5 Benefits of Water-Based Lube During Sex!

Lubes or lubricants are all over the market to ease the sexual path, many of us who wants to smoothen the ways up using lubes which are of different types.

From anal lube to water based and silicone-based, lubes increase sexual pleasure by avoiding rutted touch.

Lubricants are of two main types; one is water-based the other is silicone-based.

Both of them serve the same purpose, but their chemical properties distinguish them in terms of after effects to the skin.

Let’s discuss and see how we differentiate lubes.

1) Silicone Based Lube

Silicone based lubes are for adults who like to spend some special time alone in the shower.

Not to mention you can masturbate with this lube under the shower, but when it comes to cleaning, you may spend a large sum of time.

Another thing about Silicone based lube is with sex toy it is not a good idea to use them since they damage the surface of these toys which can deliver the infectious compound to the inner skin.

This will also forfeit the warranty of the product and gives you a rash after the use.

Because of the continuous mechanism, silicone-based lubes are ideal for anal sex since they don’t get dried easily.

For long-lasting sex, silicone-based lubes are preferred by the majority of the population.

2) Water-Based Lube

Water based lubes are the most used, safer and natural option for most users.

Upon application, water based lubes can be thick or thin which also depends on your intended use.

Unlike silicone-based lube, water based lube can be used with sex toys without damaging their surface and it’s quite easy to wash-off.

There is no limit on how much water based you can use since its harmful for all your purposes, you can also use it with condoms and add a little water to re-activate the mechanism.

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5 Surprising Effects of Water Based Lube on Sexual Pleasure

Bathmate water based sex lubricant

Majority of the world’s population uses Water Based lube as a sign of safe sex because it’s completely natural.

Let’s see how it affects sexual pleasure for both men and women.


Water based lube intensifies the amount of pleasure you are gaining during sexual intercourse.

The natural lubricant will cheer your mood up and make the most of your solo or couple session.

It is for the keen men who don’t like to experience any uneven surface and just want smooth things.

You won’t get any infection, pain or burning sensation at the site of application, this is only intended to lessen up the pain and discomfort which usually experienced by petite women.

According to the study, the application of water based lube increases the level of pleasure 10 times in comparison with doing it raw.


Water-based lubes are the best way to treat a dried vagina, females with a dry vagina, usually find sex too painful or discomforting.

It helps them maintain the pH level inside the vagina, which naturally avoids the dryness.

Using water-based lube before sex will improve vaginal flexibility and it mimics the natural vaginal lubrication.

Females who cannot perform intercourse because of this single reason will find water based lube beneficial.


Foreplay is an important aspect of sexual intimacy; it is a sort of warm-up exercise before the main sets.

If you want your girl to be ready and comfortable, performing foreplay can help you both attain the next level of intimacy and get ready for the actual play!

Foreplay with water based lubes usually maximizes the timing and stops any chances of premature ejaculation.

It is the structure of water based lube that gives you enough power to stay up late and cum like a porn star.

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Whether you are indulging yourself in couple play or solo, water based lube can be used in both ways.

It is not like men and women with genitalia problems are the only ones who use water based lube, it provides the most mesmerizing experience in solo a.k.a masturbation that conveys incredible pleasure.

One of the great things about water based lubricant that it doesn’t leave stains on the bedsheet and is quite easier to wash-off, unlike silicone based lube.

Masturbation with water based lube is the experienced none other than sex. Yes, you need a sex toy for that to compliment this solo theme.


Water based lubes serves as a very ideal massaging tool, imagine you are giving your girl the best massage of her life before getting inside her.

This is perfect for the back or thigh massage and it doesn’t form a sticky layer on the skin.

Unlike silicone based lube which causes skin damage at multiple sites, water based lube dries up quickly and you can add some water to re-mimic its effects.

Before foreplay, touching the sensitive body parts is another way to getting prepared for deep thrust and insertion.

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