Cianix Review – The Fast Acting Male Enhancement Tablets in 2020!

Men who used Cianix are rumored to achieve bigger muscle mass which led us to the question “Is Cianix a perfect Male Enhancement Supplement”?

Male enhancement pills over the counter are available in so many varieties that it’s making people confused which one to buy.

About every male enhancement pill claims the same result which is an intense boost in testosterone along with stronger erection that makes you sexually powerful.

Choosing Best Male Enhancement Pill

If you want to buy the very best and effective male enhancement pill you have to look for the various aspects of the product.

These over the counter male enhancement pills may be less risky and easy to take but that doesn’t mean users must not take it seriously.

Dont buy Cianix before you read this review

According to the statistical analysis, about 75% of the sex pills available online are fake.

As they don’t have the legit source of manufacturing either scientific back on the ingredients they have used.

For this purpose, the following aspect must be taken into consideration before purchasing male enhancement pills.

  • Company
  • Ingredients
  • Customer Reviews
  • Side Effects
  • Scientific Studies

What Is Cianix?

Cianix a male enhancement supplement that mainly targets the stimulation of testosterone, thereby increasing the energy level and sex drive.

cianix male enhancement pills review
Cianix reviews

Because normally the male enhancement supplements or I must say the best male enhancement pills solely targets the sex organs as a mechanism which improves their functions and well-being.

In order to see the action of Cianix we must know how it works first.

How Cianix Works?

The mechanism of action of Cianix is limited to provide antioxidants to your body which results in testosterone boost. 

Although the ingredients are completely natural, we also have to see the exact strength in which they are added in the supplements.

They are just relying on the testosterone enhancement, which is known to increase libido in men, but this doesn’t have to do anything with delayed time or attaining frequent erections. You need the use of other powerful ingredients for that!

It says the formula inside Cianix improve the workout skills, elevate mood with better sexual functions listed in the very last.

We can say using Cianix pills for enhanced sexual power is one of their least priority.

Cianix IngredientsWhat’s Inside Cianix?

The exact dose of each ingredient in Cianix is still unknown since there is no official website from where we can see this.

cianix ingredients
cianix pills

However, the names of ingredients are shown below with their mechanisms to boost sexual activity in males.

Nettle Extract

Nettle extract is available to eliminate the microbes and free radical by acting as anti-oxidant. It is also used to maintain a high level of testosterone.

Orchic Extract

Orchic extract increases sperm production and eliminates the free radicals from your system which limits the sexual and mental functions.

Wild Yam Root

The ingredient supports the energy level by boosting muscle contraction, the level of Wild Yam Root can be identified in Cianix pills which is quite low as men are complaining about no energy gain effects.

Saw Palmetto

Finally, the ingredients for erectile dysfunction treatment. But again, it only works by increasing T-level which is not the only thing you need for overcome ED.


Boron is here to help you with mental dangers. It helps to reduce stressful feelings and elevate mood and focus on men, which sometimes delivers a fancy sexual intercourse experience.


Used to enhance fertility in men, this ingredient promotes sperm cell production, which keeps you masculine and sexually alive.

Tongkat Ali

Improve sex drive, the energy level in males who are tired of working the whole day. Tongkat Ali is known to treat ED with greater effects.


Helps in testosterone boost and keeps the masculine features in men intact.

Ingredients Absent in Cianix

For the starters, they don’t have Tribulus Terrestris which is the most beneficial natural ingredient, when it comes to testosterone secretion.

Also, the use of Panax Ginseng of Red Ginseng is very common in male enhancement supplement which boosts blood supply and sexual urge in males.

Some of the very best male enhancement pills like Viasil or VigRX Plus contain extra amounts of ingredients which in combinations gives synergistic effects that cover overall sexual health.

What Male Enhancement Pills Can Do For You?

Male Enhancement Pills in 2019 aims to improve your sex lives in multiple ways.

Benefits of Male Enhancement Pills

Some of the benefits you get from these sex drugs stay permanent, depending on the nature and dose of each ingredient.

Cianix claims to deliver the following benefits with its formula.

  • High testosterone means high energy level and development is further masculine traits. Using Cianix claims to bring down the anti-aging effects which in actually caused by the high number of Testosterone rushing through your veins.
  • It helps you build muscles, which is not exactly the role of male enhancement pills but that’s okay!
  • Keeps your hormonal system balanced, any deficiency in certain hormone can cause a sexual problem which no man should take for granted.
  • Turns your mind into much creative and confident being, but looking at Cianix ingredients we found no such cognitive boosting ingredient like you’d in other pills.
  • Enhance the stamina, but it doesn’t say how! Cianix builds up a high energy level which enables you to work with vigor, but that doesn’t mean you’d stay longer in it.
  • Men with low sex drive are now claiming to feel the intense sexual appetite with their penis erect most of the times
  • Improves the muscle tone and development, again another exaggerated effect which is backed by the synthesis of testosterone only.
  • Cianix reduces fats in your body, now we don’t see the need for such a statement as it is not true.
  • Longer orgasm, which is the end result of immense sperm generation from the testicles. This requires must advance ingredients which Cianix completely lacks.

How to take Cianix?

Cianix comes in a bottle with 60 capsules, the daily dose is said to be 2 capsules per day depending on the outcomes you are expecting.

Some men ingested 4 pills in a single day and still complaining about no such results which they were expecting.

Taking Cianix pills with mildly warm water is advised to improve the digestion of the pills.

Where I Can buy Cianix?

Cianix is not available on the retail stores you see on the streets, normally male enhancement pills like this have their own official webpage which also works as the source for purchase.

In the case with Cianix, there is no official website available which we know about.

It is still a dubious thought to purchase Cianix from the officials since there is not one!

Cianix Side Effects

Natural male enhancement pills like Cianix are without side effects which we sometimes forget to put into our consideration.

The sex pills with side effects are those that are produced with the help of chemicals our body cannot tolerate.

The list of Cianix ingredients mostly contains natural components which, according to studies poses no threats to human health.

But this doesn’t mean they achieve the peak concentration level that gives the desired results.


  • Improve libido
  • Support t-level elevation
  • Enhance performance
  • No side effects


  • No company profile
  • No scientific backup
  • Poor customer feedbacks
  • Low-quality ingredients
  • Price is unknown

Editor’s ChoiceIs There Any Better Alternative to Cianix?

There are so many better alternatives to Cianix which provides highly modified formula with many effective ingredients.

Viasil is the 100% natural male performance enhancer which delivers rock hard erection with intense sexual performance.

We took a closer look at how Viasil works and we are quite impressed with their company profile and scientific background they offer.

Comparing the ingredients of Viasil with Cianix, we could easily vote for Viasil because of the potency of its ingredients, which are:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Pomegranate Extract
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Zinc
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Citrus Sinensis

Note, these ingredients are proven to be most effective in enhancing sexual performance and delayed timings.

Conclusion – Should You Buy Cianix?

Cianix may be a better male enhancement supplement to nurture the sexual performance in men, but while there are other better choices available, we don’t think to choose Cianix would be a wiser option.

I term of safety, efficacy and product’s legitimacy Cianix provide no sound evidence because of which it may be a waste of your time and money.

buy viasil ed pills
Buy Viasil online

Viasil, on the other hand, belongs to a group of multinational American based company which has a record of making tons of naturally extracted supplements for bodybuilding and sexual health.

Always remember the greater power in sex comes from within, which also depends on the ingredients quality in the supplements.

With the enhancement in your sexual power, libido and sperm cell count not only you will achieve greater satisfaction in sex, but you can also save your relationship from jeopardy.