Best Sex Delay Cream and Spray for Men in 2020!

Review for Best Sex Delay Cream and Sex Delay Spray for Men in 2020

Shamefully, some men are considered impotent because they have no climax control.

This is the Premature Ejaculation we are talking about taking the male population into the storm of embarrassment.

Once you enter the 30’s of your life you should start hoping these things might occur, unless you have a perfect diet plan with the amount of kegel exercise you perform.

How to Delay Orgasm?

Sex delay spray or penis numbing creams are a type of over the counter penis delay sprays which provide maximum control over orgasm.

The male reproductive organ a.k.a penis is a delicate and super sensitive muscle that reaches the orgasm faster than most men expect. And this is something they can’t control unless provided the best sex delay cream.

Yes, Male Sex Delay Cream provides a rigid and fair solution by offering numbing effects to the penis.

You may have seen types of cream comes with some condoms that tend to desensitize the penis for awhile.

Well, Sex Delay Spray for Men also shared the same notion but they have slightly stronger and long-lasting effects.

What Is a Delay Cream or Spray?

A delay cream or spray is only for blocking the penile stimulation caused by the sexual stimuli where men almost leak themselves.

It is a way to last longer in bed and take full pleasure before your dick ejaculates and passes out.

The main purpose of these orgasm delay spray and creams is to level up with the female’s requirement and extend playtime with her.

Sex Delay Spray induces the prolonged effects for which they are commonly referred to as male desensitizers or prolonging products for men.

The best thing about them is having no tension to achieve the doctor’s prescription.

How Do Male Sex Delay Creams & Spray Work?

Delay Spray for Men Clinically Proven to Help You Last Longer in Bed

Creams are normally applied on the surface of the skin where it gets absorbed and gives the precise action right away.

The thing with creams for orgasm delay is they reduce the sensation in the penis by the effects of topical anesthetic compounds.

These will you are going to remain hard but lose the sensation which encourages long-lasting sex timings.

You will also get the maximum amount of strength rushing through the corpus cavernosa as more blood is pushed towards the penis without ejaculating soon.

Best 5 Male Delay Spray and Cream in 2020

Our list only contains the best male penis numbing cream and spray which are 100% proven safe and effective.

Also tried by millions of men around the world.

1) Promescent Spray

Promescent spray not only works by numbing the penis but it allows men to get engaged in sexual intimacy with great improvements.

Promescent Reviews

Heavy duty and premium class climax-control spray that is medically proven to provide long-lasting effects.

  • Last 64% Longer
  • Target Zone Technology
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Close the O-Gap
  • Simple Use

The pack of Promescent spray contains 10 trial sized and metered dose bottles which contain 10 sprays of 10mg lidocaine each.

2) VigRX Delay Spray

Vigrx delay spray is like the male enhancement pills from the same company which makes your sex last-longer as it is designed with Benzocaine.

Vigrx Delay Spray reviews

The mechanism of action of VigRX Delay Spray is quite prompt which reaches down to the layer of penis tissues, making your nerves desensitized so you can enjoy prolonged sex.

To some health experts, it is yet the best all desensitize spray products for men.

3) Maxoderm Delay Cream

Maxoderm is the male enhancement formula that is available in the cream form so men can hold their firmness for a longer period.

Maxoderm Reviews

Unlike adding benzocaine or lidocaine in the formula, Maxoderm uses the same natural components like in their male enhancement pills.

The formula is prepared with Vasotran Auctum which is a patent-pending formula.

This Vasotran Auctum has a potential topical ability which stimulates the numbness instantly.

4) ProSolution Gel

ProSolution Gel is designed for libido boost in men who have a complaint about erection issues.

Prosolution Gel reviews

The gel contains the extract of Aloe vera, Mango butte, bearberry extract along with menthol which keeps the penis stiff and perform for a long period.

The delay gel for male orgasm also affects the level of Nitric Oxide which promotes long-lasting erection and extraordinary stamina gains.

5) Titan Gel

The Original Russian Titan Gel is new in the market but has quite impressive reviews.

Titan Gel reviews

It’s a 100% organic gel which is primarily used for penis enlargement and eliminates chances of Premature Ejaculations.

The gel contains extracts of Verbena and Strawberry which according to clinical guidelines are fairly cooperative to block the over-stimulation in male genitalia.

Delay Cream vs Delay Spray – Which Works Best for Delay Premature Ejaculation?

Delay sprays are no different from Delay Creams as the main components inside remains the same.

It’s the way they are applied to the kin which begs to differ. The male delay creams are applied using hands and users are advised to wash off their hands after the application.

For the delay sprays users, the use of hands is still involved to spread the liquid inside the spray evenly.

Most people like the delay sprays than the creams, because the spray bottles ensure the use of the right volume and they are easy to apply.

How to Use Sex Delay Spray and Cream for Men?

Since every sex delay cream and spray for men have a different amount of active ingredients available, which determines how much should you use and for how long you are going to use them.

They are mostly applied before having sexual intercourse.

Whatever you do, just apply evenly on the penis shaft and head so the cream is fully absorbed.

It is suggested that after the prolonged session you should rinse off the remaining residue on the penis.

What is the Active Ingredient in Climax Delay Spray and Cream?

The main numbing agent in a delay cream is one of Lidocaine or Benzocaine which are pharmaceutically modified for male use.

These compounds have normally being used for pain-relieving purposes to numb the cells in a particular area.

You may have seen your dentist using this for desensitizing the gums.

Some male delay creams use the plant extracts which have mostly mild to medium type of effects.

Some plants from which the extract is obtained are clove and other herbal components.

Do Sex Delay Creams or Spray Works on Females?

This is only when you have applied too much and the cream or spray hasn’t been absorbed completely.

Leaving it long enough for absorption is required but if you don’t do it, your partner may get some numbness too.

How Much Strong The Delay Creams and Sprays Are?

Orgasm delay spray and creams designed for men have generally great numbing effect which starts with a little tingling sensation.

After sometimes, it turns to intense desensitization which in the case of Lidocaine or Benzocaine has bigger chances than the natural ones.

When you compare the two ingredients, chemicals and natural, surely Lidocaine is the stronger and potent option that is used in only a minute amount.

How Long Does Male Sex Delay Cream Last?

This depends on the strength of the product that you are using.

If you ask from multiple male subjects around the world, the timing is from 20-60 minutes after which the effects start to wear off.

There is a lot of time to make her happy and do what she likes as you won’t be cumming anytime soon.

Should You Apply Lubricants with Delay Cream or Spray?

It is possible that you can apply lubricants with these orgasm delay creams but once they are fully absorbed or rinsed off.

The reason you should wait for the spray or cream to be completely absorbed so the two chemicals won’t be combined and bring up some extra or new effect to you or your partner.

Are Sex Delay Cream and Spray for Mens Safe to Use?

The delayed creams and sprays are generally considered safe but there are also chances of some side effects or adverse reactions.

How ejaculation delay cream and spray works

Mainly because of the presence of anesthetics that raise many questions in safety criteria.

It is best if you don’t apply these sex delay creams in too much amount; it can absorb and reach down to the bloodstream from where it can aggravate some systemic side effects.

The moderate use of these creams is considered safe, applying too much is known for inducing adverse reactions like itching and burning sensation on the skin which goes by time.

Some people with rare physical conditions are also not advised to use Delay spray with benzocaine or lidocaine.

These conditions are methemoglobinemia and Asthma where you need to consult with your physician first.

Do Male Sex Delay Creams Needs to Be Washed After Use?

Some delay creams demand users to wash it off before insertion, while some companies advised to wash it after completion of the session.

Some delay creams for men are thick and viscous which leaves crumbs of reside on the penis top that needs to be washed off.

For men, it is advised to clean up the penis after applying the cream and wash it off when you are done having sex.

This will reduce the chances of a bacterial infection or any type of foreign contamination to take place.


Having the best sex delay spray, orgasm delay and sex delay spray for men is a blessing, only if you know how to use it correctly.

As modern science approached we now don’t need so much of the complex nature of formulations.

The delay spray and creams have the easiest way of application with the highest chance of long-lasting sex.