Androzene Review – The Legal High Male Potency Formula for 2020!

This is an honest Androzene Review where you’ll be shown the reality about this product and everything you want to know.

The introduction to Male Enhancement supplements is not that much required since the majority of men and women already know about it.

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The difference between a genuine and fake male enhancement supplement is the customer reviews, ingredients in the formula and moreover the manufacturer.

The legitimacy of any male enhancement cream or pill can be analyzed by taking a closer look at their aforementioned features.

Today our spotlight would be at Androzene, a rapidly growing male enhancement supplement which claim the same things like other Sex Pills available in the market.

Let’s Start With What Is Androzene?


Androzene is the combination of natural aphrodisiac ingredients which are formulated to enhance the sexual experience of men.

It claims to increase your sexual confidence and performance, which builds your personality from an initial point.

Men who are closer to the Erectile Dysfunction or those who cannot generate a sufficient amount of sperm cells can take benefits from Androzene.

Androzene, according to another group of people is a Testosterone boosting supplement which works in different ways to improve men’s sexual health.

Who Makes Androzene?

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Androzene is manufactured by Health Club Diet, LLC which was founded something about 7 years ago.

There are no proofs that can assist the fact this company is approved by the FDA or Better Business Bureau, which makes us a little bit of doubtful about the quality of the product.

Their official website has a plethora of information about the company, but what happens if we ask to arrange a meeting with their staff?

We don’t think we are going to get that permission.

Androzene Ingredients

How Androzene works are behind the mechanism of the following ingredients?

Androzene Ingredients and Dosage
Androzene Supplement Facts

The quality of ingredients available in Androzene is super but the quantity is not that powerful to bring up the intense actions.

Let’s see what’s in Androzene

  • Guarana Seed Extract:Extracted from the Amazon forest, this herb is known to provide CNS stimulant effect like caffeine. This will increase the performance of every cell in your muscle and it reduces the muscle fatigue, which many of us experience after sexual intercourse.
  • Taurine: Taurine is nearly an amino acid which acts as a mood-stabilizing agent. The effects of Taurine are mental as well as physical which can be beneficial in combination with other ingredients.
  • Yohimbine: Yohimbine is an Index Quinolizidine alkaloid which considered a treatment for erectile dysfunction. The extract of Yohimbine is known to induce sexual feelings and stronger erection upon sexual response. According to another research on Yohimbine, the alkaloid increases the sexual urges and delivers intense pleasure during sex and even masturbation.
  • Eleuthero Root Extract: One of the causes of lack of sexual feelings is too much of the stress. The Siberian ginseng a.k.a Eleuthero Root is known to increase the resistance to stressful situations. Furthermore, it enhances the power inside your muscles and penis which results in solid physical performance with maximum hardness.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: The Journal of Dietary Supplements endorsed the use of Tribulus as it increases the level of free Testosterone in men’s body. Unless you are producing heaps of Testosterone there is no chance you are going to make it. Testosterone defines your sexual performance more than any hormone in the body and this herb can increase its level all naturally.

The WebMD also concludes Tribulus Terrestris as a performance-enhancing ingredient that can bring up the heat over the surface.

  • Horny Goat Weed: Also known as Epimedium Extract, a useful ingredient to treat joint pain and to increase libido in men. The active ingredient found in the herb is Icarin which is known to improve the blood supply in the penile region. The availability of Horny Goat Weed is something good for every male enhancement supplement, but it also depends on the strength you are adding it to.
  • Nettle Root Extract: Nettle Root Extract is a powerful antioxidant, which frees your body from free radicals, which are considered harmful to sexual health. According to many studies, it exerts an anti-inflammatory effect which can be used by the arthritis patients.

The truth behind adding nettle root is because of its testosterone boosting effects which are also being added in another potent male enhancement supplement.

  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract: Rumored to dangerous, according to the FDA guidelines, but the ingredients seem to treat ED and lack of libido with great potency. It is the mixture in one of the most running sex dug in the market by the name of “Cialis” which was then banned by the FDA for being too dangerous for human health.

Since the day, Scabrosa Extract has been considered to contain toxic chemicals in the formula which makes it indigestible for some people.

Androzene Benefits

There is an idea about taking Male Enhancement Supplements, which is not only to boost the physical power or vigor but also the mental state of mind.

Male Potency Formula
Male Nutritional Support Formula

Some men cannot take the sexual conversation to the next level due to which they usually end up by turning off their partner.

The natural herbal mixtures in some male enhancement supplements tend to make you smarter inside the sheets and enable you to win her heart before anyone else.

The physical gestures come later when you have successfully played a mind game with her.

Androzene claims to make you sexually confident and smarter, but it also claims to deliver the following benefits.

  • Increased Sex Drive
  • Enhanced Sexual Energy
  • Improved Sperm Count
  • Long Lasting Sex Timings
  • Harder and Stronger Erections
  • Gives You Control Over Deep Penetration

Androzene Side Effects

There is always a prediction of certain side effects by the Male Enhancement Supplements, except those which are approved by the FDA with a reputable company background.

Take VigRX Plus, it has no side effects, but once the user exceeds the normal dose he will begin to experience mild side effects like a headache and diarrhea.

However, that’s not the case with Androzene, even without the overdosing many users are complaining about the side effects which they are experiencing perpetually.

Some of the notable side effects you are most likely to experience with Androzene are given below.

  • Nausea
  • Stomach upset
  • Tremors
  • Dizziness
  • Sinus Pain
  • Confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Nose Bleeding

Some believe that the occurrence of these side effects is caused by the presence of Yohimbine and Horny Goat Weed.

How to Take Androzene?

The daily dose of Androzene is 3 pills which user must take half an hour before engaging into sexual intercourse.

The controlled releasing system will ensure the formula in the supplement gets released slowly in your body which assists the total absorption of the pill.

Androzene Dosage
How to take Androzene

Androphase is the new drug delivery system which Androzene has introduced so far.

Other supplements have Bioperine to enhance the total bioavailability of the other ingredients in the formula.

A single dosage of Androzene delivers the effects which last 3-5 hours.

Cost of Androzene

Androzene is selling at an expensive rate currently; a single bottle will cost you $124.99 with additional $9.99 shipping charges.

This is quite costlier than another male enhancement supplement which is offering more ingredients than Androzene.

The buy 2 and get 1 free offer claims to save you money with free shipping and handling charges.

Keeping in mind that natural male enhancement supplements take 3-4 months to generate their permanent effects, Androzene is quite an expensive investment in this scenario.

Androzene Alternative

VigRX Plus is the most liked Male Enhancement Supplement of 2019 and 2018; the reason is the scientific studies behind the formula which made FDA approve this product for men who are suffering from

  • Low libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Low Sperm Count

The company is also one of the reputed names in the supplement industry and the customer reviews of VigRX Plus are definitely positive.

VigRX Plus delivers faster results and it is associated with NO SIDE EFFECTS by far.

Final Verdict – Is Androzene Really An Effective Choice?

The scientific facts behind the Androzene ingredients are surreal and not 100% guaranteed, which is why many customers are complaining about the side effects.

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Some men also reviewed Androzene as a slow acting formula which takes time to get develop in your system and delivers the true effects with mild potentials.

If you are thinking to purchase a Male Enhancement supplement for your sexual performance or other sex-related issues, the right choices are already being given at many web pages.

According to the best male enhancement ranking of 2018, VigRX Plus and Male Extra are top selling sex pills which have 95% chances of success.

Always use your mind by searching for the product, the ingredients inside and customer reviews.

Androzene is ranked 1 star out of 5 at Amazon and the result is not that much satisfactory.