The 5 Best Penis Enlargement Pills: Science-based Review + Guide [2020]

The main thing we men seek in penis enlargement pills are the extraordinary performance and energy levels, these come with a little bit of size augmentation.

There are many reasons why male enhancement pills act as penis enlargement supplements and there are pieces of studies proving the same thing.

Some penis enlargement pills come with costly price while others can be potentially dangerous, considering the side effects can be disturbing to some men.

In order to choose the best penis enlargement pills n 2020, you gotta assure they have the power to affect the testosterone level as well as put some pressure on Nitric Oxide production.

The immense blood supply is the effect that comes with almost every penis enlargement pills at the corner.

So what’s the deal? Find the best penis enlargement pills in the market. For this purpose, we shortlisted some of the best penis enlargement pills or supplemented with greater results across the globe. 

Here are the five best penis enlargement supplements.

  1. Vigrx Plus
  2. Male Extra
  3. Prosolution
  4. Extenze
  5. Max Performer

How Do Best Male Enhancement Pills Work?

Making a long story short, these are the steps or mechanisms by which the best penis enlargement or male enhancement pills attain their results.

  • Increasing testosterone levels in men
  • Increase Nitric Oxide Synthesis
  • Increasing blood supply
  • Produce Dopamine and Serotonin indirectly (for mental boost)
  • Increase ingredients absorption for more power and stamina

Top 5 Chosen Penis Enlargement Pills in 2020 – A Brief Intro

Our list of the best penis enlargement pills contains products from reputable companies, having meaningful active ingredients that are natural and with excellent customer feedback.

1) Vigrx Plus

When it comes to achieving a 100% safer full-time erection that stays for longer, VigRX Plus is a supplement of choice.

Vigrx Plus review

VigRX Plus is the best penis enlargement pills in the market, which revealed as male enhancement pills but also address many issues regarding penile failure.

The natural formula works for most men and improves sexual performance, physical stamina along with mental health such as promoting higher confidence in bed.

The official website of VigRX Plus (A place to purchase the supplement) has shown some clinical evidence about the supplement. VigRX Plus was tried out for a clinical score where 84 men were gathered from age 25-50 years.

After the intake of supplements for a definite amount of time, most of them developed longer and sustained erection with greater sexual stamina and sexual longevity that men seek every day.

Its debatable VigRX not only addresses the sexual issues of a man but takes care of his overall well-being. All this comes without the knocking side effects which takes a toll on your health.

2) Male Extra

Male Extra is a cautiously formulated penis enlargement pills that support the size and function enhancement.

Male Extra Reviews

What is very exceptional about this supplement is the addition of Pomegranate Extract along with L-Arginine which supports the penis hardness up to 110x.

The company took care of many health aspects in men like promoting sperm count, which again is the main reason for Erectile Dysfunction and lack of stamina.

The orgasmic chemistry applied to this product has let thousands of men feel the very desire of having sex which they hadn’t since years. Yes, Male Extra is for older males who want to re-experience the cool breeze of sex!

Male Extra only works when you try the whole course, even none of the natural penis enlargement pills gives the immediate effects.

So you gotta be patient my friend!

3) ProSolution

ProSolution is the for the performance seeker which turns men into a pro in having sex!

Prosolution Review

The male enhancement pills are medically certified to provide some matching results.

First of all, it affects the size of the male penis by the continuous and vigorous supply of blood, this will affect their sexual performance as well as the girth of their tool.

No risks have been noticed by the users because the consumption of multiple ProSolution pills is even healthier.

This is not possible with the prescription based blue pills which cause renal insufficiency when overdosed.

4) Extenze

Extenze has been one of the best penis enlargement pills for a decade, where it also came in many TV commercials and late-night TV shows.

Extenze Review

The reason why Extenze was shown on the live broadcast was that it helped millions of men worldwide to regain their masculine power back.

Extenze pills help men to cum and shoot like a porn star, the living proof is the Ron Jeremy along with other male porn stars who used Extenze for better performance and size. They also praised VigRX Plus for being the best in town.

What Extenze company claims will blow your mind with awe! It’s harder, larger and long-lasting erections which results in electrifying orgasms.

Furthermore, Extenze gives you full control over ejaculation which is a case-closing gesture for Premature Ejaculation.

 Extenze Results appear within the very first week, users who tried Extenze reported better erections along with enhanced stamina and enhanced ejaculation volume which according to their partner was breathtaking!

The reason there haven’t been any updates with the formula is why we have put Extenze on 4th in the list.

5) Max Performer

Like contender in our best penis enlargement pills list is Max Performer! It’s a flagship product from the company Silver Blade Nutrition LTD which helps men improve libido and sexual energy.

Max Performer review
Natural Male Enhancement Pills

The ingredients list of Max Performer contains 12 isolated natural ingredients that single-handedly overcome the issues of Premature Ejaculation, muscle fatigue during sexual intercourse and low confidence.

It’s a bit expensive product, but it has the charms to prove its efficacy in bed.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Help?

Not every penis enlargement pills but yes, some companies which are widely known make the best penis enlargement supplements since 2019.

The internationally recognized manufacturer uses the most suited ingredients that are completely natural. [1]

The synthetic chemicals that you see in the Viagra or Cialis are merely wounding to your reproductive health.

Best male enhancers like Male Extra and VigRX Plus in our list are devoid of chemically induced side effects which can worsen with time.

Male Extra vs Vigrx Plus Male Enhancement Pills

So always be careful before purchasing penis enlargement pills are look upon the ingredients closely.

One of the positive rumors about the best penis enlargement pills is they have been subjected to the clinical trial by third-party laboratories.

In this way, all the information regarding their ingredients and mechanism was fully assessed and written in the medical journals.

Health forums these days are the best ways to know more about these male enhancement pills. In every section, you can find males who tried one of these supplements and hearing their remarks about it changed their lives can be inspiring.

If you follow these simple guidelines, there is a high chance that you select the best all-natural products able to reinstate your erectile function problem harmlessly.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Better Than ED Pills?

That depends on which type of male enhancer you are currently using. The chemical drugs and natural male enhancement pills have the tendency to overcome the ED issue in the best possible way and their prime goal is to make men last longer in bed. [2]

For those who are only problems with attaining an erection, using the prescription ED Pills can be a fair solution. But the holistic results are obtained from natural male enhancement pills, they overcome multiple issues at once like boosting libido or sex drive in males, elevate their sense of having sex, increase total orgasm volume and pleasure along with other things you may wanna experience. 

Best Male Enhancement Pills Benefits –  7 Great Advantages by MEP

They could be time-consuming; penis enlargement pills need men to have a full course to attain the complete ingredients into their systems. The great deal about this supplement is they could deliver the permanent results in a given amount of time.

Some of the prime benefits you could achieve from using the best male enhancement pills are:

  • Male Enhancement Pills restores the erectile function which gives them enough hard to carry on the entire session. The power of Nitric Oxide elevation in these pills grows the penis in enormous size before sex. This mechanism is carried by a large blood supply which helps regain the erection function as well as intense stamina.
  • Increased manhood size is something every guy wants from the beginning of puberty. Well, it’s not that easy and simple, but requires the right amount of blood to reach the penile tissues. Now, this is not possible with a normal diet, but the use of supplementation can affect this mechanism. Comparing to the size of normal manhood and after the use of penis enlargement pills, you will notice a big difference when the erection occurs.
  • Best male enhancement pills bring improvement to sexual life. The way they work depends on your physical aspects and it works mainly on those parts which need help. So if you are using them there is a high chance of having prolonged erections, higher endurance every time you dive in and take your bedroom performance to the next level.
  • There is no control over ejaculations normally, with the help of male enhancement pills you will have a noticeable control over erections and ejaculations. This is the proper remedy for males who are the victim of Premature Ejaculation for which they can’t stay longer in bed.
  • Overall Health Improvements are something not every sex pills offer! This is not about only making your dick hard and letting you have wonderful sex but it’s more than this. Something natural about penis enlargement pills looks after an overall circulatory system that is responsible for the blood supply, this blood supply can also affect the function of the heart, brain, and other vital organs.
  • The very best penis enlargement pills are natural; their Naturalness begins to attract the users, but beware of what you are about to purchase. The reliable company and a list of ingredients with clinical background must be checked nevertheless.
  • No side effects- In comparison with the prescription medications or ED Pills, natural male enhancement pills have no side effects history so they’re not harmful to our health in simple words.

How Long Should I Take These Male Enhancement Pills?

The science behind the best penis enlargement pills demands from users to take it for 3 months. After which these supplements give away their real effect in the shape of better sexual life and well-being. [3]

Each ingredient used in the best male enhancement supplements mentioned above has unique ways to become permanent in your system. This is only possible if you continually take these pills without a day skipped.

The first breeze of the effects will knock within the very first week, but as you continue taking them more, you will feel a drastic change in your sexual behavior and the erection frequency never been like this before.

In a Nutshell…The longer you use the male enhancement pills the better results you get.

Final Verdict

Using natural methods is safer and effective, said by the sex experts around the world who have been studying the very frustrating science behind those failed erections.

Buy Male Extra Pills

Like most men, you might feel the need for these pills at any given age. Or if not, you could still augment the size of your manhood with the help of simple penis stretching exercises.

These exercises can also be used with the top penis enlargement pills in our domain and they can save you from micro-penis as well as bend penis syndrome which is like a sexual deformity to men.

Only the safer products must be purchased and their locations should be from the official website only.

There is nothing bad in trying these penis enlargement pills unless you are dedicated enough. Micropenis or smaller dicks are the reason for bedroom anxiety and breakage of a strong relation, do not wait for these things to worsen up any further. [4]

Help yourself and choose the best male enhancement supplement that suits you for banging her right!