Fertility Factor 5 – Best Male Fertility Supplements by VigRX

VigRX Fertility Factor 5 Reviews – Learn How It Became Best Male Fertility Supplements Since VigRX Plus!

Male fertility can be a difficult thing to handle when you reach above the ’30s. Everything after the ’40s that is sexual sounds like boring to you which shouldn’t be like this at all.

This is because of the low sperm count which makes a man population face fertility issues.

Those couples who are trying to conceive a child but can’t due to male insufficiency, Fertility Factor 5 is a brand new product by VigRX company which can turn your dream into reality, of having a family.

We are glad to announce this product has shown remarkable improvements in the clinical ground in all semen parameters.

What Is Fertility Factor 5?

Fertility Factor 5 is a natural male fertility supplement which looks after the reproductive health in men and improves the sperm quality.

an all-natural, non-invasive way to improve male fertility starting in JUST 3 MONTHS

The officials are calling it an affordable male fertility breakthrough that consists non-invasive way to improve male fertility in a course of 3 months.

“There were statistically significant improvements in sperm concentration and sperm morphology…”
“…spontaneous pregnancies were achieved…

How Fertility Factor 5 Works?

Fertility Factor 5 is made by the same company of VigRX Plus which provides a decent quantity of ingredients to nourish the reproductive system and helps in improving sperm motility, quality and quantity.

The supplement works to excel in the sexual stamina and libido as well.

The prompt or quick effects are only a myth; you could experience the benefits within 3 months which is the time for supplement to take its place in the system.

Fertility Factor 5 can make females pregnant and this has been tested in the round of clinical trials.

What this supplement does is totally by natural routes and works with male biology where it only targets the sperm production.

In many schools of thought, the role of Fertility Factor 5 runs side by side in men’s life to cover other health aspects in his life.

So it is much better to let this supplement works for some time and then talk about the results or benefits.

Ingredients of Fertility Factor 5

Fertility Factor 5 helps women to get pregnant and turn their men into wild sexual creatures.

The sperm-friendly formula of the supplement is proven to be effective for sperm growth and multiplication.

Study shows LJ100 Increased Sperm Motility by 44% in just 12 weeks!

You will find the following ingredients in the supplement.

1) Tongkat Ali

Dubbed as LJ100 in the clinical testing, Tongkat Ali is cultivated in Asian countries which are known to boost male fertility.

The reason for having LJ100, one of the potent Tongkat Ali Strain is to point to the better sperm health and quality with extra proliferation.

2) Panax Ginseng

The name was given by Chinese medical experts who used Ginseng for sexual purposes.

Their observation was astute which helped men with low sperm volume impregnate their ladies.

3) Zinc

Zinc is the favorite food for the sperm cell, they thrive on it, live by its enhancement or vice versa.

Studies have shown lack of Zinc can be dangerous for man fertility, Zinc increases sperm motility which is another way for sperms to communicate with each other.

Zinc has a very much positive effect on male fertility.

4) Selenium

In one case, about 40% of men deemed infertility had low levels of Selenium. It’s a vital mineral that boosts male fertility, it’s also needed for the strengthening of the immune system.

Selenium is one of the important ingredients in Fertility Factor 5 which leads couples to have a child of their own.

5) Bioperine

In the course of the best male enhancement supplement, Bioperine has been an ingredient that combines the power of all other active ingredients in the formula.

The same thing it used to do in the VigRX plus supplement and other male enhancement pills. Bioperine is found in the black peppers which serve as a powerful formula booster.

Fertility Factor 5 Clinical Evidence

To see if Fertility Factor 5 works, you must see about each ingredient in the active state.

For example, Tongkat Ali LJ100 was tested on 75 men with fertility issues, with sperm low count and motility problems.

Each man in the group was trying to conceive a child for about 5 years. Each man was taken its sperm sample before starting the trial and given the dose of the LJ100 strain of Tongkat Ali in 200mg dosage for 3 months.

In the last phase of the study, it was noticed about 100% of subjects had improvements in their sperm samples.

An All-Natural, Cost-Effective Way to Improve Sperm Count, Shape and Morphology In just 3 Months!

Amongst the cases, 11 pregnancies happened and 60% of men were able to give sperm samples for insemination.

This study on LJ100 happened in the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology, resulting in 65.5% elevation in sperm quality and 94.9% increase percentage of Sperm.

Top Fertility Factor 5 Benefits

Unlike the male enhancement supplement which does not work, fertility factor 5 has way more benefits than the drawbacks.

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Effective
  • US Based
  • From VigRX Plus Manufacturer
  • Improves sperm quality, quantity, and motility
  • Results arrive within 3 months only
  • Improve fertility and sexual behavior

You can sense something fishy when the company has already a product with built reputation and now they are trying to replace the sex pills ruling the market for over 2 decades?

I think the best way to get an idea about Fertility Factor 5 is by gazing at its clinical success.

Something they did lack in VigRX Plus is now available in Fertility Factor 5 which is the guaranteed cure for infertile males.


  • Not every user can notice the cons of drawbacks by Fertility Factor 5 but here are the following ones.
  • It’s not available at stores you are habitually going
  • It’s a little expensive fertility supplement
  • Takes at least 30 days to deliver the results

Fertility Factor 5 Safety and Precautions

Fertility Factor 5 may be safe as VigRX Plus because of its natural formula but still, users must set their safety guidelines.

We cannot say it’s a healthy and safe male enhancement supplement for everyone, those men with a history of medications and others must consult a doctor before choosing it.

Some elements in the supplements can be invigorating which is not suitable for every man swinging by for intense libido and sexual performance.

When you look at the product itself, it has a cGMP certificate in the United States which means only one thing, the supplement is made under health and safety regulation where you cannot expect the formula to be incorrect or hazardous for human health.

Where to Buy Fertility Factor 5?

If you don’t want to waste your money on lookalike products, then you must visit the official website of Fertility Factor 5.

You can also search Fertility Factor 5 at Amazon, GNC, Walmart, eBay and other online stores but you would Regret..or Can’t find!

The problem with visiting other web sources is that you might get a counterfeit product which might create numerous health problems for you.

Try Fertility Factor 5 Risk-Free TODAY!

Or you can simply visit the regular website which provides users everything they need to know about Fertility Factor 5 and how it became the predecessor of VigRX Plus.

The address for Fertility Factor 5’s Official Store is: www.fertilityfactor5.com

Fertility Factor 5 Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

Those who say Fertility Factor 5 pricing is way too higher than normal male enhancement supplement is wrong.

Once you spend some decent budget on invasive methods, surely you are looking at 6 digit figures.

With Fertility Factor 5, you only have to spend a few hundred bucks even if you are choosing in bulk.

  • One month supply of Fertility Factor 5 costs $59.95 which is nothing compared to the sweet and saccharine feelings of having a baby.
  • This will take you to try the supplement for at least 3 months, which in this case has a package cost about $159.95.
  • But if you want to spend a decent sum of money on something much decent, then spending $299.95 for 6 months supply will save you $60.
    The last package is considered best for saving money and gets the best results.

Fertility Factor 5 by VigRX Plus is offering 67 days money-back guarantee.

If you think your wife is not getting pregnant and it’s been almost 2-3 months, you can simply get a refund by claiming a money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict – Should You Buy Fertility Factor 5?

Considering the advantages of VigRX Plus which was the superb hit! We could say Fertility Factor 5 is the formula that offers no harm to the user but only sperm related benefits.

It includes repairing sperm quality which used to be inadequate to conceive a child. It also includes the sperm quantity which contributes to enhancing sexual pleasure, lastly, it improves sperm motility which is how men tend to impregnate women.

Under the average value for money, this male enhancement supplement naturally fixed male virility more effectively than invasive and surgical methods.