mouth appears to be as a secondary choice.

FleshJack Sleeve

The sleeve is the most important part of the sex toy which delivers pleasure.

This is done by the skin like material coated on the outer casing of the plastic body, this is where your penis begins to enjoy. Every Fleshjack gay toy has a unique type of texture follow a different set of experience.

The manufacturer has made every Fleshjack sex toy from their patent of Super Skin material which reacts like the real human skin.

This is the distinguishing feature which hasn’t been offered by the ordinary sex toys.

This human flesh-like material keeps the sleeve fresh and robust and this is why it cost a little bit more than the ordinary and phony sex toys men used to have.

How to Use A Fleshjack Gay Toy?

The preparation steps are quite simple, you need to make the inside sleeve warm as much as you like.

Keeping it in warm water for 10 minutes can do the trick for you.

After warming up the sleeve, rub on some water-based lubricant inside the sleeves and around the opening.

After this, now it’s the time for the insertion which you can either do with your hands or Shower Mounts. Shower Mounts provides much realistic experience without the hands.

If you want the premium quality experience, use one of their Launch VR Product which is available at their official site.

After using the Fleshjack toy, it is very much easy to clean it. You have to simply rinse it under water and clean with the piece of cloth.

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For more safety measures, after using the toys for more than 5 times, it is important to wash it off with alcohol-containing disinfectant or simply applying the FL renewing powder such as Corn starch.

This will maintain the smooth and slippery appearance inside the sleeves.

Fleshjack Benefits

Although, there are hundreds of sex toys available for gay experience and this is why we are providing this review to the untrained persons who are new at this and wants the experience of the lifetime.

Fleshjack is the world-leading company in manufacturing realistic sex toys for men of every sexual orientation.

best gay sex toys in the market

Their latest update of VR products is awesome that brings up the exhilarating experience. 

The most incredible thing about Fleshjack is the material they used to make their products.

It’s safe, handy and durable when it comes to rough usage.

You will get double the features in comparison to what you paid.

They also have an excellent customer care staff, which supports you in every step from payment for using the gizmo.

There are some very remarkable user reviews narrating the customer services of Fleshjack as exceptionally good.

Final Verdict – Is Fleshjack Best Choice for Gay Men?

You can see sex toys mimicking the sensation delivered by the real bottom and mouth, but you may have never seen anything like this.

The Brent Corrigan Bliss along with other products has the anatomy of the porn star bumps which you can enjoy in your own home.

You can simply visit their official site if you wish to buy one of their appealing sex toys, the web link which is given here can also resolve your questions about choosing the best gay sex toys or to have some great sex toys tips which you can also share with other fellow men.