What is Average Penis Size and How Can I Increase Mine?

How to Make Your Penis Bigger and harder, This is a question of millions around the world and we came up with the right solution here!

Thus is not the 80’s but 2020 where females go crazy about bigger dicks, sex is also play the most important part when you are trying to make her stay in your life.

This is why having a bigger size penis is in demand.

A bigger penis can achieve deep penetration which is the key to satisfy any woman to her will. Not every man carries a big dick; some men are born with slightly less size than normal.

You can thank later to science since there are many ways to increase the size of your penis.

With the help of exercise, natural supplement, and adequate dietary regimen you can add extra inches to your penis.

By applying these techniques in your everyday routine, you can get the fastest results within a month. Not only the size will enhance, but so would your sexual performance and stamina.

Let’s discuss each aspect briefly and let you bigger and harder your penis. 

We can talk about it all day but the real things have been said in many online platforms about how to make the penis bigger in real.

Well, this is happening now!

About Ideal Penis Size and Vaginal Deepness

They both vary with each other because they are associated with different genders. According to science, an average erect penis is 33% longer than the average vaginal deepness.

How deep is the average vagina?

It doesn’t mean you can’t insert while you are hard, a vagina can expand during sex due to increased blood flow, which sometimes also allows it to take the longer one. [1]

But that’s not what happens to every female and not every male has an eight to nine-inch dick

A research conducted by world-class sexologists in 2015 concluded that the average penis size is what that doesn’t hit the female cervix.

Well, that’s an interesting point, but most men do not pay attention to that. 

What Research Has to Say About It?

We live in a world where most women lie about their level of satisfaction. Nevertheless, you should know that the term “small dick” exists.

You might have a stronger and hard penis but some men do not, for they have an average dick size four to five inches which is generally called smaller.

When we talk about woman’s intense emotions which are aroused by the insertion, anything that is shorter than 5 inches is considered useless to them. 

Although the average vaginal deepness is 5 inches, still some women can hold 9-inch dick.

This is because the vagina can adjust their size according to the size of your penis which is natural. 

By this point, we can openly say the perfect size is between 6.5 to 7.6 inches which will keep her satisfied. It’s not like guys with below-average size can’t please their women, but the intensity would be mild per se.

And it also depends on the region you live in, mostly Asians guys have the smaller dick than the rest of the region but some of them also develop longer penis which is, of course, happens anywhere.

Globally, the average penis size is 5.75 inches which is almost 6 inches. 

Does Girth Matters? Like Size

Many of us ignore the fact that it’s the girth of the penis that delivers high-grade pleasure not the length.

Girth to many people is known as Circumference of a penis which defines its thickness and agility.

Like penis length, girth should not also be outrageous which makes it difficult for a woman to handle.

The average penis girth must be around 5.5-6 inches above which can damage the elasticity of the vaginal walls. 

How Much Bigger Penis Can Be Too Big?

Women can handle guys with big dicks, but we are talking about abnormally long size.

Bigger penis with 10 inches length is considered dangerous for a woman, but that’s not the case with everyone.

how to increase girth size fast

Sometimes the big which is too big for women depends on their mood, which means if she is not aroused there’s a chance you might hurt her from inside. [2]

This is why it is advised to use lubricants to fix the issue. 

Another situation is where she has been taking different drugs like contraceptive pills, anti-allergy or other potent formulations.

These medications can make the vagina dehydrated and upon vigorous rubbing on the dried walls, she might feel extreme pain and discomfort. 

The point is, there is no version of “How big is too Big” unless she is totally out of the mood and sexually inactive.

This can also shift the blame to men if they are solely relying on their dick size, which makes them selfish and less intimidating in bed. 

Why Do Men Want to Make Penis Bigger?

We are talking about decent, caring and most of all a man who is not selfish in bed. Men with extraordinary penis size can either perform the ideal sex or ruins it completely.

The requirement of “foreplay” is that’s why essential. Small dicks are hard to insert and you have to switch to multiple positions until you find a suitable one. 

Such hard works are not associated with larger penises, rather you have to touch it to the opening and it will slip right inside. But that doesn’t mean you don’t care about her tightness which requires you to be gentle.

Pornstars depict the ideal state of deep penetration was the only moan as they hear coming from pleasure. 

How to Turn Small dick into Big Penis?

Not the penis enlargement surgery or the other awful products you see every day online.

The penis is more than important and quite delicate organs which upon taking different medications can be affected. 

You have seen many penis enhancers which surely do their tricks, but again, are you ready for the dreadful side effects?

The most common effects are the loss of libido and erectile dysfunction, which is caused by the over-use of penis enlargement products. 

Whereas, natural ways to increase penis size are becoming popular this has captured the attention of many men. 

Exercises to make your penis bigger! 

Exercise is a natural way to improve the function of your body overall, and it also helps you increase the size of your penis.

Does Exercise Work to Increase Penis Size?

Not just the normal exercise, but there are other types of exercise by which you can improve the circulation and muscle texture of your penis which can lead to penis enlargement. [3]

Some basic exercises to make your penis bigger are

  • Stretching Exercise

This is a plain exercise that requires you to hold the head of your penis. While holding the head you need to grab the stretch it and rotate it about 30 times to the left. The same process will be done by rotating towards the right side (30 times). This exercise mainly works when you do it daily or 2 times a day. Note that you do not need to apply vigorous stretching force as it can damage your penile muscles, do it gently and you might find this technique very much useful. 

  • Erection Technique

This technique needs you to first make your penis erect as much as you can. After an erection is achieved put a towel on its head and stretch for 3-5 seconds. Do these sets for 4-5 times and if you can bear the pressure of dry towel, try using a wet one. This will challenge the strength of your penis muscles and allow them to bigger in size. This technique will give you an extra amount of stamina and endurance level during sexual intercourse and also used to enhance the size of your penis head. 

You can also massage your whole dick with a warm cloth after this technique is done. 

  • Lubrication

Lubricants are mostly used penis enlargement aid which helps you naturally enlarge a smaller size penis. The Internet market is full of penis enlargement lubricants which help you massage your dick a more comfortable way and thus increase its size remarkably. 

The ingredients in many lubricants reach deeply to the penile tissues and help them gain size. Make sure to use water-based lubricants as they are easy to dry after application. 

Erection Boosting Activity

There are some specific sort of behavior you need to avoid if you want to boost your sexual stamina and erection. [5]

How to make your erection stronger

Habits like smoking, porn, stressing should be out from the scene, pronto! 

  • Exercising

Exercise brings sundry benefits to your health since it utilizes every muscle of your body, and it also gives you the fullest erection. Cardio exercises are beneficial in this case, causing the maximum amount of blood rushing to the penis. In this way, you will be able to stay longer in bed and boost your sexual stamina remarkably. 

  • Stop Smoking

Smoking causes hindrance in the blood circulation which is an integral part of getting an erection. Nicotine is quite an addictive substance, but you need to stop using it if you want a better sex life. 

  • Stress makes your penis smaller

Your brain is responsible for the blood rush in the penile area, and a stressed brain cannot do it very well. Meditation is the best cure for this or tries some CNS stimulants. 

Penis Pump

Way better than the male enhancement pills through the penis pumps are the result of the latest technology which has made it easier for men to perform a different sort of exercise.

There are numerous penis pumps available in the market but make sure you buy the right one. In our view, Penomet would be the best choice which works on the expansion principle. 

Penis Enlargement: Does It Work?

How do they work?

Well, it’s a simple method, every penis pump has a cylinder where your penis shaft goes and you generate a vacuum within that cylinder.

The vacuum causes the penis cells and tissues to expand and therefore in a very short time, this aggregation of bigger tissues will cause elongation of your penis.

The penis pump does not offer any harmful effects since it works on a perfect principle of expansion, not only to push the blood, but it also expands the tunica tissues of your penis which further results in new cells bigger. 

Use it with a cock ring if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Penomet penis pump can be available through their official web store which is very much easier to buy. 

Eating Healthy Food Makes Your Dick Harder

Our medicine should be our food and our food should be our medicine. This is quite a creative and indeed the useful norm to follow.

5 foods that increase penis size naturally

Some essential food which will give your size, hardness and a little boost:

  • Bananas – The nutrients in bananas support cardiovascular health, giving you more proficient blood flow to your manhood when it’s time to satisfy your partner.
  • Pomegranates – This fruit is a rock-solid food if you want solid erections. Not only do pomegranates support healthy blood flow by aiding in the creation of nitric oxide, but they also boost testosterone levels in the body. As we all know, testosterone is the primary factor in creating men’s features and libido. 
  • Dark Chocolate – This food aids in blood vessel dilation. A recent study has suggested that eating 1.6 ounces of dark chocolate a day resulted in a 10% increase in blood vessel dilation.

Herbal Medications to Increase Penis Size

Besides exercise techniques and food items, the health market is offering certain types of penis enlargement supplement which claims an efficient result and help you make your penis size bigger.

Some years back there have been a lot of scams that almost bankrupted the market of herbal supplements. This is why now the manufacturer advises buying these products only from their official source available. 

When it comes to the best, more accurate and satisfying results, Male Extra pills are running on the top.

best male enhancement pills for bigger penis

By seeing customers’ reviews on the different penis enlargement/male enhancement brands we have shortlisted Male Extra pills because of the maximum number of satisfied customers. 

The reason why Male Extra Pills are the best penis enlargement brand is that they have only used the herbal essence of various herbs to form this product.

The product solely works by increasing the size of your penis without exposing your body to any unwanted harmful side effects which in the case of other penis enlarging supplements are too high. 

Having said that, different males have different physiological functions by which a supplement produces an effect.

The formula of Male Extra has been tested on men from different races and it worked on about 90% of subjects.

It will not only increase the size of your organ but will enhance your sexual experience and give you long-lasting endurance levels

Some important advice from the specialist to get a Bigger and Harder PENIS! 

How to make your Penis the size and shape you desire
  • Improve Heat by Foreplaying Session

Many sex therapists believe that blood flow plays a very important role in the penis enlargement process and penis health. Turning up the heat means more foreplay, in this way men will get more heat inside and he will feel bigger every time. Sex timings should be longer than we normally do, says Ian Kerner. Couples who engage themselves in foreplay for a long time are prone to have a much healthier sex life than those who do not perform foreplay. 

  • Lose Some Weight

If you want to have a bigger size penis then you should immediately lose some weight because fat people mostly have a small penis. The fatter you are the region located in the pelvis will be all bulged out when you are overweight, several fats in your thighs will make your penis looks much smaller than it is. The fat around your penis will inhibit its bigger and that’s how your dick will stay small forever. Star losing weight, once you lost some pounds you will notice that your penis size will be slightly bigger than before. So now you are ready for the exercise techniques mentioned above. 

  • Cutting Down Pubic Hair

Extra pubic hair will certainly make your penis look shorter. By shaving them you can increase the sensitivity of your penis which comes from the cells inside. Some sexual specialists believe in trimming pubic hair every week because that’s how you reveal your actual penis length. Pubic hair needs the amount of energy to bigger, which they get from the penile area, by sipping the juice from that particular area, it will be hard for the penis cells to bigger further which is why trimming extraneous pubic hair is a must! 

  • Get an erection to increase blood flow

Keeping the blood flow, high directly affects the size of your penis- some sex specialist says. There are so many ways to increase the blood flow to your penis like masturbation without ejaculating, sexual stimulation by foreplay or oral sex. High blood flow is normally not preferred for cardio patients, but here we are talking about the normal men who want to gain some size. 

Final Words

Following the instructions we mentioned in this article we believe that men would add some bigger in your penis size in a very short period.

Remember that having a small dick will make your sexual life dim and it also won’t make your girl wet the way she expected.

In our opinion the exercise and diets can be the secondary choice, however, using natural penis enhancing supplement i.e Male Extra Pills can help you achieve the size in a very safe and natural way.

This treatment worked on about thousands of men and we are sure it can work for you too! 

Act before you run out of age and options which are easier than you think.