Best Aneros – Top 3 Aneros Prostate Massagers for 2020!

Aneros male sex toy can induce several orgasms in men by the process of prostate milking. You may be aware of the biggest names in the field, but Aneros after introducing prostate massagers are now standing at the top.

Sex toys are a convenient way to have remarkable sexual stimulation and unforgettable orgasms. With the help of sex toys, men and women who are shy in making a conversation can now easily get their feet shaken.

With the latest advancement in the science of human biology, we found out that the male prostate is the sensitive and delicate organ which upon stimulation can be pretty enchantingly orgasmic.

This is the fact about prostate massagers which the majority of men still don’t know about.  If you are new to this one make sure to buckle up your seat belt because it’s going to be an ecstatic ride.

Aneros – Prostate Massager and Orgasm Tool

Best Prostate Massager for 2019

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Prostate stimulation toys are the future of sex toys which men are considering buying besides having a girlfriend. It is the power to activate the hidden sensors inside the male prostate which sort of gives Aneros a charismatic authority on us.

Taking a look at Aneros male Masturbators, we could say the design for all their brands is critical, but it surely provides you some bone-chilling and toe-curling orgasm.

Sex toys as we speak aren’t that easy to use anymore, you only need to learn how to place them cautiously and the rest of things will be done automatically.

Aneros prostate massaging tool is not a heavy dildo but 4 inches small butt plug that goes inside the anal route.

After insertion, the tip of the toy begins to vibrate which leads to massage the prostate, which is considered G-spot in men.

One end of the toy is inside the butt while the other end fixes onto the perineum where it massages the external aura. The dual massaging technique can lead to intense, mesmerizing and thirst-quenching orgasm.

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Top 3 Aneros Prostate Massagers

The best 3 Aneros sex toys are described below with their precise specifications, how to use it and users’ reviews about the results.


Aneros Vice Prostate Stimulator Review

For the first-timers, Aneros vice can be very much calming and to experience the hands-free masturbation.

The bulbous shape Aneros Vice adds a kink factor to your alone time play, the bulb goes smoothly inside the anal route without the sensations of pain.

The feelings of pleasure compensate for the pressure, according to the users who found it comfortably in the 2nd time.

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Aneros Vice Specs

When you look at the massager closely, it has 2 ends one of which is a silicone plug while the other end is Vibrating Bullet.

The silicone is perfectly fixed to the medical-grade definition as the velvet-like texture does everything to make it smoother and safe to use.

Aneros Vice is designed according to the male anatomical structure which after inserting the bullet end becomes tighter.

The plug fixes against the prostate gland and slow vibrations can intensify the glorious moments.

The plus diameter, the length is listed below:

What’s Inside Aneros Vice Box?

Users will find one AAA battery with the silicone butt plug, the vibrating bullet and an instructional manual about how to use it.

How to Use Aneros Vice?
  1. The exact ways to use the Aneros Vice sex toy are described below:
  2. Prepare yourself and the mood, be relaxed with no further distractions. You can adopt some relaxation techniques that allow you to submerge your head totally in the game.
  3. Take a water-based lube and gently apply it to the anus surroundings and some on the head of the toy.
  4. Lying on any side where you are comfortable, lift your one leg and pull up the knee so make the route accessible.
  5. Relax, take some deep breathes and slowly insert the bulb, to the halfway the automatic sphincter moments will take the rest in.
  6. After insertion, you can either just lay down and let the vibrations do the work, OR you can repeatedly be relaxing and contracting the muscles of the Gooch. The process during vibration can be extremely stimulating so you should focus on the joy instead of what to do.
  7. Keep letting the vibrations turn on your mood and don’t stop until you are finished.
Aneros Vice Results and Reviews

Before Aneros launched its prostate massagers, sex toys like Progasm were on the top.

This led many users turned to the Aneros Vice because of its comforting value.

Unlike other sex toys which have enormous girth, the Aneros Vice is slimmer and easy to take in.

You don’t have to take it a couple of times to get used to it, plus the feelings that are generated after insertion are entirely different than taking a dick into your butt.

Aneros Vice sucks it in and stops the bulking movements, with a small diameter the users are purchasing it for safety issues.

Results of Aneros Vice include incredible prostate stimulation and marked relief from urinary tract infection-related pain.


Within a reduced cost and a chance to simplify the orgasms, Aneros Vice can be potentially beneficial sex toys with a long-lasting battery.

The batteries are rechargeable and all the mechanism of the hardware is going inside the tube that feels like a silky skin.

Upon breakage there is no replacement for the battery or the body, a must portable male sex toy and personal prostate massager.


Aneros helix syn Prostate massagers review

Aneros Helix Syn is the smallest prostate massager which is basically for the beginners who want to experience the incredible sensation.

It is not a big sex toy that gets noticed in your room or the shelf, the small design makes it portable and effective.

For the un-experienced ones, the Aneros Helix Syn can bring up the highest level of joy with ease.

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Aneros Helix Syn Specs

The total length of the prostate massager is 5 inches with an elongated tip, which the user can insert up to 4 inches of the body.

The medical-grade silicone covers the whole sex toy which arouses no allergic reactions and any skin rash on the body.

By looks, you can see a luxurious and velvety feel sex toy that has no bumps or spots on the surface.

How to Use Aneros Helix Syn?

Aneros Helix Sys is the smallest hands-free device which works on its own, before experiencing the glorified orgasm you must follow the 5 easy steps.

  1. Getting relaxed the prostate muscles is very necessary for this situation.
  2. Consume water-based lube and apply on the anal surface and at the tip of the massager, just a little.
  3. Make a comfortable position as per your will, so you can insert the device with ease.
  4. Slowly insert the toy, once it’s inside 1/3 way, the anal muscles can take the remaining inside. Do not touch it and let it, work it out.
  5. Just lay down and enjoy the ground-breaking orgasm!
Aneros Helix Syn Customers Review

It’s easier for the insertion, esp for heterosexual men it provides a guide about how to use it perfectly.

There’s only a little pressure upon insertion like a tingling sensation. The best part comes after the insertion when it vibrates, it does what it says!


This can be the gateway toy for replacing the women forever! I mean, who needs them when the key for the pleasure comes handy.

Joe Gomez
Aneros Helix Syn Conclusion

Here is what we found exciting about the Helix Syn by Aneros:

  • It’s easier to insert as a buttplug than most sex toys available
  • Not just the prostate gland but Helix Syn does a soothing massage on the anal canal that explains the enthralling sensations
  • Best for the unexperienced guys who never tried sex toys or prostate massagers like this before
  • The hand’s free stimulation lets you use it even during sex or while masturbation- multiply the joy!
  • Helix Syn is cheaper than many versions of Aneros Sex Tools


Aneros Vice 2 Vibrating Silicone Male G-spot Stimulator

After Aneros Vice prostate massager which was the first vibrating prostate massager from the company. The Vice won the best award for Outstanding Product Designed by men in the year it was launched.

After the success of Aneros Vice, they have launched the Vice 2 which has some serious naughty aspects attached.

The male sex toy features a REMOTE CONTROL with multiple settings for vibration, also they have put USB charging batteries which puts some more glamour into this. And why not! I mean they are asking you to pay $149 for this.

Aneros Vice 2 Amazon Price
Aneros Vice 2 Specs
  • It’s a big sex toy with some serious vibrating power, the insertable length is 4.25 inches which is not for every man but only for the experts.
  • The tip width is about 1.3 inches which provides a rigid and packed prostate stimulation
  • The middle width doesn’t get any lesser but same as the tip width i.e 1.3 inches
How to Use Aneros Vice 2?
  1. It is recommended to charge the Aneros Vice 2 for 2 hours before the first use.
  2. Wash the toy with a friendly cleaner
  3. Lubricate both the Vice 2 and the anal route with water-based lube
  4. Lay on your back with your knees lifted slightly
  5. Gradually insert the Vice 2 to your butt until the perineal tab fit against the perineum. This may feel like emerging pressure on the prostate
  6. Starts relaxing and contracting the anal muscles to get familiar with the device
  7. Now, choose the vibration setting and enjoy the irresistible orgasm!
Aneros Vice 2 Vibration Settings

Unlike the other versions of Aneros Sex Toy, there are 2 vibration motors inside this toy. This way, the prostate gland, and perineum get equal massage both from inside and outside.

If you take a close look at Vice 2, you will see a right-angled position of these two motors that allow the device to the axle in a unique manner that delivers very new and joyful sensations.

About Vice 2 vibrations, the devices come with 18 different vibration settings each of which has 4 different strengths. You can have experienced altogether 72 DIFFERENT SENSATIONS.

Setting 1: Continuous solid vibrations, combining it with cycling and you will get periodical buzzed, rolls, back and forth motions that jolt the prostate stimulation to the highest level. Users even begin to feel the goosebumps during this phase.

Aneros Vice 2 dual motors have classic modes available which persuade your brain to gain more and more pleasure and at last the burst-full orgasm awaits. These are named mode 5,8,11 and 17.

The mode 5 conveys a relaxing motion which shifts between the 2 motors inside

  • Mode 8 delivers a nudge like an impulse with long and continuous vibration
  • Mode 11 an excelled and steady nudging pace with almost feels like having anal sex/this effect is charming for women who crave anal insertions
  • Mode 17 is considered the diabolic as it combines everything like nudges, continuous vibes, pivoting motions, back and forth and more
Aneros Vice 2 Reviews

Vice 2 has received an O award for men which are considered the Oscars for sex toys.

This type of sex toy is for advanced users who are tired of waxed pussies and fleshlight sex toys.

Those who want to experience the uplifting sensations and long-lasting pleasure are buying Vice 2 for its rigid body and automatic remote control functions.

Vice 2 changed my perception about sex toys and now my sex life will never be the same!


FINAL VERDICT – Best 3 Aneros Prostate Massagers

Here is our final verdict about the detailed Aneros guide, as a man you may have used many tricks for masturbation.

But this time it’s going to be different there are no hands involved, with the power of vibration and prostate massaging technique, the level of satisfaction you used to get by your hands will going to be changed forever.

Aneros has a wide variety of sex toys for both men and women, although their prime customers are male who is looking for an extraordinary prostate massage.

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Did you know the hygienic and perfect prostate massage can keep you off from various sexual disorders?

The best Prostate Massager and Male Sex Toy title goes to the Aneros Vice 2 because of its unanimous 72 different vibration settings and promising orgasm it delivers to the users.

Those men who haven’t heard of it now is the time to break down the barriers and introduce yourself to sex that can change your life.