Bathmate Hydromax – The Best Hydro Penis Pump of 2020!

Bathmate Hydromax penis pump is the new innovation, which sets you free from the jeopardizing ingredients found in many male enhancement supplements.

There are not more than 265 male enhancement pills available in the internet market today and all of them have one thing in particular, THE CLAIMS!!

Having an intense and most pleasurable sexual intercourse is every man’s desire, but not every man can achieve such power and stamina.

Not just the stamina, but the size of your penis also counts, it is by far to me the most important aspect which most men forget and takes different varieties of male enhancement pills hoping they can achieve greater power during sex.

BathMate HydroMax Pump
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Regular exercise can make your body size bigger, just like that penile exercise is also a vivid concept which has been approved by scientific studies in many countries.


I am talking about a traction method to enlarge the size of the penis which is by the way permanent!

About Me

I am writing this on my own, I didn’t get paid for this neither I am related to any product selling webpage.

I am just a normal person who has experienced remarkable effects from Bathmate Hydromax and how it changed my sexual life is something that compelled me to write a review about it.

The purpose is to enlighten most men who are wasting their money on a daily basis by purchasing counterfeit penis enlargement supplements which could be dangerous for their sexual health in not so distant future.

I had a 5-inch penis to be exact, but with months of spending time with Bathmate, I have now 8-inch DICK!!!

You want to know how I did that. It’s a simple trick called “Traction method” which you can get only from the penis pumps.

Bathmate Hydromax is one of the premium and quality product that I trusted and so far it has made me more than proud.

Let’s take a spotlight on the product for a second.

What Is Bathmate Hydromax?

Before Bathmate Hydromax there were many penis pumps which were not that much famous amongst men.

Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps
Bathmate Hydromax Series

Bathmate Hydromax is like an upgrade to all penis pumps which was designed by John Oaks in 2006, one of the unique things about this penis pump is that you can use it while taking a shower and it has the tightest grips without any sign of leakage.

After its launch in 2006, Bathmate Hydromax hit a big time amongst men who were struggling with their sexual lives.

I did read all the old testimonials and customer reviews and every one of them was pointing towards the following outcomes.

Bathmate Hydromax increases the length as well as the GIRTH of your penis.

Below are the Bathmate Size chart:

  • Hydromax x20 – 6.5 Inch
  • Hydromax X30 – 7 Inch
  • Bathmate Hydromax X40 – 8 Inch
  • Hydromax X50 – 9 Inch

It is an essential tool for men who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, regular use can improve the erection quality as well as the overall sexual performance.

Bathmate equips your penile cells with the very amount of energy which came from exercising not the intake of various ingredients in a capsule.

How Bathmate Hydromax Works?

Here is a quick biology lesson!

When you perform bodybuilding at the gym your body muscle expands and the size is well enhanced; thereby they are forced to contain more blood which means more power and durability.

The same case is with your penis, the main chamber called Corpora Cavernosa which needs to be filled with a gregarious amount of blood supply.

Hydromax increases the contractility of Corpora Cavernosa which enable your penis length and girth to expand in size.

How Hydromax Pump works?

You may have heard it from the origin of Viagra that it treats ED by improving blood supply, but it also deviates the path into numerous ways.

Hydromax on the other strictly follows the “traction method” which upon regular application can open up the valves of your penis and it maximizes your dick’s true potential which you can experience by delivering an impressive semen volume and sexual pleasure.

Tips to Get The Best Results from Bathmate Hydromax

There are some do’s and don’ts which you should keep in mind before using Bathmate or any other penis pumps.

These tricks will also improve the efficacy and leads to faster results.

  • Always Warm Up

Using penis pumps in a cold environment can damage your penile muscles which you surely cannot afford. The best way is to warm you up before using Bathmate, simply put the warm towel on your penis to ease the vessels for traction force.

  • Shave Your Pubic Region

Hair in the pubic area sometimes poses problems in the suction process. The more suction your penis pump is producing the more results it will deliver. If you have excessive pubic hair, then get ready for the severe rash and painful jerks. Simply shave it all!

  • Always Take it Slow

Some men abuse the penis pumps by using them excessively in the very first week. Penis pumps like Bathmate Hydromax are to be used with the cautions and user should handle it very slowly. Vigorous use can damage your penis tissues and it can be a pretty painful situation.

  • Use Proper Male Enhancement Supplement

That’s why I used the word “Proper” because there are dozens of male enhancement supplements everywhere.

In my opinion, VigRX Plus or Male Extra can give you positive synergistic effects which are mainly designed for improving blood supply.

Providing various nutrients to the sex organ is very essential, men who take proper diet shouldn’t be using a male enhancement supplement as they are already getting a plenty hand full of nourishment from their diet.

My Bathmate Hydromax Results

I am not going to make up scenarios or lie about the results.

It requires persistence if you are using a penis pump, especially in a case of Bathmate Hydromax you don’t have to worry about the loose endings and quality sort of things.

The material is very good and it fixes just perfect!

After a week I noticed the only marked difference in my sexual performance, felt like something, opened up and it is now getting filled with more power and strength.

No results until 2 weeks, after which I started seeing my girth increased in size, the length however gained half of an inch.

It is guaranteed with Hydromax that your sexual performance will be greatly affected as if you used to stay 5 minutes now you will stay for 20 minutes.

The quality and sustenance of erection are superior to any male enhancement supplement I have used.

After one and a half month, my 5.3-inch penis gained about 2.5 inches and now it’s unlike anything she has ever seen.

I knew the continuous workout can enlarge any muscle in your body so why not the PENIS!!!

Sex is greater than ever now and my stamina is limitless which she complimented me many times.

My own Story 🙂

Bathmate Hydromax Benefits

Bathmate Hydromax is superior to many penis pumps available online from the official Bathmate website (

The reason is its manufacturer which holds a great reputation amongst other companies by using medical grade material in all of its products.

There are many qualities available of Bathmate penis pumps ranging from Hydromax extreme and Hydromax.

Personally speaking, I have been using Bathmate Hydromax for over 3 months and I would really like to show you what kind of benefits it actually gave.

  • My penis size is enhanced (speaking of length and girth)
  • I feel more alive during sex
  • It’s very easy to use
  • Safer than other penis pumps
  • Gives you a stronger and long-lasting erection
  • Can be easily used during a shower
  • Bathmate Hydromax has money back guarantee
  • My sexual stamina is very much improved now

The negative points about Bathmate Hydromax are the cost and the results appear if you used it for at least 1 month.

To some people, the cost is not the issue if their sex life is on the stake.

Where to Buy Bathmate Hydromax Online?

You may have heard about the scam they do to people by selling them the cheap penis pumps.

You will get a box which says it’s from Bathmate but actually, you never know what’s inside the box.

Buy Hydromax online
Buy Bathmate Hydromax X-Series Pump

It happened to people whom I know where they chose to order from different sources.

To which there is a solution, Buy Bathmate Hydromax from the official page only.

The official retailers ensure that you get the quality product, and there are also the additional amount of accessories which you can attach to the penis pump.

Additional Accessories with Bathmate Hydromax

  • Trimmer
  • Shower Strap
  • Capsule Case
  • Cushion Rings
  • Long Insert
  • Measure Gauge
  • Pleasure Lube
  • Cleaning Kit

These accessories are not free, but you have to purchase them separately by adding them to your cart.

Bathmate Hydromax Shipping and Payment Procedure

It was the easiest online transaction for me; all I did was visit the official website and added Bathmate Hydromax with all the accessories I mentioned above.

The next day I got an email verifying my location and within 3 days I got the package.

Their delivery mode is discreet and packed within a brown box which no one will notice that you have ordered a penis pump.

In my case, I wouldn’t mind if they shipped me just the open device.

Final Thoughts

If you are really serious about enlarging your penis size, then you would choose something that has a logical explanation.

In every website, you will find the traction method as a potential way of penis enlargement, not male enhancement pills, no artificial products but only physical traction on a continuous basis.

Working out the muscles in your penis is linked with various health benefits, it boosts your sexual timings, the pleasure and most of all the semen volume which defines your fertility.

Within 45 days I experienced the fountain of youth which I only heard in movies before.

It is indeed the most fascinating sexual experience I have witnessed with a large penis, as compared to the older sexual encounters where my size wasn’t sufficient for deep penetration.


Q1: How quickly can I see the results with Bathmate Hydromax?

A: It takes 40-45 days for traction method to give the effects that you can visibly feel. But the enhancement in sexual performance will begin in only 2 weeks. For the ideal results, it is recommended to use Bathmate Hydromax for at least 3 months.

Q2: Which Bathmate Penis Pump is the best?

A: The Hydromax pump from Bathmate is the design of future which uses water as a source of traction. Relatively, the Hydromax is superior and effective than original Bathmate pumps since it applies the ideal type of pressure and can be used during a shower.

Q3: Is it normal to use Bathmate Hydromax every day?

A: No! The first 30 days should be regular but after that, if your erections are appearing quickly, then you are advised to use it after every 24 hours.

Q4: Can Hydromax treat Erectile Dysfunction?

A: ED is caused by lack of blood supply in the penile region, the mechanism of Hydromax is to improve the blood supply which improves the erection quality and its duration.

Q5: Are the results from Bathmate permanent?

A: Yes, this is the main difference between male enhancement pills and penis pumps. The results that you get from the penis pumps are permanent, but that doesn’t mean you gotta stop doing the penis workout. Kegel exercises are designed to help you with it.

Q6: What is the best place to buy Hydromax?

A: The official website of Hydromax is the only source which can get you the genuine product. Rest of sources cannot be trusted.